Saturday, December 10, 2011

Douchie for Dec. 4-10

Reading through the moose hockey that passes for intel this week I was struck by the emphasis on the bank screens showing zeros.  Jonnywg was the main force behind this caca de toro.  I thought we had long since accepted that the bank screen intel was bogus, but apparently some are still sucked in by it.  Even Phoenix got into the act this week, and this is a guy who prides himself on not spreading rumors.  Anyway, as annoying as it was I didn't feel that this was sufficient to earn anybody a Douchie, so I kept looking for a better candidate.  (Jonnywg did say on Friday that we would see the RV this weekend, so he's already well positioned for next week's Douchie).  BWM said that Iraq can't be considered a sovereign nation without the RV which is a douchebag statement if I ever heard one, but still it wasn't quite enough.  

What I finally decided on was a conference call that was actually recorded late last week, but since I didn't listen to it until this week I feel that it qualifies.  My blog, my rules.  This was a call featuring names that I'm not too familiar with, but apparently they're part of the Okie/Blaino/PTR/MTT crowd.  Hammerman (host), bobgetz6 (mod/phone tech), Footforward, and a guy called Henry "Not His Real Name" were taking phone calls and spreading manure like their lives depended on it.  Among the highlights:
  • Claims that gag orders on gurus are real
  • Claims of a communications blackout in Iraq
  • Codes set to expire were extended a week ... UST had to go in and extend the codes to make RV possible
  • Bank screens in Europe are going crazy
  • Maliki is on US soil but the media won't report it because Iran would try to kill him
  • Hearing rate of 5.72 plus or minus 45 cents pegged to the British pound (comes to $8+)
  • Hammerman's intel says RV between Dec 1 and Dec 7 (OOPS!)
  • Woman calls in concerned that she will lose her house .... Footforward tells her about Prophet Kim Clement prophesying about dinar and tells her to proclaim that God will intervene
This call had it all.  Ridiculous rates, bogus intel, religion, RV dates, claims of top level sources, conspiracy theories .... you name it they had it.  At least two different people called in concerned about their financial predicaments and instead of doing the responsible thing and saying "don't count on an RV .... look for another solution" they stuck with the dinar guru dog and pony show.  It would have been funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

So for the first time ever, a Douchie is awarded to four people at once - Hammerman, Bobgetz6, Footforward, and Henry "Not His Real Name".  Congratulations, douchebags.  Well done!


  1. I love this article, however, Mr Getz did not! He thinks I wrote it, and is threatening me over it! included at the bottom is a quote from an email he sent to me! I was wondering if you could clear the air for me on the author of this article. Thanks so much,


    Post rv, I will be considering a lawsuit for defamation of character as well as anything else my attorney should advise against your leader. As I understand it, she wrote the Douche Bag Award article, that went all over the dinarian world. I presume that you wish to coddle and pay homage to that vindictive angry woman, thus, you don't need me.

  2. I am not wnalot. The views expressed on this site are mine alone unless otherwise noted. If there's an RV of $5.72 I'll issue an apology.

  3. So greedy to wait post rv to sue. pusses. It's gonna suck for them if it rds. What ever will they do then?


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