Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Douchie

I was very busy this week interacting with people over a couple of my posts.  "The Usual Suspects" really got some people up in arms.  One guru sent me about a dozen emails in response to how I classified them.  My next post "An Interview with John Jagerson" threw another guru into maniac mode and he devoted the better part of two days' material to rebutting it.  There were more comments on that post by far than any other post in the history of this blog.  I'm hoping to bring John back to respond to some of the things these guys said in their rebuttals.

Because I was so preoccupied with my blog I wasn't really on top of what all was going on in other forums with pumpers and intel and all that crap.  Over the weekend I've looked through the guru posts and to be honest there's nothing new there.  Same ol' same ol'.  These guys are starting to just phone it in.  So I'm going to do something different this week.  I'm going to pass on awarding a Douchie.  No, I'm not getting soft.  I'm just not going to give somebody a Douchie just to say I did it.  If nothing jumps out at me then I'm going to be honest with you and say so.  Maybe next week somebody will come up with something a bit more clever and Doucheworthy. 

All kidding aside folks, this is serious business (no pun intended) we're talking about here.  People are being misled about what's going on with the dinar, and millions of dollars are being "invested" based on out and out fraud, deception, and ignorance.  I try to inject a little humor into the discussion, and that's what the Douchies are all about.  But there's nothing humorous about people being sold an investment with unrealistic expectations created by con artists and unqualified investment advisers, some of whom don't even seem to understand the meaning of redenomination and revaluation.  That's why I wanted to interview John Jagerson. For the first time many dinar investors have been provided the opinions of a currency and investment professional.  A man whose very livelihood depends on knowing what he's talking about.  A man who has offered to debate this topic and can't seem to get any takers.

I think it's okay to listen to people who don't make a living in the investment world, and who post under an anonymous name on dinar forums.  But for God's sake don't summarily dismiss the views of an experienced and qualified adviser who uses his real name and provides his credentials as John has, simply because he's not telling you what you want to hear.  In the future I intend to conduct more interviews from people with different opinions and perspectives.  All of them will be people who pass my credibility requirements.  I'll offer my own opinions from time to time, but I seriously doubt that I'll ever have anybody more qualified than John is sharing their views.  If you don't accept what he's saying now at least remember where you read this.  You might be coming back in a few months to reconsider.


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  3. I was responding to what Legolas said but I removed my comments. Thanks anyway for what you said..

  4. Hi area52. For some reason, my post keeps deleting. I deleted it once and re-posted, but it deleted again. Working to resolve it. I guess you saw it before it deleted. Thanks. :)

  5. Not sure how Breitling avoided the Douchie… claiming your interview with John was staged?
    Couple that with his latest broadcast where almost every single word out his mouth is a twisted fabrication should make him a shoe in for next weeks Douchie.
    He’s now gone on this kick talking about money supply. He’s admitting Iraq is going to get it’s money supply down to the billions. He claims the loppers ignored the money supply issue until now. That has to be the most stupid statement ever made in dinar land… and there have been plenty of stupid statements in the past.
    It was 6 or 7 years ago we discovered what the money supply was and that’s when it became obvious they would have to lop to deal with the money supply. Dinar sites banned anyone who talked about M1 and M2 numbers. The whole reason to do a lop is to reduce money supply. He makes the claim that loppers somehow said the dinar would lop yet not reduce money supply… and all the while according to Breitling they are going to take a 25K dinar note and give a person 1000 new 25 dinar notes, and that’s going to reduce money supply according to him.
    Breitling has officially moved to Bizzaro World. Where up is down, day is night, right is wrong… simply stunned that people still believe this guy.

  6. Nice job Sam. I’m not sure how many individual readers visit this site on a daily basis, but I would sincerely encourage those who do to take the information contained here to as many Dinar-related sites as possible, regardless of the fact that they will likely be deleted shortly thereafter. It is important that the “new” and naïve “investors” be informed of the lengthy history of deception and misinformation provided by the internet gurus and pumpers who might otherwise be seen as idols and saviors.
    I would also encourage everyone who hasn’t already done so to begin collecting and saving as many posts as you can find, both current and from years past, from the “douchie award” winners mentioned here, as well as others you may know and remember. That information will likely conveniently disappear at a later date when it might become more important than it is perceived to be today.
    Moderators on other sites are in a unique position to be able to gather IP addresses of many of these posters, current and past, who may very well be the same individuals posting under multiple aliases. Mods should be aware, that as “employees” of these sites, (whether paid or volunteer)they may very likely find themselves near the top of lists of those who will be interviewed and/or subpoenaed to provide information and testimony in the event of a future prosecution or other legal action. I would strongly advise any mods who happen to visit this site and read this to take that into consideration and begin taking responsible steps while that information is readily available. By now you’ve undoubtedly seen enough to realize that this is a distinct possibility. Readers should forward any information they may have as to the identities of these people to Sam I Am and/or “” Both have done an amazing job of gathering information to present to the Dinar community to keep them informed and make them aware of facts which would otherwise remain unknown. They deserve a great deal of credit for their efforts, regardless of the final outcome.


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