Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Usual Suspects

I've been asked several times, "who can I trust in the dinar world?"  Well, I can't say for certain that you can completely trust anybody, but I think at this point it's safe to say that some are more trustworthy than others.

First we have the people who are saying things every week like "the RV is happening, the rate will be $4 or more, prepare for cash in" .... etc.  This isn't an exhaustive list but it's a start.  The usual suspects are:

Dan Atkinson aka "Checkmate"
Okie Oilman
Freeway Bill

IMO you should completely disregard everything that these people have to say.  Avoid them like the plague!  They're a cancer on the dinar investment.

Next we have the people who don't give rates and dates every week but frequently serve up a heapin' helpin' of BS news analysis.  Among them are:

Randy Koonce
Adam Montana
Wang Dang

Take what these people say with a grain of salt.  Some of what they say is true but a lot of it isn't.  They often offer opinions as facts and most are selling something or have their own website to promote.

The people who IMO offer honest analysis with no hidden agenda are:

American Contractor
Marcus Curtis

I don't agree with these guys on everything but I think they're honest and informed, and I can listen to them without tossing my cookies.

The bottom line is - do your own research.  Use these people not for your sustenance but for guidance to the information you need to draw your own conclusions.

UPDATE!!!  07/10/13 ... I have concluded that Randy Koonce is not somebody with honest analysis and have moved him to the BS News Analysis group.  This move is long overdue but I just now noticed my oversight.


  1. Adam Montana is probably the king of the BS. His book is a total joke, and the fact he uses a fake name. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the Gurus are the same group of two or three people.

    I do think American Contractor is pretty close to the real deal.

  2. Dang I just noticed you didn't have a list for enema bags. If I may.
    well pretty much the entire 3s and mig sites. The mods are the after products.

  3. sam your a fucking idiot for you to put kaperoni in the same class as those morons he doesnt pull chit out of thin air like these other idiots and if thats the case why do you frecuent his website ive seen you there many times you know kap gets his info from articles that are put out by news agencies now if they're bullshitting us then thats not kaps fault stick to baggin on these other jackoff's you dont see kap calling the rv every other day he has always been completely honest with people and if you knew him like i do you would know how pissed off he gets at these gurus claiming rv every other day because he knows how peeps are hurting out there so i suggest you comment on these other idiots that deserve the bashing not kap!

  4. oh and another thing sam randy koonze? really sam lol that guy has called the rv quite a few times that i can think of your amazing you think he has more integrity than kap does lol

    1. rockinrich you need to learn some manners, young man. I didn't put Kap in the same category as the ones who call an RV every other day. As for Randy Koonce, he doesn't have his own dinar site and he rarely posts. He does about one conference call a month. I have never heard him predict a date for an RV. Once the budget was approved last year he said we would see the RV when they open their books. Since then the power struggle has prevented that from happening. I'm not saying I agree with Randy, but he's been consistent in his reasoning and I've never had any of his potty mouth shills comment on my blog.

  5. ok, so I mostly agree with the ones you said never to listen to. But I'm wondering about the ones you said seem to be on the up and up. Why do they do it? Why does Scooter put in all those hours of research. Why does Kaperoni read and speculate on all those articles (I find he reads what he wants to read and interprets them the same way?) Why do they do it? In my mind there has to be a pay off for them. Either money, being paid by the dealers i.e. Ali or they are extreme ego maniacs. Any thoughts?

    1. Scooter now does other things on his website rather than just the Iraqi dinar now. As far as Kap goes, well I'm not a huge fan. His is more than likely an ego thing. Anyone who constantly says, "Remember when I said....Remember me telling you...." or something to the likes of, is looking for their ego to be stroked or looking for acceptance from unknowing people who do not do their own research, like rockinrich. If you go back far enough on Kap, you will see it wasn't always article interpretation, and like now, if it was, the conclusion was off track.

    2. JohnnyV,
      To answer your question I will try to make it clean and simple...
      I can not tell you why others do what they do, Some of us do it for the well being of the entire Community, not for money or fame, not for kudo's, I personally do what I do just simply because it is the right thing to do... I provide Accurate Information at no cost!

      My Website costs(licensing, bandwidth, tech support, programming, ect..ect..) are totally paid for by sponsors, that appreciate the style of our presentation and function of our Desktop Application "The Community HUB", and any excess funding received on the ReValue Website and Community HUB, is distributed back to the Community and Listeners, through Contests and Dinar Give-Aways... so we do not have any residual income from the ReValue Website, ALL UN-Deligated Funds are returned to the Community Directly...

      SO... If you think that everyone has a hidden agenda or personal benefit from what they do... you are wrong in this train of thought and maybe you need to do some soul searching inside yourself, of your inner motives, in discounting the possibility of someone actually doing something for a selfless reason... for the benefit of their Community, I Myself, LIKE MANY OF US, Do what we do SELFLESSLY...!

      Have a Great Day, I personally Invite you to enjoy the experience of doing something that only benefits others, it's a great feeling, and this feeling is far greater than any amount of pay!


  6. rockinrich (kaperoni)

    just your demeanor pretty much reveals who you are.

    Sam keep up the great work!!!!

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth.

      Personally I have had it with all these clowns. Not a single one of them have any clue about what is going to happen, because none of them work for the CBI. And dont believe any of them who tell you they have contacts in the CBI or parliament. IMO that immediately disqualifies anyone who makes such a claim.

      Sam, you may not have heard RK give a rate or date, but I have. Far too many times to pay him any more attention. Also, his extrememly simplistic reason for his $3.42 rate doesn't hold up in the real world. Yet he sticks with it. I dont get it.

      Keep up the good work on this site!

    2. Sam, you are on the money. The worst is the way they use God to pad their pockets...big returns on false hope.

      For your entertainment:
      6-12-2012 Blaino: According to 3 confirmed Dinarians, some large IQD holders "MAY" be getting some signals regarding "CASHING OUT" AHHHH. LET ME TYPE THOSE GOLDEN WORDS ONE MORE TIME. "CASHING OUT!" Feels good just to type it out. WOOHOO-BAY_BEEEEE! Got some intel from my "Whale Watcher" earlier today: Seems like out 'turn' is in the works for the next few days. IF, That's IF all works out! He/She/They are even now awaiting a call regarding 'departure!' Said the "Whales" ought to be done cashing in today and/or tomorrow and then "WE" get our turn at bat! (SWING BATTER, SWING!) He/She/They doubt we will see much before Thursday maybe Friday. So, using our judgement and common sense, we should be done by mid week next week. Maybe!!

      6-12-2012 Hammerman: My intel is good so far. If I told you all the info I have today your heads would explode. I'm happy, what I said on the call last night is being comfirmed. I do not speak but about 20 arabic words and yes im in contact with 10 or so whales that have cashed out. Been confirming all morning. Between this Thursday and the 20th for an RV. I'll really be shocked if we see it this week, with the way they are in timing I feel late next week we'll see an RV. 2.72 is what I am being told. Not the offical rate, just what is on the cards for every day Iraqi citizens. Government and military will get more I am being told.


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