Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Letter to Santa


  1. Love your site!
    For legal purposes this is just my educated opinion.

    I have been researching these Bozo's for a couple of years. I am pretty sure that the Bozo#1 also known as a state in the US is a professional con man. I believe he has three to five people working for him who I can't name but continually post on various sites. Some of them are located in UT and NV. They do have a reseacher who writes all the BS for these Bozo's who knows a bit about the climate in Iraq but Im sure has never been there. They perpetuate the illusion that the Dinar will RV any day at random rates. Most of the so called Gurus are the same three to five people. Many of them work under the guise of being "Christians". Thats typically used by con artists. The main Dinar dealer that went out of biz last year Im certain has been somehow compensated by the Govt. of Iraq (It's extremely corrupt there). Im almost positive unfortunately that the Dinar will never RV the powers and be will keep it a total mess. Hopefully these Bozo's will be busted soon and the sites will be shut down. Their have been huge payouts to these guys to keep the con going. Dinar "a fathers name" I think has been in on it for a while. He seems pretty stupid but got lucky on his site traffic. This person claimed at one time to be a good friend of "Okies" what does that tell you. This person also still posts the BS rumors written by the others involved in the con. Not sure if its all factual but Im close.

    1. Thanks mr. x. Drop me a line sometime at the email address in the banner. I'd love to compare notes.


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