Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Happy New Douchie!

Happy New Year everyone.  Let's all hope for world peace, economic recovery, and an end to Justin Beaver's career.  And let's especially hope for a resolution with the IQD.  Wouldn't it be nice to never again read crap like this?

[purplehelmet300] generals64 – I’m still hearing a good rate pegged to the GBP! I was hearing 7-9 USD now I am hearing 6-8 USD – slight change – nothing major! I am also hearing BEFORE 31 DEC!
[purplehelmet300] I know this is hard to wait – there are no delays! That is why everyone says to sit back and let it come to ya!
[purplehelmet300] Yes – withing my 6-8 USD range! 

I'm hearing it's time for your meds. But as least you're bringing the rates down, which is nice. Before 31 Dec.? Afraid not, just like the 20 similar idiotic predictions that bombed. 

Purplehelmet has come so close to winning a Douchie several times.  I just couldn't close out 2011 without granting him one.  Congrats PH.  You da Douche!      

1 comment:

  1. I agree, in fact I would like to give him alittle more credit, cause he does deserve it.
    We all agree he is a DOUCHE, and he does need a bag. So, imho he is truly a DOUCHE BAG.


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