Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Questions for Adam's Update

Last week I posted FS4enthusiast's answers to the questions submitted to Adam Monana at Dinar Vets.  I thought it was such a good idea I decided to give it a shot this week.  If I were "Adam" this is how I might answer this week's questions.


What's up Adam...Just to get your insight on a questioned asked of me, while tryin' to explain the situation in Iraq, concerning the value of the dinar...What is the main reason(s) the CBI is waitin' on to make their move to RV/RI the dinar in correlation to the HCL issues...and if it's not just the HCL what's your take on the issues involved...

The HCL has nothing to do with revaluation.  The CBI raised the value a total of 26% from 11-1-2006 to 1-1-2009 without it, and they only did that because they had to in order to bring the inflation rate down.  The CBI has never said they're going to RV/RI.  That's what the gurus are saying.  The CBI said that they're going to RD (lop).  They've also told us what the holdup is.  They're waiting for things to stabilize somewhat in Iraq because they need security forces in place to ensure a smooth currency changeover. 

Adam, it is possible that Maliki will be reelected as P.M. It's been said that he has a "weak dinar" policy...desiring (for whatever reasons) to keep the dinar at it's current low value. If Maliki is reelected, do you think this will delay the RV?

There's no RV to delay.  See my last answer.

Thanks Adam for all you. My question is what is your Intel is telling you about RV sometime this year? The reason I ask is because we are seeing the same thing regarding Iraq year after year and no RV. Patience can only go so far but after 10 plus years and still do not see any light at the end of the tunnel is getting very frustrating.

I have no intel.  All that stuff about having a CBI contact was just a ruse to sign people like you into my VIP program.  Thanks a lot, by the way.            

Adam. When you bought your first dinar were you thinking they would increase to the point you could get out a little ahead.......or...... did you think the dinar would open for a dollar or more? Or less?  My "influencer" into the world of the dinar was convenced it would open for at least a dollar but hoped it might reopen for what it closed at before bankruptcy was declared.

I had no idea what would happen, to be honest.  I knew nothing about currency speculation and still don't.  (Isn't it obvious?  I can't even do basic math!)  I just figured I'd give it a shot, and then when I saw how many people were buying dinar I figured I'd probably make more money off of them than I would with the dinar so I started DV.  By the way, there was no "bankruptcy" (Chapter 7 refers to the UN sanctions) and the dinar hasn't been worth more than a tenth of a penny in about 20 years.

Hey Adam, You made the comment a couple of times that the dinar we are holding has increased from the time we purchased it.nnI have been in this for 5 years and at that time the value of the dinar was .00085. Where is the appreciation. I paid roughly $1000 for a million dinar.  What is keeping the kurds from settling up with Bagdad and getting the HCL completed and getting this RV completed?? News articles have stated how countries, businesses want to enter Iraq and start business relations. Are these people to "blind" to see the desert through the trees?

I say lots of things.  LOL!!!  Doesn't mean they're true.  Like I said earlier it did go up in value from 2006-2009, but if you bought after that you're in the hole and will probably lose money.  As for the Kurds, they don't trust the Shias and Maliki is a Shia.  They also don't trust the Sunnis and Saddam was a Sunni.  And the Sunnis don't trust the Shia and vice versa.  See how this works?  They don't trust each other and they don't know how to build a modern, thriving, capitalist society and it will probably be another 20 years or so before they figure it out ... if ever!  Meanwhile you're holding their currency thinking that somebody is gonna push the Easy button and fix everything and make you rich.  And if somebody tells you it ain't gonna happen you call them a dumper or anti-guru or troll.  Gotta love it!

Adam: With currencies in Turkey, Greece, EU in general, Argentina, South Africa losing their value and hyper inflation taking place, and now Ukraine going through Bank runs and civil unrest (brink of war) , home sales plunging 14% to 18 month low, China economy showing signs of collapse. The Fed, IMF and other controlling interest throughout the world are propping up countries with temporary loans. The "stimulus from the Federal Reserve" reversing course on the amount of money they "Place" in the stock market monthly which is one cause of the currency crashes which withdraws support for foreign countries. Talk has been discussed of a Global Reset on all currencies. I assume this would mean "all" currencies . What view would these factors have on your thinking the IQD would be involved at the same occurrence as mentioned earlier or would the IQD be independent of the imploding countries? 

The Global Reset is a bunch of hooey.  The only ones talking about it are conspiracy nuts and dinar gurus.  The only currency that affects the IQD is the USD because it's pegged to the dollar and backed by the dollar.  And as long as people buy gas and oil Iraq is going to keep pumping it and selling it for dollars. 

Whats your say on the LOP, do you believe them or is it just smoke?

You're banned.  MODS!!!

Adam, are there any exactly specific steps to be made by either the CBI or the MOF or the GOI that we should be looking for that will tell us that progress is being made toward IQD International Tradability at a new rate?

The only steps toward making the dinar internationally tradeable would be building a diverse economy and producing products that have international demand which would then generate a demand for their currency.  There's no easy button for that, either.  It will take decades.

It appears that Maliki is trying to pressure the Kurds to pass the budget in exchange for him to have a third term as PM. Do you think this is likely? If it IS, I think we are in BIG trouble!

It doesn't matter who Iraq's leader is, just like it doesn't matter who is running the CBI.  They're not going to RV and make you rich.

Adam.....can you explain the difference between USD & UST, and how will that effect our speculation?

The USD is the US dollar, and the UST is the US Treasury that prints the dollar, and neither has anything to do with dinar speculation other than the fact that the dinar is backed by the USD.  It's all about economics and math.  You can't back 85 trillion dinar with $80 billion USD and RV more to more than 1/10 of a penny.

Would we see the Budget and HCL approval announced in the gazette? How about the RV?         

The budget?  Maybe, maybe not.  HCL?  Probably.  RV?  What RV?  Again, see answer #1.

The weekly Adam Montana Thank-A-Thon may now commence.


And now for my question of the week to Adam. 

In your book Real RV Intel you stated that you "invested in the Kuwaiti dinar at the right time" which presumably was during Saddam's occupation of Kuwait from August 1990 - February 1991.  And in your interview with the ladies from the Earth Secrets blogtalk show in February 2011 you said "I had some money in the Kuwaiti dinar and I was able to buy that at the right time and made some money on that".  Now since you couldn't buy Kuwaiti dinar on forex or through any bank while they were under occupation, and seeing as how you were born in 1976 I would very much like to know how you managed to get your 14 year old self over to the Middle East to conduct a little currency speculation on the Kuwaiti dinar during Desert Storm?

P.S.  There's a battle currently raging between TNT Tony and three guys - the owner of Baghdad Invest, Mr. IQD, and a guy named Mike Diston whom Tony has been harrassing via his followers.  I've stayed out of it so far as I'm more about informing than pounding the pavement.  But I think it would be good to lend them our support as they hold this scammer accountable.



  1. "The weekly Adam Montana Thank-A-Thon may now commence."

    LOL. Great post. I saw "Mike Diston" on the other topic too. He's been sending copies of Tony's indictments to Tony's new call provider and they booted him after just two calls. Then he announced the RV on Twitter and gave Tony's private cell number as the "cash in" number. That really is too funny to comment further on ;-)

    1. Hey guys been to busy on twitter to get here but I've been having a ball. TonyTurd gave out that blast about us and his zombies pounced. BI and I bloodied Tony Turd, I started tweeting his indictment and his past conviction and opened many new eyes. I was the only one for a wk, then I got one and now I'm up to about 10 peeps tweeting against Tony. These zombies are so dumb that they knowing that I am anti Tony called him when I put out a tweet saying ''Tony called me and said it rved call centers are manned call 916 370 5954 hurry to get contract rates''. lmao Then the next day I set up an account Tony Renfro @tntrenfro and tweeted about 15 tweets saying superfantastic news rv rv call centers manned hurry hurry to get contract rates get hair cut no blue jeans in bank and a few other phrases saying call or text 916 370 5954 or 580 472 3882 thats okies number lol. The turd on his call said him and okie had to shut their phones off lmao. I've tweeted over 3,700 times since Feb 11 and his empire is crumbling and I want to thank Baghdad Invest, Dinarsme for their help.Turd even got that wrong blaming MR.IQD instead of Dinarsme. PEACE

    2. Oh and another thing as we were destroying Tony Turd the other night either Turd or one of his henchmen alias Ray text me since they have my number from me texting him and him spreading it on his blast and threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't stop and text him back and told him he had to kill me for me to stop lol.

    3. Truly awesome job Mike! I LOLed long & hard after reading the "special rate cash in" numbers the guru's have been pretending exist, ended up inadvertently being their own :-D Well done my friend!

  2. Love it. I think you should offer your answers every week.

    I might supplement your answer on the HCL question with the following response:

    You just think the HCL is important because I tell you it's important (just like I told you chapter 7 was important). You have no idea if there is an HCL even being discussed in Iraq. You just think there is because I tell you there is. You seem to believe everything I tell you and I need some excuse for you to keep renewing your VIP memberships. This seems as plausible and realistic as anything. And, quite honestly, it is very important. To me. It's been a cash cow. As long as you think the HCL is a key and remains unresolved, you keep renewing your VIP memberships and propping up my bank account.

  3. answer to every question would be THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A RV!!!!!!!

    Your answers were much more entertaining though Sam.

  4. Along the lines of people asking these lying goobs the important questions. Heres a petson named Debo asking kap about the deletion of zeros.

    Oh Kap. I'll give you this. You still have a lot of people fooled and alot of people banned for questioning your theory.

    BTW I'm still patiently waiting for those "docs".

  5. ROFL! Slingshot Fuel has just posted DinarBeliever's (aka "Patel") Facebook & e-mail address page to Baghdad Invest:-

    "Patel" aka "Dinar Believer" aka A.R. asked the mods to remove it and so far they're refusing. Now he's almost crying in tears and saying "Please remove my details. I promise I'll never post to another Dinar site again!" :-D

    1. It couldn't have happened to a nic,,,,,,,,,errrrr dumber guy, Lol!

      I already knew DB was a lost cause but he is one sicko puppy and that's a fact!

  6. Yeah Brian........DB is a joke. The raving lunatic has completely lost the tiny mind that he had left. Screaming obscenities and telling everyone how he is going to be the richest person on the forums and everyone will be shining his boots and blah blah blah. Lol......of course not one fact to support his fantasy, only whiny rants that he is become known for. I swear the guy is probably 12.

  7. Something that always has puzzled me is how can anyone look at Adam Montana's disclaimer and still buy into his post RV "plans"? the disclaimer pretty much let's you know you're being scammed and I won't get in trouble for it. Blows my mind.

    Right under all his links for paid services reads this:

    Disclaimer: The information and content provided above is the opinion of Adam Montana, and is being provided for entertainment purposes only. Neither Adam Montana nor assumes, and hereby disclaims, any liability to any party for the content or information herein, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. Taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. The information is not financial, legal or other advice and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of qualified professional advisors. Before taking any action you should consult with your own financial advisors, attorneys and other professionals.

    Read more:

  8. Well of course CFO Adam must protect himself, but that doesn't mean he isn't providing good information, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean? So uh this Dinar of yours, is uh, is she a goer then eh? nudge, nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean, does she uh go then? wink, wink, nudge, nudge, I'll be she does, I'll bet she does! say no more, say no more!

  9. So now the sheeple over at dinar corp updates are being convinced that the dinar is not a scam because the dinar is the currency of Iraq. I guess that is to reassure them of their "upcoming wealth" LOL

  10. What is it with most of the Dinar scam expose articles/sites when referring to "the RV" are using words such as "unlikely" or"extremely unlikely"? Or as in one otherwise excellent article when attempting to discount the possibility of a "RV" the author at one point stated "and it very well may" by which he simply shot himself in the foot and negated the good points he wrote about! I was scanning articles over on another site that has been mentioned here (no point in singling them out by name) and at one point they said,

    "Unfortunately for dinar buyers, this is almost certainly never going to happen Or at least not in the way they’re demanding it does"

    "ALMOST" certainly???????

    Pepole this is not ALMOST, MAYBE, UNLIKELY, or even EXTREMELY UNLIKELY!!! It's ABSOLUTELY NOT going to happen so why the reluctance to say so? That of course has not been a problem on this site and folks here have no problem what-so-ever telling it like it is but it seems some people at other sites are afraid to not leave themselves an out "just in case", well I have news for them there is NO "just in case"! That little bit of doubt from the author(s) of otherwise helpful articles can be all that's needed to sway a person desperately looking for a way to justify this scam so why offer them even a glimmer of false hope when clearly there is none to offer? What are these people afraid of?

    1. I agree. I recall posting to one of the Forbes articles on that very point, that the author seemed unwilling to just call it like it is, that a huge overnight RV is impossible, not very very very unlikely. That little crack is all the faithful need to maintain their delusions.

  11. Of course that's PEOPLE not PEPOLE, dang it!!!!

  12. I think some of these scam articles are written by people that really haven't even looked at the numbers. They're probably just hearing people talking about a huge currency rv and saying "pretty sure" it has to be a scam. If they actually looked at the numbers they would certainly take a stonger position.

  13. I always find these dinar info guys amusing. My favorite guy isn’t Adam but Dan Atkinson at PTR who claims his sources keep telling him how badly the world needs this RV. Countries are in trouble, going broke, and will without a shot of RV money or the global reset. He even recently said his sources say behind the scenes there is an extreme crumbling of the economy. It’s interesting how these people never put up a link to any reliable information on this (because they can’t obviously).
    I have a problem with these suggestions because no articles I have read lately from Reuters to the BBC to Bloomberg suggest that. The global economy and the EU are expected to grow this year, hardly indicative of a crumbling economy, ha, ha. My conclusion is only that Atkinson and the guru’s keep peddling this nonsense to keep the money rolling in while the sheeple remain on the hook.
    I can see why PTR kicked off this one woman. People who are crooks don’t much like the truth.

  14. I have to add something here. In Adam's responses he stated that people who got in early have nearly doubled their money on the dinar. Not true. Unless you bought at a discount you never picked up the IQD for less than about $650 per million. Today the value before fees is $857. That's about a 33% increase over a period of ten years. GROSS! If you were in Iraq in 2003/2004 when it was introduced and you're still in Iraq today where you can exchange without fees you could have netted a little over a 3% annual return. If you're outside of Iraq where you have to pay markup or fees your gains are considerably less or non-existent. Nobody has doubled their money as a dinar investor.

  15. That's right Sam good info. My suggestion is if anyone wants to double their dinar make copies of it. (Sarcasm of course) Just be aware that making copies of your currency and attempting to pass off as real currency is illegal and not being recommended here. But if it satisfies your inflated ego that you are wealthy then go for it.

  16. I have noticed that DV's visitor numbers seem to be averaging around 50+/- members and around 200+/- visitors every time I have been there lately and I was wondering how good or bad that might be for a Dinar website? Anybody have any idea what their numbers were a year or so ago?


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