Sunday, January 8, 2012

Douche of the Week

With all of the hype swirling around the recent reports of over a trillion dinar being taken out of circulation in Iraq I was leaning toward awarding this week's Douchie award to BondLady or Med or any of the others "newshounds" who "explain" how the news coming out of Iraq means we're gonna see an RV any day now.  (My guess is that the auctions are just bringing in IQD to prop up the dinar after the recent weakening due to American soldiers leaving their dinar in the country upon their exit.  Chances are a month from now we'll see some of that dinar back in circulation.)  They've  been at it for years and so far they're just as wrong as the rate and date "intel" douchebags. 

However, a couple of days ago I was notified that Legolas, the former detective who granted me an interview a couple of weeks ago, has been banned from Dinar Vets since that interview was posted here.  Whether he was banned for doing the interview or for subsequently posting a link to John Jagerson's "Learning Markets" video on the dinar is unclear, but he is no longer able to post or receive messages and no reason or explanation was given.  In the past Adam Montana has proclaimed his undying commitment to freedom of speech, and yet we see here another example how that freedom is restricted to those who don't pose any threat to his dinar-related revenue stream.

Adam has built a network of websites that serve to draw traffic to his forum where he can sell copies of his book Real RV Intel, VIP memberships, and post-RV investment products.  This network is discussed at length at Iraqi Dinar Money.  I have posted several times on Adam Montana in "Comments on Adam Montana", "My Thoughts on Adam Montana", "The Montana Trail (part 1), and "The Montana Trail (part 2).
I will again ask the questions I've been asking since I started this blog.  Why does Adam Montana feel the need to remain anonymous?  (There's no Adam Montana listed as residing in Wisconsin so we assume that's not his real name).  Why would anybody invest their hard earned money with a man who won't reveal his identity?  How is it that a Harvard graduate who is married to a CPA apparently can't do basic math?  Where is Adam's evidence that he made money on the Kuwaiti dinar?  Where is Adam's evidence that he is a licensed investment adviser?  Exactly how was Adam Montana establishing business relationships with well-connected people (including a contact at the CBI) in this investment three years ago while he was a mod on Medic's dinar forum?  And today the question is, why does Adam feel the need to ban a well-respected member like Legolas from posting at Dinar Vets? 

For banning my friend I hereby award Adam his second Douchie Award.      


  1. You need one of those pictures that used to be in the back of Husler mag.
    you know where the face came out of Uranus.
    then he could make Uranus of the month award

  2. Thanks Sam,

    Disappointing as it may be, I'm beginning to believe that Adam (not his real name) may ultimately be discovered to be worthy of the "Douchebag of the YEAR" award, in addition to the occasional "weekly Douchie." If that's the case, one can only hope that he eventually receives some "other" undesirable attention as well. Time will tell. Keep up the great work.


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