Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Back in Late April I awarded a Douchie to the BH Team in part based on their pumping of a penny stock called LDHL (LD Holdings).  I didn't think much more about it until the other day when I was listening to Breitling.  He did a video where he was doing a case study for his followers about stock picking.  Guess which stock he chose for this "case study"?  If you said LDHL you can probably see where this is going. 

In a recent conference call Brad Huebner announced that Tony "Breitling" Elder is on board with the LDHL investment and would be a part of their marketing team.  Did Breitling inform his followers of this fact?  Uh, no.  Musta slipped his mind, huh?   

Also in the video Breitling told his listeners to buy 250 shares (11:45 in) and that he thinks it will go up to $9.  I'm not a lawyer so I can't say if he violated any statutes here, but I would certainly think he's on shaky ground if he doesn't have the necessary certification for giving investment advice.

I looked around for information on LD Holdings and discovered the following.

A couple of months ago our friends at MrIQD reported an email from the BH Group pumping this penny stock.  They figure Brad and Co. might have run afoul of the law.

They go on in this post to offer an assessment of the stock that is less than glowing, to say the least.

If you'll read through the comments on this forum you'll find references to "scam", "pump", and "dump".

Here's what Wikipedia says about "Pump and Dump".

"Pump and dump" is a form of microcap stock fraud that involves artificially inflating the price of an owned stock through false and misleading positive statements, in order to sell the cheaply purchased stock at a higher price. Once the operators of the scheme "dump" their overvalued shares, the price falls and investors lose their money.

If you'll click the link below you'll see a chart for LDHL.  Click on 6m to see the chart for the last six months and you'll see that the stock took off in late April, about the time the BH Group started telling people about this great opportunity.  Coincidence?  Possibly.  A couple of emails and conference calls later the stock went all the way up to $1 before plummeting back to the 20-30 cent range.  The day Breitling did his video about LDHL it was selling at $.24.  In less than a week it has spiked over 50% to close Wednesday at 38 cents.  Was there any news or fundamental reason for the stock to spike like that?  Enquiring minds want to know.


  1. Sam, from what I've heard, a couple of Dinar pumpers (without naming names, one is "a bird that rises from the Ashes") were also involved in similar "pump & dump" scams surrounding the infamous CMKM/CMKX penny stock fraud. For those not familiar, it was a tiny "diamond mining" company that claimed to possess "trillions of undervalued wealth" (220x more wealth than De-Beers) due to "owning a secret stash of diamonds" in Canada.

    In reality, they were just a publicity machine who developed a cult following out of keeping people emotionally hooked on the promise of becoming a millionaire on the back of "secret intel" that predicted cheap CMKX penny-stocks would "RV" to their "true value" (sound strangely familiar?) They never mined anything, and had a balance sheet of around $350. Not millions or billions, just $350. Their stocks were ultra-weak (under 1c) due to being massively & illegally issued to the tune of hundreds of billions of shares (same way the Iraqi Dinar is weak due to being over-printed to the tune of +70tn vs Kuwait's 30bn). They made up conspiracies of being the victim of short selling (just like people make up excuses to pretend the inflated Dinar is weak due to some other reason than the obvious proven 1990's inflation).

    Even when their CEO (Casavant) plus others were indicted for fraud (another fled the country and was extradited), many remained in denial. Some CMKM shareholders who kept buying long after the fraud was exposed laughably tried to sue the government for $3.67tn for their "missing value" because the CMKM "RV" didn't happen and the government "didn't warn them of the fraud" even though exactly the same people at exactly the same time hypocritically attacked those others who did warn them of the mis-selling (just like the Dinar - some will read only what they want to hear instead of what they need to know, then get angry at a later date). Facts like the company wasn't even a mining company, all those "diamonds" didn't exist and the "secret intel" was just made up "viral adverts" just didn't matter. Here's a great summary article:-

    "Dealing with Financial Fraud by Denying it":-

    Even though it's now YEARS after the fraud was exposed, even some clueless Dinar holders are parroting the garbage that there's a "$3.67tn CMKM trust fund waiting to be paid out" (for selling worthless illegal counterfeit stocks):-

    "I am very pleased to be able to report that not only is Iraq now a sovereign country, but will have an internationally recognized and tradable currency by January 1, 2012. This indicates to me that distribution of the CMKM pay-outs is truly imminent – with-in hours/days."

    "You can't fix stupid"...

    Might be worth keeping a copy of that video (and any others where Breitling is actively promoting investment advice on stocks that subsequently follow a typical "pump and dump" spiked curve) just in case the SEC takes an interest when all this is over as, though slow-going, the SEC tends to clamp down harder on domestic stock manipulation than the Govt does in general with Forex mis-selling of foreign notes (ie, the "100,000% growth overnight" Iraqi Dinar "RV"...)

    Not even a "This site is for entertainment purposes only" disclaimer at the bottom of his website (which says it all!) will stop a serious investigation if he's crossed the line.

  2. I'm not a lawyer but I am licensed financial professional and it is very much against the law to no divulge your involvement in any investment. PLus it will get you time for touting something you know is a fraud. If you know how , what, where about these people contact your state securities department. They love going after scum like this

    1. Actually Breitling did say that he bought 100k shares, so he might be in the clear there. However, he did say that he has "heavy hitters" coming aboard and that the numbers in the financial statements don't matter because they've revamped the company. My understanding is that both of those statements could be violations.

  3. That was interesting for sure, and I have to say today I've learned way more than I ever wanted to about penny stocks and these jokers.

    I just listened to the most recent BH group call (link below) and I had a few problems.

    ..and here is where my problem lies. The latest and greatest marketing group for LDHL is Brad and his boys (Financial Wellness LLC).

    1) Financial Wellness LLC. an Indiana LLC Is owned by Brad H. from the BH group. (conflict of interest for sure).

    * I'm not going to tell you how to look up an LLC in Indiana, but saying anyone dumb enough to use his home address kinda deserves this. Just saying, you will laugh.

    2)Brad states around minute 16 that Roger (dinar daddy), and Tony (Breitling) work for his marketing team. Which means they are being paid by a consultant of LDHL holdings.

    3) The final proof to me is that Brad has broken the law is his own personal signed agreement with LDHL.

    In short this is proof that they're pumping a pink sheet penny stock, that is clearly a public shell designed for a reverse merger. Look at LDHL's performance this year.

    Kinda funny how when Brad and the boys joined it went up (ya think it was because a good company or they were selling to all their followers, be it Dinar, Xango, and who knows what else?).

    Just look up what a pink sheet stock is, even if it says .50 that doesn't make the company obligated to even take it back.

    Ok, just look at a few of these please then you decide.

    1) SEC reports Ayling by law has to report.

    2) Read about pink sheets and public shells.

    Companies that work in this realm don't have to be honest in their reporting, at least Mr Ayling seems to be, and clearly they have always been in the red until Brad and the boys jumped aboard.

    If you don't believe me and I've provided you with links and SEC fillings no skin off my back, above are the crumbs time to eat.

    I just hate it when people pray on the poor or uneducated.

    Chuckles out, peace!

  4. chuckles....did you forward your findings to your DOS? These guys are stalking people in all 50 States. I plan on forwarding this to our DOS. Thanks

  5. sam....didnt know where to put this so here goes. I have heard on someof the sites about a woman named Bev Skinner. She is from Arkansas and I have ran into her before. Do you have any info on her? She skipped out on some folks I know and last they heard she was in Texas. Seems she is saying she has abnking friends who can cash people out. How stupid can people be......

    1. Sorry, never heard of her. Did you run into her online or in person?

  6. Well, that's my big stock tip for the day. I'm SHORTING it.

  7. It's all public folks just do a Google search for any question you have before investing in anything.These guys will have to go after Google and homeland security first before they can touch you legally. I like to call it he great cache. Hey, guess what? If you are above board you will have no problems, but don't try and use the internet to push your scam, or you will pay! Big brother has his eye on you.

  8. I read through the 10K - there will be a second issue that will dilute everybody when the stock price gets high enough. The Company is in debt to some shareholders for millions - this will pay off the first members of the scheme but noone else.

  9. I actually did short it today, to the tune of if it drop back to .09 in the next year, I'll make $100K on it.


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