Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I've been hearing a lot about this new guru Stryker recently, so I decided that I would watch some of his videos and see what he's all about.  Well so far I'm underwhelmed.  Talk about scatterbrained!  The guy can't seem to finish a sentence and spends half his time looking for a document he wants to reference, reading emails, or tweaking his audio settings.  I think Stryker really needs to get focused and concentrate.

Stryker seems to have trouble reading and doesn't really seem to understand most of what he's talking about.  I had a hard time following him but I think the gist of what he's saying is that Iraq is gonna RV but he doesn't give rates and dates.  One thing he did make clear is that Dinar Corp is a sponsor of his presentations.  Like Breitling and Adam Montana he claims to be an entrepreuner but unlike those two he tells you who he is.  His name is Steve Sanderson from Plano, Texas

Among the things I've heard him say so far:
  • Shabibi said that the dinar would be the most valuable currency in the world.  (Link please?  I believe what he said is that it would be the strongest in the region, meaning it's backed 100% by their foreign currency reserves.)
  • The dinar is currenlty on a crawling peg.  (According to the IMF it was only a crawling peg from 11/1/2006 - 1/1/2009 and is now fixed as per the CBI's stabilization policy.)
  • There are too many articles about low liquidity of the dinar to believe the CBI's financial statement.  (So we should trust yet another guru offering his views on how to interpret Iraqi news articles translated from Arabic rather than the official numbers from the CBI .... GOT IT!)
  • This investment is soooo confusing ... we need him to explain it to us.  (Actually it's only confusing if you believe in the big RV myth, because you have to go through a series of mental contortions and gymnastics to explain how this once in a lifetime event is even possible.  If you believe that the CBI's plan is a redenomination it's pretty simple.  Too many dinar in circulation and too many zeros on the currency.  They need to reduce the money supply from trillions to billions.  You can't do that without raising the value by about 100,000%, and raising the value of the IQD that much would prove disastrous so the only solution is a lop.  Swap out the old for the new at a higher value.  Problem solved!)
To his credit Stryker seems to have figured out a way to draw in thousands of people with his almost daily WebTV broadcasts.  Like Breitling, what he lacks in eloquence and coherence he makes up for in marketing savvy.  Also like Breitling, he isn't beyond mixing it up with his detractors.
Steve "Stryker" Sanderson
In one video he took a shot at keepmwlknfny from Dinar Vets whom I interviewed a while back.  I think keepmwlknfny is one of the most level headed dinar investors I've ever come across, but Stryker doesn't like him because he called Stryker a guru and brushed off his excitement over some laws being passed in Iraq that were supposed to prove that an RV is coming.  High Five, keepmwlknfny!

In another video he offered to debate any lopper that accepts his challenge.  I relayed that info to a few people so hopefully we'll have a public debate on the issue soon. 

In his April 7 video he's promoting yet another money making scheme - a MLM energy business called Ambit.  This leads me to conclude that he's probably just another guy jumping on the dinar guru bandwagon, presenting himself as an authority so that he can make a few bucks off of dinar investors.  I've mentioned before that the worlds of MLM, penny stocks, and currency speculation are crawling with scammers.   Stryker might be an exception to that but from what I've seen so far it doesn't look good.

4/13/13 ...  UPDATE!!! ... Stryker responds to my comments.   He says he has difficulty reading because of dyslexia and that I shouldn't make fun of him.  Actually I wasn't making fun.  I was just making an observation, that he seems to have trouble reading which he just confirmed.  I did poke fun at him for rambling and tweaking his audio and looking for documents during his broadcasts but that has nothing to do with dyslexia.  I also said that he doesn't seem to understand what he's talking about, and I stand by that statement based on his comments listed above.  He also seems to think that the CBI's currency reform plan isn't a redenomination when we have a federal document stating that it is. 

http://www.realscam.com/attachments/f12/1576d1348185792-bayshore-capital-investments-bh-group-bhgroup_indictment.pdf (page 3, points 7 & 8)

By the way, it's difficult to find anything negative about Ambit because apparently their marketing strategy is to have their associates flood the search engines with wonderful things to say about the company and push the complaints to the rear.  But here they are.




  1. Sounds like a douchebag in training to me. In short order it becomes obvious that clowns like Okie, TerryK and Blaino are frauds so the dinar sellers and pumpers role out new "gurus" like Stryker to keep the fresh meat excited about their "investment". They present a new clown as some sort of expert so this fraud has an appearance of legitimacy. This guy may or may not be a willing accomplice in the fraud. At the end of the day, I doubt he cares. As long as Dinar Corp keeps cutting that check for promotion or marketing, he'll keep spouting the BS they want to hear. When it becomes obvious that he is a fraud, they'll move on to some new "expert" and he'll crawl back into his hole.

  2. Great post on Stryker Sam. Stryker has been a member and folloer on DV for a number of years, and have gone my rounds with him on various posts on DV over the years. Anytime I attempted to offer a little sanity to some of the posts and discussions there he would always come on the attack and say and do whatever it was he could to instigate something that may have me end up banned or in the lopster tank. This is how he operates, and extremely narrow minded with the extreme blinders on.

    I always thought he was either in on whatever game James was playing with his site, or he had his own motives in mind.. I think those thoughts were clearly justified.

    1. Thanks Jay. After reading your response to Kap on the lop I would love to see you take Stryker up on his challenge.

    2. Clearly a douche. He does the Glenn Beck glasses on and off thingy as he rambles on, and says absolutely nothing. Trust me Stryker you turn me off (but I do like train wrecks so I let the video run). Anyone that still holds on to this will lose money!!!!! ..and anyone pumping it will end up in jail. Think about it. Is it worth it you misguided pumpers to lose access to hold your grand kids? THIS IS NOT AN INVESTMENT, you are doing their dirty work. GET OVER IT! Kiss the kids goodbye.

    3. My mom helped to build his site, and was a major contributor to the site..this man promised to pay her, when she asked for payment (months after doing the work), he said his family was more important than paying her for her hundreds of hours of work. He then offered to pay her fee to join this Ambit company, stating that he didn't want to get involved, but would sign her up under his brother..then, he rescinded that offer too.

      Then, get this, on his web broadcasts he says that we needed transparency, and we're all here to help each other, and during this same webcast he thanked Kaperoni and Dinar Alert for their opinions which were posted at his (Stryker's) forum, and how important it is to thank others that contribute from other sites...then he sent my an email, bashing her, because she posted an opinion from Kaperoni, who, btw, is a member of Stryker's forum, and used her post thanking Kap for his opinion (which she posted in a thread) as validation to ban her from the site (which she help build)...this was just a couple days after he said we needed to be a sharing, contributing dinar community that gave credit where credit is due. All this says to me is that he has to be the all powerful and knowing in his forum kingdom and no one is allowed to question his opinion or authority, regardless of what he says. Power-monger, loser.

      This man's ego and greed (we are how we act, not what we say) over-rides his "I just want to help" statements and attitudes. He's a liar, a crook and an egomaniac. Also, his information is at best, sub-par. He doesn't do enough research to be of any value in the community. I know, because I listen to his webcasts, and my mom knows more than this idiot does. I think he does the webcasts because he loves to listen to his own voice and play with his baby-man toys on the site. What a douche-bag.

    4. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing, Alexandra. You made my day!

  3. Well done Sam. Stryker is a dinar pumper plain and simple. He tries to hide that fact by pretending to be an article analyst however his conclusions of the articles meanings give away his ageanda. Everything in every article means RV to him. He spins every word from Iraq to justify the impossible.

    As far as him debating a "lobster"............it will never happen. I called him out many times from the lop tank. He is a coward just like all low life hype creaters.

    Speaking of low life hype creaters.........take a look at SWFG next. He is a real piece of work who attempts to disguise his pump as well. He goes by South West Florida Guy or SWFG for short.


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