Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Douche of the Year

Well the votes are all in (okay, there was only one vote) and the winner has been chosen.  The douchebag of the year for 2011 was Dan "Checkmate" Atkinson.  Although he only won the weekly Douchie once, Dan's greatest douchebaggery was performed prior to the inception of The Douchies in the summer.  Dan and his partner Tony took thousands of members from People's Dinar (which they started with SteveI by pulling even more thousands away from Dinar Vets in an obviously orchestrated conference call strategy) in starting up People's Talk Radio (PTR).   Then they charged $25 to thousands of people to reserve a place at the post-RV bash in San Francisco.  Dan then started charging $15/mo for access to his special intel which has never proven to be worth  a dime, let alone $180 a year.  Later in the year he wheeled some old anonymous geezer into the studio and interviewed him, claiming that he was one of the authors of The Marshall Plan.  A few minutes of searching on the internet will tell you that they've all been dead for several years.  (George Frost Kennan died in 2005 at age 101).  Almost every week Dan went on record saying that he really believes this week is our week.  His sidekick TonyTNT was a willing accomplice with very imaginative BS intel and buffoonery, along with an assortment of other anonymous intel providers that I suspect are merely aliases.  Then Dan had the gall to say that he doesn't want his site to be known as the site that calls the RV every week.  Pulleeeeez!!!!  That ship has sailed, my friend.   

I'm not a fan of Adam Montana from Dinar Vets or of SteveI from People's Dinar.  Anybody who reads my blog posts knows that.  But Dan proved in 2011 that he can outdouche any of them.  Any why shouldn't he?  He's had lots of practice.  So congratulations to Dan for winning the very first (and hopefully the last) Douche of the Year award.  Well done!    


  1. Never really followed him, and had more sense than to listen to conference calls, but the selection sounds well deserved. I'll repeat the advice to any "mods" who I would hope are visiting this site. If you aren't already, start keeping records of IP addresses of all potential "douchie winners." That information will be important evidence, and you'll be expected to have it IF investigations become a reality. Keep up the great work Sam!

  2. He was in the running, but I have been told that Okie has retired from the forums and somebody else is using his persona so until I know more about that I'm reluctant to give him any more Douchies. Jonnywg and TonyTNT were also in the running.

  3. Sam - sorry for gushing but I have been browsing your blog today and it has really made me laugh. Good job for fighting the good fight but putting a little sarcasm and humor in as well. I love the douche of the year award but please, please post the acceptance speeches!

    "I would like to thank Shabs, and Elder, and the Dormans, and God who in revelations clearly spelled out that my message board was the one true dinar message board. Oh, and I would like to thank idiots everywhere for sending me their money *sniff* you like me, you really like me!"

    1. Thanks jj. I've got a link to your site on my "Links to Good Dinar Sites" post. Very informative stuff, but sonny1 says your an idiot. LOL! Anyway, drop me a line and maybe we can set up something.

    2. Sam - I won't lie to you. What Sonny1 said hurt... it hurt real bad. I really don't know when/if I will recover.

      Hey I would love to collaborate on something if you are interested just let me know - but no pressure. I have a few ideas for a part-three update to my article that could be fun. You can reach me at john@learn....kets.com.


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