Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 in Review

Happy New Year!  Yes, another year has come and gone and still no RV.  Another 365 days of conference calls, RV predictions, GCR intel, and wealth management/tax avoidance advice from your favourite dinar douchebags.  All for nada.  The IQD is still at 1166:1, the VND keeps declining in value, and the Zimbabwe dollar is still worthless.  We're still waiting for the mythical TRN (Treasury Reserve Notes) to appear.  We're still waiting for any announcement about a return to asset backed currencies.  We're still waiting for Maliki's replacement Al-Abadi (who took over in August) to tell the CBI to pull the trigger on the millionaire-creating revaluation of the dinar.  What's taking them so long, anyway?  I need the money for my new Lamborghini to start that new orphanage.

Last January 1 I made three predictions.  I predicted that neither the dinar nor the Vietnamese dong would increase by more than 20% for the year.  The year ended with the same exchange rate of 1166:1 for the dinar and the dong was at $.00004745 on January 1, 2014 and $.00004682 on January 1, 2015.  That's a decrease of 1.3%.  I also predicted that Iraq's M2 would increase in 2014.  The M2 finished at 88 trillion which is more than the 84 trillion it was at a year ago, albeit not as much as I had anticipated.  So I was 3 for 3.  And while I didn't predict that Maliki would win the election, I stated my belief that he would probably win and he did.  He was removed shortly thereafter however, due to the sectarian division he fostered which led to the current ISIS crisis.

The dinar community was all abuzz around Christmas with talk of Shabibi returning as governor of the CBI.  The hopeful were doing a collective high-5 in the mistaken belief that Shabibi's plan was to revalue the dinar by 100,000%, and that his return means that day will be here soon.  Unfortunately for them Dr. Shabibi's plan was always and most likely still is a redenomination, which means that the IQD that speculators hold will become worthless rather than 1,000 times more valuable.  See my post Shabibi Videos.

Eagle1 was back with a bank rumour of a different sort.  Supposedly he had two sources who told him that Wells Fargo was going to be dealing in dinar again, and the announcement was supposed to occur on Christmas Eve.  Well as of 1/7/15 the Wells Fargo website still says "Wells Fargo does not sell Iraqi dinar in any location - online, by phone, or in our stores."  So it looks like Eagle1's batting average is still a big ol' goose egg.

Also in December we had more douchebaggery from Adam "Wolfyman" Montana in this little slice of stupidity in his December 17 weekly Q & A:

Adam Montana
"I expect it to come out as a managed float at about .10 and then the market will drive it up."

First of all, a revaluation to a dime would be a 10,000% increase, which is only about 9,965% higher than the largest revaluation in history.  And on a managed float like Iraq is on they back their currency 100% with their foreign currency reserves, which last I saw was about $80 billion.  So an RV to a dime means that they would only be backing the dinar to the tune of about 1% of their monetary base ... in a country on the brink of failing, mind you.  

And second, if it's a managed float how is the market going to drive it up?  By definition a managed float is not market driven!  It's managed!!! 

And people pay this guy for his expertise ... why?

And then there was the return of tlar.  A few months ago he said that he would stop posting if his RV prediction didn't work out, but of course he's back with more Tom Foolery.  This time it's something about the budget and the ISX will bring the RV in January.  Here's a post I did about tlar last year, for anybody who is tempted to believe that this guy has good information.   

Marcus Curtis just published a book on the global currency reset that you might want to check out.  I'm putting a link to it on the top right.  It's a bit long and more than a little technical, but it's worth the effort if you want to understand what's going on with the GCR.  Also, check out Nick Giammarino's site Global Currency Reset

And now ................ (drumroll) ...........................

The 2014 Douchebag of the Year Award

TNT Tony Renfrow
Back in February Tony "TNT" Renfrow launched his infamous "We Are The People" Twitter campaign that claimed the elites were cashing in their dinars at the revalued rate while us peons are left holding onto dinars that are worth less than a tenth of a penny to anybody who is interested in buying them.  Unexpectedly the BBC got wind of the campaign and did a story on it, exposing the use of bogus followers on Twitter.  Tony continued shoveling similar BS throughout the year .... contract rates, NDA's (Non-Discolure Agreements), and 1-800 numbers to inform people when and where they could cash in.  For this douchebaggery Tony wins his second consecutive Douchebag of the Year award.  Congrats!

However ......  

Dave Schmidt
Equally doucheworthy was Dave Schmidt, the former Washington state senator turned dinar guru who went from predicting the RV to talking to "The Ambassador" about the vast storehouse of gold entrusted to the Asian Dragon family that was about to be dispensed to worthy souls all around the globe.  Seems Davy had an epiphany that there wasn't enough money to pay everybody with a big RV, so he latched on to the GCR (Global Currency Reset) and Prosperity Package nonsense and started touting it, instead. 

So 2014's Douchie goes to both Tony and Davy for their shameless (albeit creative) purveying of douchedoody to naive and inexperienced currency speculators all across dinarland.



  1. As I posted on Marcus' site, I only read the first page of his book but, that was enough to show me that it is of very poor quality. Not just omissions and misrepresentations but gross inaccuracies. I like Marcus, this saddens me, but you either have to apply standards equally or they are of no use.

    Looking at his video promo and reading the first page of the first chapter, I couldn't tell if he thinks the GCR is real or a myth, if you have read the full book Sam, can you tell me which it is?

    1. I was given an advanced copy and Marcus does a good job of presenting both perspectives. I understand that he's going to be doing some interviews and promotion for the book, so you'll probably get a better handle on where he's coming from as he talks more about it. Of course you could always buy a copy and read it for yourself.

    2. Given the quality of just the first page, I'll decline.

  2. Tony is well deserving. If there was a douchebag hall of fame, he would be a charter member.

    I believe that I predicted Adam Montana would be "excited" about all the progress made in Iraq. (Admittedly, that was not a bold prediction.) One trip over to his site shows him feigning "excitement". He's even ramped it up and started using the word "soon" to predict the revaluation. We'll see how many mind-numbed robots continue their idolatry after "soon" doesn't happen.

  3. "The dinar community was all abuzz around Christmas with talk of Shabibi returning as governor of the CBI. The hopeful were doing a collective high-5 in the mistaken belief that Shabibi's plan was to revalue the dinar by 100,000%, and that his return means that day will be here soon."

    LOL. And exactly the same Dinar community were cheering on Shabibi's earlier departure and replacement as an "imminent sign of the RV". And if and when Shabibi returns and doesn't "RV" the Dinar, exactly the same people will be seeing "hope" when he resigns / retires...

    PS: Happy New Year all! :-)

  4. GCR? Would this not just be a redenomination of all hyperinflated currencies on Earth all on the same day? How do Dinar addicts become ultra rich off of this fantasy? When you "reset" a currency you basically redenominate it so how does a "reset" benefit the delusional?

    1. Because morons like sterling currency group who make monthly rounds on conference call with Frank and Ty Rhame stoking the farce flames makes many want to believe. Ty is a despicable fool for using his platform of military officer and Iraqi war veteran to bamboozle fools who have sympathy for veys and military folk. He is pathetic and sick. He's disgracing the uniform many of us have worn proudly, honestly and respectfully.


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