Thursday, April 25, 2013

Poppy Perplexed, Disappointed

Dinar intel guru Poppy3 said that the RV would happen around April 1, which of course was wrong.  When no RV occurred he was surprised, and said:

Dan "Poppy3" Bloodworth

I am very disappointed not to see RV this morning but not discouraged. I can't imagine from all the news that it isn't here yet. I am waiting for calls and anxious to here from all sources because I am sure they are all as surprised as I am today that we aren't planning for exchange.

I'm not even going to address the grammar and spelling here.  I'll just offer the same explanation I gave everybody a few weeks ago.  They didn't RV because they're not going to RV.  They're not going to "RI".  They're not going to "pip it up" to $1.  They're not going to free float it back to the value from 30 years ago.  They're going to keep the value where it is until they demonetize it when they remove three zeros from the exchange rate and issue the replacement currency.  This isn't just my guess or opinion.  This is what the CBI has been saying for the past two years.  The gurus won't tell you that of course because it doesn't fit with their agenda.  That's part of why I started this blog, to present the facts that you can't get in dinar dealer sponsored forums.

You don't need to read thousands of articles translated from Arabic into English.  You don't need to study the Iraqi constitution, Sharia law, or the history of Iraq.  You don't need to visit dozens of forums or listen to conference calls every day.  All you really need to know about this "investment" is two things.

  1. The CBI's stated policy for the dinar is exchange rate stability.  They've been on that policy since 2004 except for a 26 month span when they went to a crawling peg in order to get inflation under control.  Once they accomplished that they went back to their policy of stabilization on 1/1/2009.  In over four years the value has only increased by 4 pips which equates to 1/3 of 1%.  That's stability!  And there's been no announcement of any plans to change that policy.
  2. The CBI's stated plan for the dinar is a redenomination.  They intend to accomplish this by removing three zeros (the "delete the zeros" project) from the exchange rate and issuing a new currency to replace the IQD at a ratio of 1000 old dinar for 1 new dinar.  This was confirmed by a federal document back in September 2012 (see Dinar Indictments).  Even though parliament hasn't approved the currency reform it's still on the CBI's agenda.
Once you know and understand these two critical points you can get on with your life, knowing that the dinar that investors hold will never significantly increase in value and will eventually become worthless when it is replaced.  Things could change of course, but this is what the CBI has been saying for several years now and so far there's no indication that they're considering anything different.  If their policies and plans are carried out the IQD will never provide any profit for the vast majority of speculators. 

Gurus and pumpers are misrepresenting what the CBI is stating.  That's why the dinar investment is considered a scam, because qualified people in the government, banking industry, and investment world know what the CBI intends to do and they understand that nobody is going to get rich off of a currency with a stable exchange rate that is headed for a redenomination.

I don't know about you, but if I was a guru and I gave a date for the RV that proved to be wrong I would be devestated and humiliated.  I would be reluctant to ever offer another prediction or time frame again, and I certainly wouldn't trust any of the sources who provided me with that intel.  But then, I'm not a guru and I don't have a dinar dealer paying me to advertise on my site.  (Yes, I do have dinar dealer ads that appear from time to time in Google Adsense, but that doesn't make me beholden to them.)

Poppy is shameless, however.  He's been dishing out this BS for over two years now with his highly placed sources and is batting a great big zero. 

3-31-2011  This source has never wrong…Friday afternoon will be the announcement of the RV…This source has NEVER been wrong… (can't say that anymore)

4-27-2011  the treasury and fed parts will be released tomorrow and the rv should follow within hours.  (17,328 hours and counting)

5-23-2011  I am expecting a very green day with lots of rain & sunshine mixed with lots of money. I am counting on the next 48 hours being wonderful with loads of great news….over 2 years of research & all the indications & intel from all the site & over 15 devout researchers all agree today & tomorrow are the best prospects we have ever had in the 8 years some have been involved.  (And all 15 were wrong)

6-11-2011  nothing would show till after business hours Friday…we should see the RV by Monday evening…no delay at this time…all is still looking well  (96 Mondays and counting)


8-15-2011  all intel says between now and no later than the 28th of august with Tuesday being the most possible day available . several major contracts with contractors from other countries are to be paid in rv’ed funds no later than the 28, so the rv must be completed before then. The us will be calling for it to be released by Tuesday evening this week  (Guess they got paid in something else, huh?)


10-12-2011  I am sure when this thing goes global history will show that the RV occurred on June 30 just as it was planned. The 26 countries that raised cane last dec. about the extention that the UN nation was asking these countries to grant IRAQ the extention. YET NOT ONE OF THEM HAVE SAID A WORD ABOUT THEIR 180 BILLION . I have a friend that works for exxon…and his team along with Haliburtons team where sent home two months early ON JUNE 15 and he stated they where going to send everyone home if the companies where not paid by June 30th AS AGREED ??? He returned to Iraq on July 5th ?? THEY GOT PAID IN RV’ED MONEY. Iraq has been making deals with individual companies and other countries every since June 30. It’s like they and our gov. have approved just enough of the budget to keep things moving.. THEY WILL ACTIVATE THE RV GLOBALLY VERY SOON . THINGS ARE LINING UP FAST NOW. (I am sure that history will show that you're a douche)

11/8/2011 - Inflation rate is soaring and Shabibi will not let it get out of control over year ago the trigger point he didn’t want it to go over 7.5% and it could get out of control and its now over 9% so heat is on for him to stop this with an RV it will reverse it  (He was partially right on this one.  Shabibi did raise the value 4 pips in January 2012 and that brought inflation back down.)

12-7-2011  it should happen either just before or just after maliki makes his speech here on the 12th and…the banking industry offers update on the first and 15th of the month. Maliki is wanting to have the rv in hand when he gets here or to be able to get it done immediately after he leaves. They have been pushing every document through and taking every vote needed and settleing every argument they have had in the last month to get the rv done.  (Guess they got'r done.  The 4 pip RV, that is.)

1/30/2012 - RickeyT no they don’t have years they have way to much pending on their end to tary or put off for a long period. Inflation is rising and shabibi hates that he has stated he can’t let it get to a certain level or it will be to hard for him to reign it back in.  Also the have ordered ships and aircraft that they need yesterday and construction of these will not start till they have paid a large % of the purchase price. No it will be very soon.  (Unfortunately Poppy doesn't recognize an RV when he sees it.  By this time Shabibi had already raised it.)

7/6/2012i don't have a link but it was sent to me by 4 different sources that it did take place.  (And all 4 were wrong)

You can read a more thorough account of Poppy's tripe on my What'd I Say? page. 

What possible explanation could there be for such behavior?  Forgetfulness?  Naivety?  Excessive optimism?  Or could it just be a simple case of douchebaggery?


  1. All people have to know about Iraq is their M2 is over 75 trillion dinar and their GDP is less than $300 billion. They cannot possibly revalue their currency any more than a few pips. It is a mathematical certainty. There is nothing magical about currency. It is nothing but a medium or exchange and a store of wealth. If Iraq grew at 10% a year for about 20 years and didn't expand their money supply any further, the dinar might creep up to being worth a penny or so. But that isn't going to happen. I've stopped feeling sorry for the people that got suckered in this scam. If they continue to listen to douchebags like Poppy3 after every single prediciton they've ever made has been wrong, maybe they deserve to lose their money. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice (or three times or four times), shame on me.

  2. Unable to correct any errors must be software issue. I am not ssure I could b wrong but isn't calling someone a douchbag name calling. I guess u can break u r own rule. Interesting post and when at the time he was president Bush told the American people the war would pay for itself via this dinar rv , as u say scam. Bush arranged for many vets to purchase large quantities of dinar for pennies with tells of becoming rich after the RV/RI just like kawait. So the story goes. Why would he tell such lies I wonder. Don't get me wrong Bush in my opinion is a war criminal. The dinar is a 3 way political triple cross. Scam ?we reprinted the money back in 03 or o4 I 4get. The only foreign currency with good old USA value in english printed on the back one of the Bush admin conditions to assure it would hold its value. I do agree with u I would not advise anyone to buy it.

  3. Well I am not sure if u posted my last set of comments I just finished. I don't see them. It is despicable to lead people to believe they can post.after u require a full name as well and then don't post the comment. What are afraid of oh what I had to say? It was factual. And I even agreed with some of what u had posted. This post was going to be an addition in regards to self proclaimed gurus. U probably wont post this either. I find this to be a continuing bothersome issue with post. Mostly with men not allowing women to post @ their blog

  4. It's nothing personal inya11. All comments are subject to review before I publish them. I don't censor opinions, I just try to discourage abusive behavior and keep the spam out of the comments. Sometimes it takes a few hours for me to get around to reading them.

    As for Bush saying the war would pay for itself, I've been waiting for 2 years for somebody to provide some evidence that he said it. Nada.

  5. That's because George Bush never said it, Sam. You won't find a quote anywhere despite the cult-like insistence to the contrary by those who blindly parrot anything they like the sound of without any attempt at fact-checking / verification.

    The nearest quotes you'll find are "The American taxpayer will not have to foot the entire bill for rebuilding post-Saddam Iraq" by Donald Rumsfeld, Oct 2nd 2003:-

    "Iraqis will pay for the rebuilding of their country, the defense secretary noted, through oil revenues, recovered assets, international trade, direct foreign investments and contributions from the international community."

    Which still doesn't say "oil will pay for it all", it simply says America won't pay for all of it, and primarily urges the international community to step up and donate a lot more money (in the context of the original speech), here:-

    And Paul Wolfowitz:-

    "The cost of the occupation, the cost for the military administration and providing for a provisional [civilian] administration, all of that would come out of Iraqi oil." - Dec 13, 2002, briefing (before the war even started).


    Given these are the same two brainless wonders who also came out with:-

    "It is unknowable how long that conflict [the war in Iraq] will last. It could last six days, six weeks. I doubt six months." - Feb. 2003

    "I'm not into this detail stuff. I'm more concepty." - Feb 2003

    "I believe what I said yesterday. I don't know what I said, but I know what I think, and, well, I assume it's what I said." - Mar 2003

    "I don't know what the facts are"

    "I don't do quagmires."

    "Now, settle down, settle down. Hell, I'm an old man, it's early in the morning and I'm gathering my thoughts here."

    "I can't imagine anyone here wanting to spend another $30 billion to be there for another 12 years" - House subcommittee on Iraq testimony (Feb 28, 2003), and

    "There has been a good deal of comment — some of it quite outlandish — about what our postwar requirements might be in Iraq. It is hard to conceive that it would take more forces to provide stability in post-Saddam Iraq than it would take to conduct the war itself" - House Budget Committee testimony on Iraq (Feb 27, 2003)


    Even at 3m barrels produced per day (of which less than 2.5m get exported), at $100 oil price, that works out to $91bn per year, which doesn't even cover Iraq's own domestic government budget, and is barely half of what the annual average +$160m supplemental spending alone the USA has donated every year since the 2003. Meaning it will take Iraq decades just to pay that alone back - excluding paying back international donors - excluding the actual main military budget spent - excluding the internal cost of rebuilding, etc...

    So even if one or two other neocons did say that - it was just part of the pre-war junk drum-beating sales-pitch (along with "Freedom Fries" and dumb debunked "they're throwing babies out of incubators!" propaganda) to whip people up into a pro-war frenzy riding off the back of 9/11 "goodwill".

    If people are gullible enough to believe debunked pro-war propaganda slogans of mad raving-loony neocons as a basis for Forex speculation, they deserve to get shafted...

  6. Well Sam I Am, I appreciate your honest (but painful) approach about this Dinar "investment". I do have a question, actually 3, and that is how can these Dinar promoters such as Dinar Trade, Dinar Banker, Dinar Inc. etc be allowed to continue their sales without disclosure and/or full education about this? And how is it that they are supposedly backed by the SEC and are able to continue with this disinformation without accountability? Lastly, why wouldn't an RI be a possibility similar to Kuwait's RI?

    1. 1. The wheels of justice move slowly at times, but they are turning. The BH Group and Rudy Coenen were indicted back in September for dinar fraud and Rudy recently pled guilty and is awaiting sentencing. I'm as frustrated as anybody that more hasn't been done to stop the fraud, but I'm still hopeful of a crackdown.

      2. Dinar dealers aren't backed by the SEC to my knowledge. They just register as money service businesses (MSB) with the U.S. Treasury.

      3. Kuwait reinstated their currency after they were liberated because it was replaced by Saddam's dinar during the occupation. They didn't reinstate the value because the official value never changed. They just restored it as the official currency of the country at the same exchange rate it held pre-invasion. Iraq is in a completely different situation. They replaced the Saddam dinar nine years ago and have a money supply in the tens of trillions due to past hyperinflation. The only way to restore the value to where it was 30 years ago is to restore the money supply to something comparable to what it was then, and the only way to do that is with a redenomination (lop).

    2. In fact many Western "money sellers" don't even get their IQD directly from Iraq - they buy it 3rd-hand via Jordan then make up fabricated egomaniac stories of "having direct contact with the CBI", "playing golf with Shabbibi at the weekends", etc...

      As for Kuwait, as Sam said, there was no "RV" and no "rate adjustment". Here's a KWD vs USD chart going back to the 80's:-

      Kuwait merely reinstated it after Saddam tried (and failed) to replace it with the IQD during his short 4-month occupation. The only rate-change was a temporary black-market spike in its value that applied only inside Kuwait (to its street value). It's international value never actually changed or lost its value despite the false sales-pitch Dinar sellers are pumping.

      Let's get one thing clear : An "RV" (beyond the buzzword most people throw around without understanding) means a "peg adjustment of a fixed exchange rate". Like China has "RV'd" the Yuan vs $. It's simply moving a peg of a fixed-rate equivalent (similar to the floating regime's "appreciation" that happens every single day in fractions). That's all it means. What happened to Kuwait was no "RV", and no-one gets rich from RV's in general just from buying banknotes because the amount you pay in buy/sell spread/commission (typically 20% or more for Dinar) far exceeds even the value of the largest RV that occurred.

  7. Oh, one more thing, do you know who owns each of the Dinar sites like Dinar Recaps etc? I know about Currency Vault and BH Group, but not the others. Also, do you have a listing of who each of the individuals are such as Okie, Med, etc? I never suspected Bond Lady to be disinformation. She seems to be very focused on dissecting articles coming out of Iraq.

    Thank you.

    1. I do have some info on dinar dealers, but I try to focus more on the people doing the pumping. See my post The Pumpers".

  8. One more question Sam, if the Dinar was going to held at such a low value, what incentive would there be for business's or investors to participate in the economic growth and rebuilding of Iraq?

    Thanks again.

    1. The exchange rate isn't relevant. South Korea's currency is worth about the same as Iraq's and their economy is doing just fine, with plenty of foreign investment. The same goes for the Japanese yen worth about a penny. The gurus have misled people about how currencies work. If the currency's value is lower then you simply adjust the prices accordingly. No big deal. The main thing Iraq is concerned about is exchange rate stability. An unstable exchange rate can run off foreign investment quicker than a low value. Watch Shabibi's videos from his trip to DC two years ago, especially 1 and 2.

    2. 3star - Just to add to what Sam said - Currency and economy are two completely different things. It's possible to have a weak currency and strong economy (China, Japan & South Korea), and it's possible to have a strong currency and weak economy (Greece, Portugal, Fiji, Bulgaria, etc).

      A currency is valued vs another based on supply (money supply) & demand (enough foreign exchange reserves to back that currency internationally). Iraq has 75 trillion (75,000 billion) Dinar in circulation and between 60-70 billion Foreign Exchange reserves to back it's international value. Do the maths : 75,000bn divided by 60-70 = 1071-1250:1. Which is why it has the sub 1000:1 exchange rate that it does.

      South Korea is fully industrialized with a GDP of $1.5tn (10x larger than Iraq's) and the South Korean Won is 1,111 vs the $ (roughly the same value as the Dinar!) This is because of their massive money supply (1,823 trillion as of Dec 2012):-

      Conversely, the Fijian $ is only 1.8:1 vs the USD (650x stronger than the Iraqi Dinar), yet has a tiny economy of just $4bn (35x smaller than Iraq) that's actually been shrinking, overspends almost 40% on Govt spending vs annual budget revenues, and has 25% of the population below the poverty line. Yet the FJD is strong vs the $ because it has a far smaller money supply where banknotes are counted in the billions (not trillions)!

      "Currency and "debt" are also not the same thing. Greece is drowning in debt yet is still 1:1.3 vs the $. Conversely, Vietnam's debt is only a fraction of its GDP yet its ultra-weak currency 20,810:1 is because they have printed QUADRILLIONS of Dong! It's that simple!

      Same with Iran : the exchange rate of oil-rich Iran is 10.5x weaker than Iraq's at 12,260:1 despite being larger, selling more oil, etc. Why? Iran's money supply is in the QUADRILLIONS of Rial (but they have only $110bn of Foreign Exchange reserves (ie, less than $1 worth of foreign reserves for every 20,000 Rial) - hence its ultra low exchange rate under 20,000:1 vs the $.

      Don't get sucked into the scammers who are picking the 10 world's weakest currencies with lots of zeroes after them, then trying to sell them on the back of a nonsensical "imminent 100,000% RV" based on "everyone except me and my secret intel buddies are too stupid to see that they're undervalued - look at their GDP's!".

      For fixed / pegged currencies, it's all down to money supply (the more you print the weaker your currency gets) vs having enough foreign exchange reserves to back it at desired value. If you have only $1 to back every 1,000 local units then your exchange rate is going to be under 1000:1 - like Iraq (for the same reason if you went to a Porsche dealer in a country with a 1000:1 exchange rate vs the $, it would still cost you $65k for a Porsche Boxster (and not $65) LOL)...

      There's a reason why the world's 10 weakest currencies are that weak in the first place - chronic / hyper inflation caused by printing massive amounts of money. Vietnam had over 700% inflation for years. And take a look at these photos of the same box of mushrooms sold in Iran taken just four days apart:-

      The price rose 26% in FOUR DAYS (ie, prices doubled every fortnight!) This is what happened to Iraq under sanctions which the real reason the Dinar fell in the first place.

    3. The exchange rate with the dollar is not an indication of the strength or weakness of a currency. Stength or weakness is defined by the movement or change in the exchange rate. If I gave you a globe and asked you to show me "west" on it, you couldn't do it. West is not a location, it's a direction. Currencies work the same way. Don't buy this garbage that the exchange is indicative of a "weak" or "strong" currency. It's pumper BS. Exchange rates are meaningless. The number of currency units in existence relative to the size of economy is far more significant. Iraq has way too many dinar in existence compared to the size of their economy to ever expect anything more than very minor increases in their exchange rate with the US dollar. Certainly nothing significant enough to overcome the huge premiums that are paid to buy dinar. It's a scam that relies on ignorance, financial desperation and the internet.

  9. The dinar fell for many reasons, sanctions after the invasion of kuwait may have been where it started. Btw Bush SR adman gave Iraq the green light to invade kuwait then double cross Saddam. Semantics Bush saying the war pay for itself,who can ever pay for all those who have died. Bush is a liar is my point. To further his lies he convinced those in service to our country to buy into what u refer to as the dinar scam. The dealer have to register with the US Treasury Department and be license to sell currency p metals. The fact remains the US,Bush admin printed the new Iraqi dinar, why. My guess is, to further suck people into his lies,make fools of the military people that believed in him when he told them about the dinar and how he arrange the special opportunity for them as a reward for serving their country. What else could it be since its a scam right. Yes that is how Bushmaster got many military reserves and career service people to buy dinar. So it is without a doubt the most unthinkable think u can do to one of our men or woman that serviced. For their sake I hope its not a scam. For u sight I think the guru r nut bags so I mostly agree. Mr.IND has all the true ids on the hack gurus

    1. The idea that the US baited Iraq into invading Kuwait is nonsense. It came from a meeting with an American diplomat who said that the US wouldn't take sides in the border dispute between Iraq and Kuwait. Iraq claimed that she was suggesting that the US wouldn't do anything if Iraq invaded, but later Tariq Aziz said that he warned Saddam that the US would respond if they did. I think it's much more likely that Saddam gambled and lost and then tried to blame it on the diplomat.

      As for Bush convincing servicemen to buy dinar, I don't see any evidence that he did that. If you're referring to EO13303 that says nothing about buying dinar and it's addressed in the indictment of Brad Huebner and Rudolph Coenen. They misprepresented what EO13303 says in order to sell dinar.

    2. Inya - "The fact remains the US,Bush admin printed the new Iraqi dinar. To further his lies he convinced those in service to our country to buy into what u refer to as the dinar scam."

      There were several reasons why the NID's (New Iraq Dinar) currency was introduced:-

      1. Political (removing Saddam's face from banknotes)

      2. Reunify and redenominate the existing two currencies to equal value ("Saddam Dinars" 1:1 and Kurdish "Swiss Dinars" 150:1). If you do not understand what happened here, read this good summary on the non-pumper-tainted history of the Dinar.

      3. Clampdown against existing counterfeiting (Saddam Dinars had almost non-existent security measures)

      Bush may have been an a**hole but he didn't "encourage" anyone to buy Dinar. Nor did anyone in government. Nor did he set up any "special arrangements" for military personnel to buy Dinar with $ (they could easily do that themselves at any market in Iraq). This is another pumper-fabricated myth. I can only assume you're referring to the deep confusion about Executive Order 13303 that has been wildly twisted out of context by pumpers.

      EO 13303 isn't about the Dinar at all but 1. Protecting the development fund for Iraq from liens inside Iraq, and 2. Providing legal protection for Americans who own oil assets inside Iraq from being seized by the Iraqi government. The primary effect of EO 13303 is the legal protection of US oil companies. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the Dinar, and neither "currency" or "Dinar" is mentioned anywhere in the full text, which you can read for yourself here:-

      Many in the military got sucked in out of both economic naivety and because so many pumpers pretended to be "veterans" (just as many pretend to be "devout Christians" when targeting religious people). Read Sam's latest post "Rudy Pleads Guilty", ie, "In the plea, Coenen admitted he was not a former Marine who served in the first Gulf War, he had not been wounded in combat and he was never awarded a Purple Heart.". That's just the tip of the iceberg as to how many pumpers openly lie about their identity & past occupations, and it's that "Trust me! I'm a serviceman/Christian/patriot", etc, by silver-tongued snakes that gets people sucked in, not the government telling people to "buy Dinar".

  10. Thank you very much for all of your posts. It is greatly appreciated.

    I have a new question and that is what about the effects of the "global reset and new banking system". If all currencies become level wouldn't that bring the value of these short currencies up to par. (be gentle - I'm not an economist and this was my first "investment")
    Hah! :(

    1. 3star - "what about the effects of the "global reset and new banking system". If all currencies become level wouldn't that bring the value of these short currencies up to par."

      No. Much of that comes from "NESARA" conspiracy theory for which there is zero proof other than circular references (pumper A quotes pumper B who quotes pumper A...)

      Second, NESARA was about 1. *redenominating* currencies to roughly the same level / scrapping national currencies and creating 6 regional ones (like the Euro), and 2. Reciprocal debt annulment of the "shadow banking system" ("off-books derivative liabilities which is what's really crippled the banks). Reciprocal debt annulment is a good idea to take out over-leveraged money, and will improve liquidity but not cure a diluted and over-printed currency like the IQD.

      The original "global reset" conspiracy was never about "RV-ing" or getting rich from currency replacement (before currency sellers invented that fantasy). You can't even "RV" a floating currency - floating currencies *appreciate*, only fixed currencies need repegging. It's also still the same junk economics to say that currencies "should" all have the same value given wildly different money supplies that are the root cause of their weakness in the first place! It's like demanding "dwarves be tall" whilst ignoring the genetic cause of dwarfism!

      To give you an example of how silly this is, let's look at the effect of "resetting" 3 currencies (South Korean Won, Iraqi Dinar & Iranian Rial) "pumper style" to match the $ 1:1 without redenominating on ordinary groceries (500g bread, 1 ltr of milk & 1kg of apples):-

      Current local prices:-

      Iraq : 1,175D bread / 1,625D milk / 2,322D apples

      South Korea : 2,000W bread / 2,000W milk / 3,135W apples

      Iran : 6,142R bread / 12,285R milk / 20,000R apples

      If you "globally reset" pumper-style without redenominating, you're saying all currencies should be 1:1 vs the $ nothing else changes, which would result in absurd international prices of:-

      Iraq : $1,175 bread / $1,625 milk / $2,322 apples

      South Korea : $2,000 bread / $2,000 milk / $3,135 apples

      Iran : $6,142 bread / $12,285 milk / $20,000 apples

      See the obvious problem? Who's going to buy apples for $20,000 or bread for $2,000 due to a fake "reset" which arbitrarily declares some currencies are "worth" 20,000x more than they actually are given their huge money supplies?

      The only way it would work is the only way it does work - redenominating / lopping. You lop 3 zeroes off the Dinar & Won and 4 zeroes off the Rial. Old currency is then exchanged new:old at rates of 1:1000 Dinar/Won and 1:10000 Rial), resulting in the following new exchange rates:-

      Dinar : 1.165:1 vs $
      Won : 1.107:1 vs $
      Rial : 1.228:1 vs $

      With following newly sane redenominated prices of:-

      Iraqi Dinar : 1.17D bread / 1.62D milk / 2.32D apples

      South Korea : 2.00W bread / 2.00W milk / 3.13W apples

      Iran : 0.61R bread / 1.23R milk / 2.00R apples

      Redenominating / lop is the only way it can work. That's why the whole process was invented in the first place. The only thing a "global reset" will do (the way "Go RV!" pumpers are pumping it) is turn every weak currency into a junk currency overnight where the price of a box of apples in Iran ends up more than a small car in the USA...

      And the only thing a 1,000x "RV" will do in Iraq is drive up the cost of exporting goods 1,000x fold and create an absurd 1,000x split between Iraq's prices and everyone else's. Read this excellent post for more examples.

    2. Brian I want to thank you for all of your post on this topic. If only the sheep would read logical common sense factual post like yours instead of listening to not-so-Breitling audios while browsing the rumors sections of the forums then the hype and pumper scams would have no chance of success. Unfortunately people only want to be told what they want to be true no matter how completely ludicrous the ignorance they are being fed is. The whole "Global Reset" con is a perfect example. Pumpers will come up with any lie they can to keep their bosses in the dinar selling business. Its unreal how economic principles suddenly become irrelevant to the "RV" believers.

      Thanks Sam for outing another douche. These guys never cease to amaze me. What amazes me even more is the thousands of people who believe these clowns.

      Great discussion on this one.

    3. Thanks Dinark443. And thanks also to Sam for allowing a great discussion which would have been long deleted on censorship-heavy "RV" sites.

      "Unfortunately people only want to be told what they want to be true no matter how completely ludicrous the ignorance they are being fed is."

      What you said is exactly true. The Dinar "RV" and related stuff has long stopped being about economics or being able to do the maths. It's 100% down to the psychology of "expectation addiction" to the point where some people develop a really unhealthy obsession with "chasing intel" where it takes over their lives, ends up with marriage breakups, depression, etc, all from changing $1,000 into Dinar and back again on the back of stories told by strangers on the Internet who can't even be honest about their own names or occupations and have never got one single prediction right... Absolutely crazy.

      As for Breitling, there's a very good reason why his website says "This website is for entertainment purposes only" on the footer of every page ;-)

  11. When something is presented as too good to be true. Surprise, it is. Just saying.

  12. I still and will back up what I have always said. Read article 36-40 in the CBI law and look at the statistics. You would have to be brain dead to think you will profit unless you're a dealer. 20% on the front end and 20% on the sell back. Show me a 40% break even change in a currency rate....EVER!

  13. 3star...really? Get off the Nesara and white hat sites. Please for your own sanity. Just saying. Did you not learn anything from this thread? It's about GDP vs.liability, reserves, and currency in circulation. It really is that simple.

  14. Give me a break Chuckles. I am respectfully seeking information and in order to make an informed decision (albeit a little late in this case) I generally keep my mind open and do my research, engaging multiple opinions and observations from both sides of any issue. Obviously, had I come across this site in 2009 (which wasn't available) I would have made a wiser choice.

    You however are locked into one way of thinking and perhaps it would behoove you to open your mind and engage multiple potentials. Our world is changing quite quickly now so I would suggest that you stop insulting people and engage in the idea that you don't know everything either. You can continue to stay asleep or you can open both eyes and see that much of the old paradigm is breaking down. I do not predict the future based on the past M.O. because I can clearly see we are in an unprecedented time right now on Planet E, with some very significant information and changes coming about.

    Let's just say I don't get my info from Nesara nor from White Hats sites. Yet, it's obvious you only get your information from the spoon fed lies that Fox News and CNN dish out on their scripted news casts. I may not know currencies, and maybe made a premature decision on a trusted friends word on the dinar, but at least I'm willing to consider something beyond the nose on my face. Grow up and engage in an adult intelligent conversation, or go home.

    With that said, Blessings dear one, and Thank you Sam and Brian for your very informative answers to my questions. I appreciate it very much.

  15. There is absolutely no evidence or proof that a "global reset" is being contemplated. It's the calling card of the chicken little crowd that want you to believe these are unprecented economic times. They are not. But they make a lot money if you believe it. They sell you expensive trusts, exotic currencies, freeze dried food and religious fervor. Every generation has its fair share of chicken littles. Perhaps the white hat and dragon society crowd is the current incarnation. I don't know. But don't buy that garbage.

  16. I have been tracking the dinar for 9 years. After 3 years, I realized the dinar was a dead issue. No one wanted to listen when I said the NID would never increase in value creating a globe full of millionaires. I referred to it being the mythical RV and got booted off sites....This dinar game is totally laughable.


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