Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl 48

Well today is the big game, and since there's not much happening with the dinar I thought I'd offer my prediction for the Super Bowl.  I don't know much about the teams so I think I'll go by what I know about the states they represent and their history with the dinar scam.  Washington has issued an advisory about the dinar, but to my knowledge they haven't arrested any dinar douchebags or shut down any dealers.  In fact one of the guys I've written about (Regner "Eagle1" Capener) lives in that state.  Colorado issued a cease and desist order and as far as I know none of the douchebags I've written about lives in that state so I will pick Denver to win by a field goal. 

Final score will be Denver 20 Seattle 17. 


  1. I'm with Denver too although their first play might have cost them dearly. I'm expecting a solid game though.

  2. It's gonna be fun watching the two WEED LEGAL states go at it.

  3. My source has never been wrong. The game you see on TV is smoke and mirrors, designed to make Broncos fans give up. The real game results will be activated Monday morning.

    1. I am so relieved to know that the game we just watched is just what the PTB wanted us to see. Everyone knows that Manning is undervalued with Super Bowl rings. He can't have a brother that has more super bowl victories than he has. The NFL and other 3 letter agencies have all stated that when brothers in the NFL must have the same number of super bowl victories. Today was a complete sham and cover up. I can't wait for the actual results to be activated, But they always activate these things on Tues-Thurs. Everything between now and then is just a cover story until the PTB release the real tapes of the games.

  4. I wanted Denver to win but man, Seattle came to play. Glad they won their first.

  5. I just saw on Iraqi TV that CBI has revalued the IQD and is exchanging 25k notes for 25k carat Gold Superbowl rings. You have to go to Iraq to do the "cash out" because dealers weren't able to stock up in time for the demand. Shabibi always said he would not allow anyone to speculate on his currency!!

    I guess these rings must be the new notes they were speaking of printing. This went down exactly like Kuwait's RV because someone I know became wealthy when they exchanged KWD for NY Giants 1991 Superbowl Championship rings.


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