Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Week's Douchebag Award

Well apart from all of the UST lockdown nonsense there wasn't anything too earthshaking in the intel and rumour department this week, so for this week's Douchie I had to go with the ridiculous "breakdown" of how this RV will happen provided by Breitling.  In the span of a few days Mr. B was able to disseminate more misinformation than just about anybody I've seen during his "explanations" of the process.  Here are a few examples: 
  • Iraq is transferring wealth from the larger notes to the smaller notes - Wealth is only transferred from one currency to another during a redenomination.  You can't transfer wealth from one set of denominations to another within the same currency as you illustrated in this video.  If you revalue the currency it will be reflected in all denominations and all electronic currency.   
  • These people who are against the RV don't know what they're talking about when they compare Iraq to Turkey - The comparison to Turkey wasn't made by lopsters, it was made by Shabibi and Saleh.  They were studying the redenominations of Turkey, Brazil, and Romania.  The others were just commenting on what Shabibi had already stated.
  • Turkey lopped off 3 zeros - Try again Tony, you're only 3 off.  Turkey lopped off 6 zerosRight?
  • Turkey didn't get rid of one single, solitary note - I suppose you're right.  They got rid of ALL of them.  LOL!  Turkey demonetized the old Turkish lira in 2005.  That means that they retired all of the old notes.  You couldn't be more wrong, mate.
  • Turkey didn't reduce their money supply - Then why did they redenominate?  It was for precisely that reason.  To increase the value of their currency by reducing their money supply.  The new lira was a million times more valuable than the previous currency and the money supply became about one millionth the size of the previous money supply.  That's how that works.
I could have granted him this Douchie based on his Thanksgiving Day declaration alone, that this investment is "basically a lock" as far as making money.  The only guru statement more irresponsible than that was probably when Okie told somebody to quit their job a couple of months ago.  But the Turkey videos really sealed the deal for Tony this week.   

Breitling did get one thing right, though.  This video should be a staple for dinar investors, because it's the best example I've seen of just how confused Tony is.

Yes, I realize that many people like Breitling because he doesn't set dates (or at least he hasn't lately), so they feel that he's better than some of the other gurus.  They also like the fact that he "explains" the RV to them, but as I mentioned in my post "Breitling Busted!" Tony consistently gets his facts and logic wrong when discussing this investment just as we see him doing here
And no, Tony it's not a personal agenda.  Most of us have never even met you and likely never will.  But you just keep on spreading misinformation that is misleading and confusing dinar investors, and that prevents them from having a realistic view of the potential and the risks of investing in the IQD.  That's why a lot of us are taking issue with you.  You just don't seem to know what you're talking about.  It's that simple.

By the way .... can't get enough of those dental work stories.  Keep 'em coming.

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