Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 3-9 Douchie

It was an interesting week.  There wasn't much happening as far as dinar pumping but on Sunday night the "Art Bell" of the dinar known as Phoenix did a broadcast with psychic tarot card readers. Back in October I joked about expecting Phoenix to have a psychic on his show but now he's actually done it! I guess if he starts doing video we can expect to see a bearded lady or a VW full of midgets paraded out. Or more likely a séance to ask Saddam Hussein where he hid everything.  What a circus this has become! 

On Monday Hammerman was at it again saying that the only holdup on the RV is the GOI.  Nothing too doucheworthy in that statement but it was the source of that info that got my attention.  Hammerman claims that he worked in construction at the Pentagon after 9/11 and has high up contacts in the US government.  This intel came from "an ex-pres, a VP, and the main man over here".  Geez, for somebody with such good sources he sure has a lousy track record, huh?

Then on Friday Frank Villa a.k.a. Frank26 got into the act with this:

Frank Villa
One of the WTO prerequisites is to have an internationally recognizable and tradable currency in order for them to be full member. The only way that’s going to happen is for them to be accepted as part of the world economic community. This is why...the UNSC, which is the USA, will not give them the keys to their shackles, the final part of chapter 7, until they raise the value of their currency; because that is one of the prerequisites to enter the WTO, which also is the USA. Do you see the catch 22? We are in control. We will not allow them to do anything until they know what they are doing with their currency. From the 7th – 15th we are looking for the birth [RV?] to be announced. Then on the 15th the UNSC can give Iraq Chapter 7. If not they will be moved over to next month and so will the tariffs on the 30th.

A quick glance at a list of WTO members and currency charts will tell you that many WTO member nations have a currency that is valued at less than a penny.  In fact, S. Korea's currency is valued slightly less than the IQD and they have the 14th largest economy in the world. 

Then on Saturday Blaino & Hammerman from Planet Dinar sent out this email to the faithful:

Join DINARGENIE at 9:30 PM EDT this evening for something new and different... a guided meditation to help focus our dinar community & it's mind/brain/spirit power and direct it at the blockages holding up the revaluation of the IQD... a new process that will leverage the known ability of the combining  of minds for a positive outcome... "Thoughtforming" a new reality!

This is the power of prayer, meditation, brain wave stimulation and the projection of Positive Energy!

530-881-1300, PIN CODE: 137537#

Who is Dinargenie?

"Dinargenie" has worked for 30 years in the field of consciousness studies, meditation, empathic response, dreamwork, and psychology & symbolism. She is also a freelance biomolecular medicine/nutrition writer and researcher, and a professional astrologer.

She has led workshops in how to make your subconscious work for you, dream interpretation & symbolism, meditation, astrology, and been a popular guest on TV and national radio shows. "Dinargenie" from
*** Spiritual Warrior Prayer Call ***

We are done with sitting on our hands, being helpless bystanders to this great event. The RV is needed now by so many of us & we do have the power to influence this process, this is what tonight's call is about:

Science now talks freely about a natural force known as 'consciousness.' The field of physics recognizes consciousness & focused conscious intent as a powerful force that can influence matter as well as events (see author Lynne McTaggart's works, for example). This is proven over decades in controlled laboratory studies. It is also evident that the power of consciousness is exponential: when five people come together with a common goal in a focused way, the energy of that 'consciousness' force is equal to twenty-five (5x5=25), or ten people would equal 100 (10x10=100). 

It has been written, "Where two or more gather in My name, there also will I be . . ."

As strong-minded human beings with God-given Free Will we can join together, focus the power of our heart-compassion energy as a group, and have a positive impact on this RV process and those who are behind it. 

Tonight, empowered and working together, we can make a difference!

Did I mention what a circus this has become?  Here's a suggestion.  Instead of studying brainwaves and astrology how about a crash course in economics? 


As doucheworthy as all of that may seem, Frank, Blaino, Hammerman, and Phoenix were outdone this week by the tag team of Breitling and Roger Dorman.  On Monday Breitling did a video claiming first of all that the CBI's financial reports are bogus and that's why they're under sanctions.  As one of my readers DaveD pointed out:

"Almost all sanctions against Iraq were lifted in 2003. For over 8 years now Iraq has had practically no sanctions. The only sanctions that stayed in effect were they were not allowed to deal in arms and they were not given full control of the DFI funds. They have since been given control of the DFI funds and I think there are still some arms sanctions.  The gurus constantly bring up Chapter 7 as if it has all these sanctions attached to it. That’s a big lie. Chapter 7 is simply a designation by the UN that states a country is a danger. It allows sanctions to be placed quickly on a country. Without chapter 7 every single sanction would have to go through a full Security Council vote and all the politics that go along with that. They put a country under Chapter 7 and that allow them to place the sanction without a vote.
Back to Breitlings bogus claim. Iraq is under an IMF Stand By Arrangement. That is a loan program. One of the requirements for that program is complete transparency of their financials. They are not lying about the numbers."

Well stated, DaveD. 

Tony "Breitling" Elder
It's not a matter of "would the CBI lie to us?"  It's more a matter of "would the IMF jeapordize their credibility by signing off on the CBI's bogus numbers?"  Breitling then went on to demonstrate once again that he apparently doesn't even comprehend the meaning of the word "risk" when he says "dampen the risk by buying more".  He made a similar statement which I documented in The Breitling Catalog when he said "the more you buy the less the risk".  If this turns out to be a total loss via a lop with no means of exchanging your IQD then you would only lose more by buying more.  How would buying more lessen the risk?  As I've documented extensively Breitling has a long history of getting his facts wrong, so I'd have to say the CBI and the IMF who monitors them have a tad more credibility. 

Then on Tuesday Breitling put the icing on the douchecake with this:

"The CBI has a plan...a report came out and some people didn't pay attention to it. The General Inspector said that we are going to revalue for just under a buck. They let the cat out of the bag. In September they are going to print the money and in January supposedly put the new currency out & start redenominating at a 1 - 1 exchange, but I'm not betting on a time frame."

The report that Breitling is referring to is the SIGIR (Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction) report.  Here's what the report actually says:

"In April 2012, the CoM postponed indefinitely plans for a currency reform that would have removed three zeros from the Iraqi dinar in 2013 and required the issuance of new currency notes.  The reform would have made the dinar's value slightly less than $1.  It is currently worth less than one-tenth of a cent." (page 95)

As you can see the word "revalue" isn't there.  It says "currency reform that would have removed three zeros from the Iraqi dinar in 2013".  As I discussed earlier this week "removing three zeros" means "lop".  Sorry folks.  Nothing to see here.  No cat.  No bag.  No RV.  After three zeros are removed from $.00086 the value for the replacement currency will be $.86 which is slightly less than $1 as is stated in the report.  Breitling is once again taking the description of a lop and saying that it means RV. 

Roger Dorman
Also on Tuesday Roger "Dinar Daddy" Dorman announced a vague money making plan on his forum.  Right on cue Breitling was there Thursday morning telling everybody how brilliant and ethical Roger is and this is a great plan and you need to check it out and all that stuff.  "There's nobody that has better integrity than Roger."  (I know a few dinarians who would take issue with that statement.)  It was totally barftastic.  I've got nothing against people making an honest living.  This is a capitalist country after all.  But when you draw a crowd in with misinformation about the dinar and then start pitching other products it comes across as a bait and switch strategy which is not okay.  It's douchebaggy which is why I'm awarding these two yet another Douchie. 



  1. I saw on DV that phoenix was on there defending himself and claiming to be honest and above board. The he makes the famous "I have not made any money off dinar" claim...isn't that what all of them claim?!!..I've heard him say it...roger say it...sonny say it...Frank say it...scooter say it...seems that none of the gurus are making any money...LOL

  2. Phoenix, the 54 year old from Pennsylvania, has gone down hill of late.

    He used to be rather interesting and while I agree with some of the stuff he says he is very good at embellishing and makes huge assumptions sound like facts.

    Its a dangerous man who can convince his followers what they are saying is the truth.

    Whats even more confusing is when self professed Christians like the avid Phoenix caller/groupie 'Jack' gets all excited and his cards read by the now resident Taot reader 'Isis' on Phoenixs show.
    Hmmmmm Jack what does your Bible you read so closely tell you about Tarot readings?

    I have come to the conclusion after listening to many of Phoenixs shows that a good portion of his supporters are not the sharpest tools in the shed as it were.
    He reads news then offers common sense advice on a range of subjects which in turn gains respect and credibility with the followers.
    He never gets called out on any of his gross assumptions so the followers are none the wiser and duely keep praising Phoenix "for all that you do!" blah blah.

    His about 180 turn from being a not for profit host to his sly ways of benefiting from his position was not lost on the smarter folks.
    He gets kickbacks and free stuff from his Herbal guy by plugging his products which in turn gets Herbal guy sales from the listeners. A win situation for Phoenix and Herbal guy.
    Then theres the new 'If you like what we do click the donate button' angle hes now dishing out.
    Fair enough its a free world, if people like it they are free to do what they like with their money.
    His books? Well this just adds him to the James Wolf aka Adam Montana bandwagon of selling skewed information to the adoring masses.


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