Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tom Foolery

A few weeks ago Stryker had a special guest on his broadcast.  According to Stryker he's a fellow Texan named Tom Larsen who goes by "tlar" in dinar forums.  I would like to address some of the nonsense that I heard in this show, but first I would like to acknowledge all of the wonderful people who have made donations to me to allow this blog to continue busting gurus and exposing this scam.

The following people have contributed to DDB:

That's right.  No donations.

Now let's take a look at all of the organizations that have paid DDB over the course of this blog.

Notice that there are no currency dealers paying me ... no membership dues ... no post-RV program fees .... and no "millionaire" seminar revenues.  And the information here has been far more accurate than the information people get on the dinar sites that receive funds from the members.  Just something to keep in mind before wandering over to some guru's blog or forum.

Okay, among other things tlar said that Iraq's budget is based on a rate of 1.16 dinar to the dollar.  WRONG!  It's based on the current rate of 1,166 dinar to the dollar.  Iraqis place a decimal where we place a comma, and every year some guru gets it wrong when they look at the budget numbers.

tlar also claimed that Bush said the war would pay for itself.  I've been waiting for nearly three years for somebody to provide any evidence to back that claim.  For the 100th time, Bush never said that.  There was no plan to snag trillions of dinar and RV them.  It's guru BS.

Stryker and tlar

Then tlar claimed that Iraq has $250 billion to back 2.7 trillion dinar which isn't true, but even if it was it would only mean a possible RV of about a dime, yet tlar thinks that the new value is going to be more than 86 cents.He went on to claim that the US Treasury has at least 5 trillion dinar, which I've stated repeatedly is disproved by a federal indictment stating that they only have a nominal amount for daily transactions.  They could have left that out of the 80+ counts listed in the indictment, but they were confident enough of that fact to include it. 
Then he said that nobody knows what "delete the zeros" means.  The only people who don't know what it means are dinar speculators who refuse to accept what the CBI has clearly stated repeatedly.  It means redenomination and it has always meant that, even before the IQD was ever conceived and printed.     

Then the biggest doozie of all, the dinar in bank accounts won't go up in value but the cash will.  What economics book did he get that from?  Revaluations affect all currency - paper and electronic, not that the CBI has stated that any revaluation is forthcoming.

A month after this broadcast when the current crisis hit in Iraq, Tom said that Maliki would be gone within 48 hours.  Wrong again.  He followed up that Tom Foolery with this gem:

"Here it is guys. You can believe or not believe at you own discretion. This my friends is a CIA operation pure and simple the purpose of which is to remove Maliki under the guise that terrorists are over running the country. I know some will say I sound like a quack and some will judge me as such. I don’t care anymore.

Recently the CIA set up an operation that a refinery was supposed to be taken over by ISIS. This was to be a shock to the economic system bringing everyone to the conclusion that this was an attack on western interests requiring western involvement. The refinery was left intentionally undefended and open to invasion by insurgents..

The news originally reported the refinery was taken over by the ISIS. As it turned out an Iraqi officer noticed that the refinery was not well protected so he moved in and brought his forces with him. They repelled the attack by the ISIS and they killed approximately 40-50 ISIS terrorists. The news recanted and said the refinery was back in control of government forces. This CIA plot was foiled.

Three of Malikii generals ordered their troops to lay down their arms and abandon there assignments. All three of these generals have asked for asylum in the US. Had they not done this there might have been a lot of blood shed instead of cities being lost without a shot being fired. What and why did they abandon?

The Kurdish disputed territories and the Sunni enclave cities were given up without a fight. The net result, the map of Iraq has been redrawn. Things that would have never been done through negotiation with Maliki’s government are now corrected. Sunni’s are once again in control of Sunni areas as is the Kurds once again in control of Kurdish towns.

Maliki hasn’t got a clue as to why his army has collapsed without fighting. He is like a chicken with his head cut off running around threatening court martial and executions. The CIA is working their magic. Maliki won’t leave so there is more heat being tuned up.

So what’s next?

Next week the new government will be formed. Pressure is being put on the coalition. GET ER DONE. As far as I have been told, it is imperative that once the government has been announced we will see two things.

The first is world support for the new government in fighting terrorism.

The second is an RV.
For some reason it seems to be extremely important to those in control that Turki pull the trigger on or a little before July 1st.

So that’s what I know. Please by all means, judge me on this as you will. I am prepared to be full of Shiite before this is over. Watch this as it unfolds." ~ Tlar

So according to tlar, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States is behind the beheadings, mass graves, and barbarian behaviour of ISIS inside of Iraq in an effort to oust Maliki from power.  (While there's no confirmation of the mass graves within Iraq, you can read about similar acts in Syria here.)  I don't think any comment is really necessary. 

Tom comes across as a decent guy who isn't a scammer, and perhaps that's the most dangerous kind of guru because people who might not follow the blatant scammers might be more inclined to listen to a guy who speaks with such certainty about things that they don't understand.  But he doesn't understand either, and therein lies the problem.

There was a time when I listened to gurus like tlar folks, because I was impressed and perhaps intimidated by all the jargon and the overwhelming amount of information that they prattled off.  But when I noticed that they never got anything right I set out to educate myself, and I soon discovered that it's not that complicated.  If I can do it you can do it.  Quit listening to the likes of Stryker, tlar, Breitling, Frank26, Adam Montana,  ... etc. and do your own due diligence.  It's your money.  Don't entrust it to hack gurus that you don't even know.     


  1. Sam, a short time ago I asked Tlar why he wouldn't debate you. Here are a couple of highlights from his response to that question ..............................................

    “The problem with Sam I am is he obviously does not study this investment." "I don't see a point to be learned by my engaging a guy who knows little to nothing about what is going on in Iraq. He exposes us to his ignorance again and again with statements like they have no desire to stop the auctions and such.”

    I think it would be one of the greatest debates of all time where the Dinar community could judge for themselves. Hopefully Tlar will come around to that debate. Because as long as ANYONE continues to give excuses as to why they won't debate you and will only participate at sites where their beliefs are pushed/pumped upon the Dinar community while all others are silenced .... it makes them look scared and less credible.

    1. THEY ARE SCARED!!! LOL... Just remember that's all they are good at is "pump & dump" POOP!!!

    2. I don't recall ever saying that they have no desire to stop the auctions. I suppose that in over two and a half years of blogging I might have said something along those lines, but what I do recall saying is that they have no desire to raise the value (thus their policy of exchange rate stability) and in fact they haven't since that small bump in January of 2012. Not the official value, anyway. They have managed to raise the market price within Iraq and the auctions were probably a part of that, but I don't see much of a need for the auctions once they redenominate and de-dollarize. As for knowing what's going on in Iraq, I will admit that I don't read Iraqi news and study the political process like these "newshound" gurus do. It's pointless. Iraqi news organizations are contradictory in what they publish, and you have to translate them into a convoluted mix of Arabic and English and then try to figure out what they're saying. All I need to know is what their foreign currency reserves are, what their money supply figures are, and then do the math. I know what "deleting the zeros" means because I studied redenomination. I know what Shabibi said when he was in DC in 2011. He said that deleting the zeros means redenomination. And I know that revaluations of 100%, 1.000%, 10,000%, and 100,000% don't happen. What more do you need to know?

    3. Weatherford - "I think it would be one of the greatest debates of all time where the Dinar community could judge for themselves. Hopefully Tlar will come around to that debate. Because as long as ANYONE continues to give excuses as to why they won't debate you and will only participate at sites where their beliefs are pushed/pumped upon the Dinar community while all others are silenced .... it makes them look scared and less credible."

      I think we've already have pumpers attempt that here. SWFG & Enorrste tried it and were taken so far out of their depth in the space of a single hour, it became cringe-worthy to watch... Same thing happened to Kraperoni and "Doc" on another site in the past, and after they got totally steamrolled in the same way too, all they could do is what guru's always end up doing when their appeals to ignorance fails - cry out for censorship and whimper in the corner...

      And you've nailed it in the second sentence - they will only debate on 'controlled' forums where "dissenters" posts "accidentally" go missing and they can run crying to the Little Hitler mods. A bit like their conference calls where callers who ask "difficult" questions start to experience "technical difficulties" that strangely never affect the "faithful". ;-)

      As for tlar's BS - the whole point of Iraq's currency auctions is to provide currency for Iraqi's to pay for imports. He sounds like yet another deluded RVaholic who thinks auctions remove money from circulation in a one-way process... And even if the "RV" was real (which it isn't) if Iraq "RV'd" only banknotes and not bank accounts - the only result would be one giant run on the banks causing a total collapse of Iraq's entire banking system. You'd have to be a bit "special" to believe in that for even one minute, let alone make a fool of yourself pumping it on the net as some amateurish guru...

    4. Typical. All these clowns brag about their "research" and their "analysis" yet I've never heard one of them address the elephant in the room: 87 trillion dinar! That number takes 30 seconds of research to find. Once you realize that's how many dinar have been produced by the CBI, you realize the whole thing is a scam. There is no possible way the dinar will massively value with that many produced. Iraq has a GDP of $220 billion (that also takes about 30 seconds of research to discover). If some idiot at the CBI foolishly declared each dinar worth even 1 cent, their money supply would we worth 4 times as much as their GDP. That value would last all of about 30 seconds. The nation would experience hyperinflation and the currency would fail. Every bank would fail. The country would instantly collapse. It is a mathematical certainty.

      These clowns act like the RV is just a matter of opinion. Since they've done so much "research", they think their opinion is more valid. It's absurd. A massive RV of the dinar is not an opinion. It is a mathematical impossibility. It can't happen. They could spend the rest of their life researching the dinar and it won't make a bit of difference. There is no news article, no speech, and no analysis that can change it. There are over 87 trillion dinar in existence (and growing) and Iraq has a GDP of $220 billion. The math is simple and conclusive. As I've said before, two plus two will ALWAYS equal four. These clowns have been trying to convince people for years that, in Iraq, two plus two can equal five. They just have to believe it strongly enough.

    5. First the "auctions" aren't really auctions in the sense of price, since the CBI sets the rate at which they are willing to sell dollars, then banks (and now other types of financial entities) can offer to buy some number at that price (or at least that is my understanding). I don't think they will ever stop in the sense that some mechanisms is needed to exchange IQD for dollars for importers whether the IQD gets RD'd or not. So they may not call them auctions in the future and maybe exchange will be freed up to allow buying dollars for any reason, but some mechanism will be needed for the foreseeable future since the CBI (or its down stream banks or money service entities) is the only way an importer can get dollars for IQD and I don't think that is going to change. I don't think the CBI is going to want to let banks compete for the exchange business from the MOF's oil revenue and then also compete for the business from importers wanting dollars as that would make for a more volatile exchange rate and rate stability is their primary goal (along with low inflation).

    6. One problem I find with this entire story is that "stories" these gurus tell morph into "we all know" supposed truths. and if any truth is involved it bears no resemblance to the story told. Iraq is not one of the richest nations on earth, it's a third world shit hole that can't keep the electricity on, the water running or the people who work for the government from stealing as a way of life.

      A story to show the difference between the different gurus and the actual facts:
      The "truth" is a new family moved in down the street, they have 1 year old son who has a toy truck he plays with. It's a small toy, and he can in fact pick it up. That is the truth.

      Tlar and the more "realistic" gurus, say that everyone knows the boy can pick up dump trucks, he has said he intends to pick up dump trucks and he will pick up dump trucks for all to see, as soon as he gets a new nannie.

      Adam Montana says that really, the kid can only lift pickup trucks and don't be surprised if at that he only lifts the small ones like Ford Rangers, not F-350 Super Duties...and if you will pay $12.95 a month for his VIP service he'll explain why and how you can do all kinds of other things, but he'll never give a date, just re assurance that the kid can indeed lift trucks, and he intends to, soon.

      Okie says the kid can lift trucks, earth moving equipment and spacecraft, but only for his listeners. Only Okie knows when he is going to lift trucks, and only okie will be able to tell you.

      Frank says he can lift not only trucks, but indeed if you are on his list of people to get the "program rate" he'll lift the factory where trucks are made! But only for those who follow his calls (oh, and donate)

      Iraq is a baby who can pick up its toy truck, over the course of a few decades it will be able to lift quite a bit more, provided it doesn't get killed in childhood...but it won't ever be able to lift trucks that aren't toys....

      Finally, someone tells these idiots that bank notes are IOUs of the issuing authority, so "RVing" is another way of saying that the CBI will give you $3.00 (or whatever) for the note you bought from them for .00086. And this is good for Iraq how?

  2. "Then the biggest doozie of all, the dinar in bank accounts won't go up in value but the cash will. What economics book did he get that from? "

    Wow Sam, are you saying that you have information that Tlar knows what a book is, let alone an economics book? Stunning news indeed! :-)

    Indeed this is perhaps the goofiest thing ever claimed in dinarland (and that is saying something!). Tlar doesn't seem to know that funds flow freely between digital (e.g. your checking account) and cash (perhaps he has never had a checking account?). He claims the new rate will be in the Iraqi budget but of course the exchange from oil revenue to IQD is all electronic as are most of the currency auctions. Believing in the mythical impossible RV is bad enough but claiming that it will only impact physical currency is beyond the pale. Perhaps I am being overly optimistic but I find it hard to believe he can be that stupid. I think it is more likely due to knowing the RV can not happen and that his followers hold physical currency so he's trying to make it seem like an RV can work (though of course with 35T in physical cash, even IF this were true, that would only let the rate go to something like 0.002 USD per IQD).

    You know, I just remembered ( if I recall correctly ) that its even worse, I think Tlar has claimed in the past that its not even all physical currency but only "circulating cash" or some such nonsense. Somehow he includes the cash the dinar faithful are holding as in this "circulating" category. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point Tlar morphs his story to
    "only physical IQD outside of Iraq will be RVed"
    "only physical IQD outside of Iraq and held by individuals will be RVed"
    or maybe
    "only physical IQD outside of Iraq and held by individuals who are registered with Tlar, will be RVed" :-)

    1. jrg what is, really easy to believe ..... is how Tlar's HEAD cheerleader Blue Eyed Idiot is "that stupid". And the sad part is, this guru wannabe douchebag has pumped so much Tlar to the Dinar community it has helped create a Tlar cult who ultimately fear a debate between Tlar and someone like Sam.

    2. I heard that the only IQD that is going to RV are non-three zero notes!! I bet dinarians are soiling their shorts now!!! LOL

  3. Why is it that lately the vast majority of gurus are a bunch of old fools? I mean come on look at the yahoos in Ohio who will be spending the next few years in jump suits making license plates at the ripe age of 65+.. Not saying that 60's is old but for shenanigans like this is it really worth to jeopardize prison time? Aren't you too old to be that stupid? I understand that being older doesn't make us smarter but damn you should be quite bit wiser than in your 20's. But that's part of the problem there also because seniors get comfortable trusting an older person instilling trust in them because they appear to be legitimate. Sorry but the mob is full of older folk too!!! Grow up or shut up!!!

  4. So I came across this comment by markinsa who is a mod on DV and by far the most hypocritical person I've come across on dinar boards. Anyway his comment pretty much sums up the people left in this scam......

    I believe Obama was put in power by God to wreck havoc on our financial system as a warning & eventual punishment. We are definitely in a spiritual battle.

    Read more:


  5. I believe Obama was put in power by ALLAH to wreck havoc on our financial system, constitution, moral values, traditions, etc.... lol

    There I fixed it!!

  6. Till Iraq will collapsed and today institutions will not exist IQD cultist and prophets will preach crap. Even after abolishing existing dinar they still we believing in some miracle :) They don't know middle eastern thinking. Okie's think as Arkansas hillbillies, so they will dream and dream.

  7. Sam, I'd love to see the link where this clown said only "cash" will be revalued and not bank accounts. In a scam full of idiocy that has got to be one of the most idiotic things I've heard. No rational, sane person can possibly believe that. If "cash" is the only thing that will be revalued guess what happens to all those dinar in bank accounts? They turn into cash! People would empty their bank accounts to turn them into cash. People would withdraw every dinar they had in the bank. It's just utterly absurd. There would be a run on the banks. Nobody would loan money. Nobody would accept credit card transactions. Employees would insist on being paid cash. It is stupidity in it's purest form.

    1. Here you go. Fast forward to 1 hour 32 minutes in. I didn't want to post the link because I don't want to increase their traffic, but I understand the need to verify my statement. BYOBB (Bring your own barf bag.)

    2. Thanks for pointing me to the spot. I couldn't make it through an hour and a half of that drivel. I just haven't the patience for that stuff. Profound stupidity on full display. There aren't sufficient adjectives to describe how idiotic it is.

  8. Here is how Tlar has explained it ........ I have disagreed with/challenged his theory loudly at many sites.

    Up to the point currency reform happens ......
    An Iraqi can deposit 1 million dinar and his account will credited with 1million dinar.
    Currency reform takes place and that Iraqi's account now only has 1thousand dinar credited to it.
    After currency reform, that Iraqi can deposit another 1million dinar and his account will be credited with 1million dinar.
    That Iraqi's account now has 1million 1thousand dinar credited to it.

    There are thousands of people in multiple forums who believe this. As I have already said ..... largely in part because of those pond scum pumpers like Blue Eyed Idiot who have an agenda to pump this theory as the gospel while ALL other input is silenced.

    You know I would love to believe that come July 1st and Tlar's "RV" predictions are proved wrong that all those folks would finally .........

    What am I thinking ....... as long as you give the sheeple a new date and rate they will follow.

  9. Again some more wisdom from the conspiracy but son DV. Is this the country we now live in, where everything is "staged"?

    From DV:

    The attacks we are seeing in Iraq may be the worst scam ever. Thug just posted a video from CNN where the Iraqi man interviewed state that two to three hundred ISIS fighters drove out 30,000 Iraqi military forces. Say what?!

    We know for a fact the USA was training ISIS in Syria. Heck there is even a picture of Senator John McCain posing with them. These guys are using the weapons we supplied them to use against the Syrian dictator, to attack our giant investment, Iraq? I believe our government told these clowns (sorry Thug) we need you to do us a favor. Put on a show, help us out and we'll give you more stuff. Say Again?!

    Funny on the timing. The results of an election were about to be announced and Maliki was about to get booted and suddenly these terrorist just walk right in. There is no doubt the Iraqi army was told to retreat. They had larger numbers, better weapons and the support on the world. But they turn tail and run? Seems like there might be an agenda there somewhere. Our government says we won't help, then says we will help and now everyone is screaming this is a threat to our national security. Well it may be a threat to the big oil companies that are sitting there waiting to cash in, but I hardly see a threat to our security. There are roughly three to five thousand guys driving around in Toyota pick-ups. I think we can hold them off.

    This is the worst political play I've ever seen our government make. They are trying to convince the American public that this invasion holds water. Ahhh I don't think so.

    Here's what I think we are going to see. And remember this is only my opinion.

    The new government will be placed. A new Prime Minister will be named. The terror attack will end as quickly as it started. The final laws will be passed, including the HCL. There will be giant victory celebrations. The CBI will announce they can now activate their grand plan and we will see a rate far lower than any of us dreamed. Many will immediately cash out because they are done with this game and call it finished. The rest will hold until the rate begins to rise and will over the next 3 years get a rate that truly rewards the patient waiting for the past 13 years. Yup I think the 5 year plan has turned to the 15 year plan and that is cool with me.



    Maliki is out!!!

    Wow that was fast... Perhaps I should go in to the Guru business... LOL

    Read more:

    1. "...we will see a rate far lower than any of us dreamed." - I fully agree with this statement. The rate will be '0' as in ZERO change in rate. Freaking imbeciles. How about checking out the rates of dealers paying for dinar buy back where it continues to decline. It's roughly $140-$160 less than 1 year ago. LMAO.... KEEP DREAMING SUCKERS BECAUSE WHEN YOU WAKE UP YOU'LL NEED THAT PINK ROUGH TISSUE TO WIPE YOUR TEARS. ;-)

  10. I've been watching this thing on Dinar Recaps and this site for almost a year now. I've never been a believer. Here's a doozy from Debtarheelgirl this morning: "THIS RV/CE IS AN ORDAINED PROPHESIED HISTORICAL EVENT OF BIBLICAL BIRTHING.

    And I love how half of these jokers have to type in all caps. As though that shows more authority or something.

    1. Debtarheelgirl is a quack. Kharma will get her. A couple of years ago she came out with this story about how her preacher that she had known for 25 years had cashed out at $2.?? something. And she still pumping lies today.

    2. She lives in the Brier Creek Raleigh, NC area and I have a very good idea which church she attends though I'll refrain from posting that information. A quack that she is!!! A fanatical christian but more a fanatical dinar pumper and liar for sure all in the name of her jesus. Pretty sickening for certain.

  11. And the crawfishing begins ......... here is a highlight from Tlar today ......

    "The initial target date is July 1st but if it drags a few extra days, then it is possible that the RV will drag a few extra days."

  12. I also wanted to add I don’t dislike Tlar. As far as I can tell he is not trying to gain anything finically from the Dinar Community like most gurus. The guy has his opinion and is willing to bet his reputation on it. And time alone is very quickly going to decide Tlar’s reputation for him. I honestly believe the bigger problem is the guru wannabes. The HEAD cheerleaders for the folks like Tlar. Theses leeches pump folks like Tlar for the dinar dealers. The July 1st predictions will come and go but the leeches already have the next guru and pump fest story line waiting in place.

  13. In addition to all the STUPID conspiracy claims there is one subject the delusional are screaming about as much as the invasion by the radicals and that's Maliki not being removed from office. They (the Dinar idgits) are calling for everything from forced removel to execution to get rid of Maliki as if that would make any difference at all in what it is they are waiting on, it makes NO DIFFERENCE whether Maliki stays or leaves or whether the radicals take Baghdad or just give up and leave the country. There of course will NOT be any RV no matter what! But calling for people to die, including Maliki or any other person in Iraq, and especially calling for young men and women from outside the country to intervene in a way that would undoubtedly lead to many of them being killed and maimed in the name of a stupid imaginary get-rich-quick scheme is just incredibly shameful! It would be bad enough to call for people to be killed so that a monetary gain could be realized but in this case where the so-called gain is purely an illusion makes it all the more sickening, before calling for Maliki or anyone else to be executed just because they believe he is holding up that stupid dream they really should stop and think what it really is they are saying. I know I am preaching to the choir talking to you guys since we all feel the same way I am sure but every time I see this it just makes me sick!

  14. More classic twisted thinking on display at DV. They're all a buzz over a translation of some comments by the central Bank Gov Turki.

    "Monetary Policy in Iraq and the administration of CBI doesn’t have any worry in the management of monetary in Iraq (of course everyone know this exceptional circumstance) the Iraqi Dinar fully covered and there are foreign Monetary reserve that allow support of exchange rate of Iraqi dinar, with any amount so therefore there are no worry about this policy but we planning to be more efficiency in stable environment and more efficiency to lead the economy development in Iraq. We are sorry because we must to handle monetary policy in exceptional circumstance. So there are no any worry about support IQD or exchange rate or available of foreign money in domestic market.

    Reporter: What is the amount of reserve in CBI?
    Gov. Turki: We exceed the 70 billion US dollar.

    Reporter: Is there gold reserve for example?
    Gov. Turki: Yes, and we increased our gold reserve or our gold assets for three times in this year. By the way our assets from the gold and reserve are in the international Central Banks trusted.

    Reporter: Great therefore you are ready to support IQD in any circumstances without limit?
    Gov. Turki: Yes and we are sure we can to determine the exchange rate as CBI like.

    Reporter: Are the transactions of foreign money from inside Iraq doing without restrictions?
    Gov. Turki: Yes, its flexible and its one of more flexible transactions in Iraq."

    Read more:–-possible-revaluation/#ixzz35c6vsSqQ

    So their view is that this says the CBI can set the exchange rate to any value at all!! Yipee its $100 per 1 IQD at least! Any rational person would view the "any amount" as any amount of dinar as just as he says its "fully covered" (hey they are practicing safe banking!). The CBI also can set the rate as they like, i.e. without getting approval from the government, not that they can set it to any value. Obviously the fully covered nature that he stress as being such a good thing (and it is) can not be maintained if they set the exchange rate to any arbitrarily high value. The limit on the rate is simply the money supply divided by the reserves. They are 15% or so below that last time I checked (though the 70B in reserves sounds a little low to me).

    Just as a side note it was my understanding that arbitrary exchanges are not allowed and that participants in currency auctions must show requests from importers (not sure how that is done), so I'm a little skeptical about there being no restrictions on exchanges.

    Its a classic example of what goes on over and over in dinarland. They take a couple of words, twist them to suit their needs and then ignore the fact that nothing in the entire statement, let alone overall reality supports their claims. The GCR folks had a field day along these lines when Christine Lagarde a while back used the word "reset" in a statement. Despite the fact that the statement was not about currency and did not even mention the word currency, they read it all about an impending GCR.

    We can not solve the worlds many problems unless people learn to think.

    1. One of our favorite conmen, Adam "I never met a lie I couldn't top" Montana has jumped on this same bandwagon.

      "Turki / Central Bank states that despite the current events, the dinar is
      and will remain stable. Not only that, they have the ability to maintain
      any rate without a roof. (That says "float" to me!)"

      Read more:

      Of course Turki never said they could maintain any rate. The only reason the IQD has remained stable over recent times is that it is not floating but fully covered by the CBi. And a central bank only has the option to float their currency if there is a vast amount of trade and exchanges going on in that currency that does NOT involve the central bank. If that ever happens for Iraq (it hasn't happened for any of its neighbors) it will be many many decades in the future.

    2. One of my predictions at the beginning of the year was that Montana would continually state that he is "excited" and "hopeful" about the progress being made in Iraq. He's smart enough to know that this con can't be successful without people believing the RV is going to happen "soon". There has to be a reason to keep renewing those VIP memberships. If someone drops their membership, they are likely gone forever. So they have to be convinced that there might be something big or significant to happen which effects the RV in the next couple of weeks. It can't be too far out. If Montana told them it was a couple years away, they would cancel their memberships until it became "soon" again. He wouldn't stay in business. So it's always "soon" and he's always "hopeful" and "encouraged" and "excited". It's a classic, quintessential scam. How long do people have to be fleeced before they realize it? For some people, they will never realize it. They'll go to their grave with the VIP membership still hitting the credit card.

  15. Maybe not in line with the current discussion here but it would seem that my, and some others, predictions were wrong! I was predicting a massive sell off, or at least an attempt to sell, after the current crisis in Iraq started to unfold but never underestimate the gurus and the stupidity of the Dinarian! Some of us were predicting that E-Bay sales would be a very good indicator of current confidence in Dinar and that listings would soar but apparently that's not happening, it is in fact going the other way if anything. An E-Bay search of "Dinar" this morning showed 9071 listings which is down instead of up about 150 from only a couple of days ago, searching simply "Dinar" is mis-leading however since this brings up listings of anything Dinar related including a great many listings of other Dinar besides Iraqi. Searching "Iraqi Dinar" brings up barely 1400 listings which is also down instead of up from a few days ago although many of these listings are going unsold with the exception of the lower denominations of 500 or less Dinar notes, these are going fast and selling for unbelievably ludicrous prices!

    The bottom line is that while there is a lot more talk on the forums about selling out it would seem that the gurus are doing a fine job of keeping this scam going, as unbelievable as it might seem people are in fact believing these idiots and their absurd lies! A couple of days ago I was convinced we were on the verge of finally seeing this thing fall apart yet if anything it would seem that it has only reinforced the belief for many and while dealer sales may be flat or falling there appears to be no indication that the scam is even close to dying, a take on a famous quote might be "it would seem that the news of the Dinar's death has been greatly exaggerated"!

  16. Here is the latest from Tlar .......

    "They will get him out. Either the SOL presents a candidate that everyone can agree on or they will still nominate Maliki who will be voted out on the first vote. Either way we will have a new government because everyone in Iraq except the SOL is on board. Everyone in the world wants a change of government for many reasons not the least is the monetary change. It will happen next week. There will be a new government. Now for the good part. Turki will RV/RI the currency next week north of $3.00. I am in possession of some information that is happening that I can't yet discuss, but if the government changes so goes the currency. Turki is waiting for that moment just as you and I are. I promise I am not grandstanding but I will tell you this. We are within a BB gun shot of this being over as long as the government is "settled.". No contact or second hand info but true fact. If the government is seated and is a new government next week, I will disclose what it is I've got within 5 minutes of the announcement. Everybody will be very happy. Come on Tuesday. Come on more pressure on dough boy. Continue to turn the heat up. Resign fat boy. tlar "

    1. Sounds like okie is still rearing his ugly head from time to time. lol

  17. Latest Tlar highlights ...........

    OK, I'm going to say something I hope I don't regret. I lost the only contact I have ever really had because of my disclosing facts I was not authorized to do. In otherwords my loose lips. I should have let this person proof read what I was going to let out but I did not and he got in trouble and no longer do we communicate. Some of you know what I am about to say but I will be scetchy as to some of the detail so as not to repeat that mistake again. Something went on in California last month that is repeating itself here in Dallas. Some of the people on this list including myself have been offered to sell their dinars at between $3.00 and $4.00. The conditions are that this sale is pending a new government in Iraq. It is a legitiment bank that deals in currencies. I did not participate but I have a few friends who did. That is all I can say right now but not this Satuday, the following Saturday or before I will let you know the details. The thing that I believe from this is this. Thebank is not full of stupid people. Nobody will buy worthless paper unless they know something and this particular bank would be in a position to know. The interesting thing is it would imply this is an RI not and RV meaning a reinstatement of the currency. So far the committments on this deal are more than two billion dinars. Again the bank has said they will not fund unless their is a government in place that is meaning a settled government IMO. It also suggests that an RI will occur shortly after because nobody would lay out this kind of money months before an actual event. I am sorry but that is all I can tell you and I cannot answer any questions. I will keep you posted. I will give the details shortly. tlar

    1. I wonder if the fiancé (I think it was) of a poster on this site, who was off with their fellow believers sitting in a hotel room waiting for the word to exchange, is among Tlar's list members that have gotten this amazing offer. And what do Tlar and his brethren think is the difference between an RI and an RV in this case? (neither term exists relative to currency in the real world of course).

    2. Ok so another scam in the making with several suckers once again falling for it. Not sure what you're getting at.

  18. The conspiracy pumpers are going nuts. Numerous posts on DV are repeating the claim:
    "John McCain Photographed With ISIS Terrorists Last Year!"

    Read more:

    No one it seems spends the 10 seconds it takes to google the one name offered in the photo, that of Salim Idris to find that he is not part of ISIS but was a general in the Free Syrian Army that was fighting Assad and groups like ISIS ( maybe ISIS directly). The same folks complaining about the inaccurate inflammatory media, are far worse themselves.

    1. Lol. If the info on the news is something they don't like it's misinformation but stuff they agree with is 100% accurate. DV is filled with idiots

    2. Very true. The same mentality was on display when in a recent thread all the believers countered the idea that the IQD could drop in value due to the current instability by saying "it can't go down, its fully covered by the reserves, and that alone determines the rate not confidence etc". That of course is true, yet when it comes to the possibility of an RV that same simple arithmetic is no where to be found.

  19. LOL.....yup. Everything is "smoke" or misinformation unless it is a bad translation that they can spin to mean a RV then its absolute fact.


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