Sunday, July 6, 2014

Adam Montana's Take on the Crisis in Iraq

Recently "Adam Montana" sought to console his troubled minions with a word of encouragement about their "investment".  Below you will find a few of his comments followed by my commentary in bold.


Good morning everyone!
25th of June, 2014 - the situation in Iraq isn't one of peace
and tranquility just yet, but I get the feeling things are coming
to a head and it's not turning out that bad. Quite frankly, I feel
that if things were to take a drastic turn for the worst we would
be seeing it by now.
Not turning out that bad?  Excuse me??!!?  Their second largest city has been taken over by a terrorist group called ISIS that also stole millions from the bank there to further fund their organization.  So many Iraqi troops deserted that Maliki had to call on Iraqi citizens to join the fight.  Take a look at this map and tell me things aren't that bad.  About 1/3 of the country has been overrun by these militants.  

So here's the current scoop. ISIL is holding on and making waves
still, but it's starting to look like they are stretching themselves
thin and that's never a good thing for an attacking party. Jordan
is aligning forces with Iraq, and it makes sense for them to do so
because if they allow Iraq to fall victim to these attacks, they are
not too far from suffering the same fate. Other countries (such as
the US) are being slow to join, but it's getting apparent that Iraq
will get some help sooner or later, and likely before anything can
happen that would destroy Iraq's recent progress.
I got news for you, pal.  Iraq's progress has already been destroyed.  Ten years' worth of political progress establishing a democratic presence in the region is virtually dead in the water.  Listen to these quotes from Kurdish president Barzani. 
“Iraq is obviously falling apart"
“The time is here for the Kurdistan people to determine their future and the decision of the people is what we are going to uphold.”
“Now we are living [in] a new Iraq, which is different completely from the Iraq that we always knew, the Iraq that we lived in ten days or two weeks ago.”
“After the recent events in Iraq, it has been proved that the Kurdish people should seize the opportunity now – the Kurdistan people should now determine their future.”

These are not the words of a man who thinks that this is just a temporary setback for the new Iraq and the GOI.  These are the words of a man who sees that Kurdistan has been a good sport and given the new Iraq a chance, and now sees that it has failed and the time has come for Kurdish independence.   Have a listen to this discussion on NPR with four experts on the region.

You would think that with all this madness and chaos and "OMG the
sky is falling!" going on over there, the currency would be plummeting
back to the 4000:1 rate it was at a decade ago… but that's not the case.
In fact, the stability was only in question for less than a week, when the
dinar "wobbled".

The IQD was never valued at 4000:1.  That was the street value of the old Saddam dinar.  The IQD has never been valued at more than about 1500:1

Turki / Central Bank states that despite the current events, the dinar is
and will remain stable. Not only that, they have the ability to maintain
any rate without a roof. (That says "float" to me!)

Surely you jest, Wolfy.  The IQD would plummet if it were allowed to freely float.  A country facing the possibility of secession and war with such deep sectarian division doesn't exactly inspire a lot of international confidence.  And the current exchange regime that the dinar is on is a managed float, which means that they manage it in order to maintain exchange rate stability.  How does one profit from a policy like that?
(Yes, all this in spite of the "doom and gloom" the lame-stream media
would have you believe!)

Yeah, right!  This is all just misinformation from the media who is owned by the cabal.  Unfortunately the gullible are likely to lap this up and hold onto their dinar, but thankfully many are wising up and moving on.

People like Adam Montana will never come out publicly as negative on the dinar "investment" for one simple reason.  They need people to believe in order to keep their revenue stream going.  Take if from me, there's not much money in telling people the truth about the dinar.




  1. Montana is always good for a laugh. I read his musings last week and just shook my head. But, if you think about it, what would you really expect? The guy makes a living by falsely promoting the dinar. His whole livelihood depends on people believing a massive revaluation of the dinar is going to happen. He simply can't come out and tell people it was a scam, no matter how obvious it now is. Even if his subscribers stop believing it, he has to continue the charade so they think he still believes it. I'm sure one of his worries is how to avoid legal liability if any of his subscribers believe he misled them. If he appears to be a true believer in the revaluation, he just might do it. From a legal perspective, it's not a lie unless you KNOW it's a lie. Based on his postings, it will be hard to prove that he KNEW he was lying. Personally, I don't believe it for a second. Montana is not that big of an idiot. But my personal belief or opinion doesn't constitute legal proof. Fortunately, I wasn't foolish enough to pay the guy for his "top secret" banking and wealth management contacts.

    1. I see a small shift from "the RV is coming" to "the IQD will rise in value, no one knows". Yet those that have morphed their view to this do not admit that the whole RV thing was a scam, just that things didn't turn out that way. e.g. Of course the whole "no one knows" theme is a staple of the Dinarland diet designed to prevent actual thought.

    2. The guru's really are spinning themselves into meltdown now. As networth said though, they simply can't turn round and tell everyone it was all a big lie, so they have to continue to use The Big Lie Technique themselves to keep that pumper revenue coming in. If 1/3rds of Iraq got nuked tomorrow and another 1/3rd died of Ebola & Bubonic Plague, they'd still be twisting it to mean "good news!"...

      One thing I partly disagree with networth on is the legal issue though. IANAL, and I think he probably could get away with the amateurish low-level pumping on DinarVets, but the VIP services (selling non-existent services) + selling his book that contains outright deliberate fabrications / contortions ("The IMF can force Iraq's currency to any value whether Iraq likes it or not" (wrong), "oil will back the Dinar" (wrong), etc) + deception of credentials is another story. An "I'm not lying, just naive" based legal defense ends when it can be proven that he starts deliberately deceiving people with fake credentials ("Adam Montana" (James Wolf), "I have a Harvard degree", "I took the series 65 exam"), as that's a tactic admission of guilt, ie, by hiding his real name and inventing fake economic credentials, he's showing deliberate intent of deception plus an awareness of trying to hide it.

      Same with EO13303, Chapter 7, etc, which the BH Group were successfully prosecuted on for "material false misrepresentations" as to twisting around what they mean re: the non-RV (redenomination). I just read through his book ("Iraqi Dinar: Real RV Intel by Adam Montana") and it is FAR from water-tight even to a non-lawyer. Likewise, in his EBook he wrote : "My agenda is education, not promotion of sales", yet the giant "", "Sterling Currency Group" adverts on his site openly contradict that, as adverts are precisely the "promotion of sales" - so that's another 100% provable lie - he does indeed profit from what he pumps in a very clear & direct way.

      I think he's actually on very flaky ground indeed. Even if he doesn't face criminal charges, a private prosecution / civil recompense case in this case may stand a good chance of forcing him to refund bogus VIP services simply because those "services" he's promising simply aren't / can never be real (ie, breach of / voided contract to which civil restitution may be entitled) nor can he put a valid date / expiration on providing them, and nor is he likely licensed to sell future's financial contracts & support services, and nor is any "contract" or "agreement" to not sue him likely to be treated as valid (just as many EULA's (End User License Agreement) have been declared null / void in various courtrooms before, so all of DinarVets stock "disclaimers" & "Terms of Service" may have a lot less legal merit than he would like to believe.

      I think he's one of those semi-intelligent guru's who half understands the law, and has gotten away with it so long, he believes he's more untouchable than he actually is based on nothing but very flimsy "this isn't really investment advice" disclaimers, and if a group of disgruntled users did get together and launch a civil private lawsuit, I think he'd be in the sh*t as being "naive" isn't anywhere near enough a defence for fraud given some of what he's pumped. The only real reason he's gone on this long is his subscribers are dumb enough to not attempt to get their money back / understand they've been scammed or are too embarrassed / prideful to admit it (or the cost isn't deemed to be worth it), not that they've tried & failed.

    3. I certainly hope you're right. I hope a disgruntled VIP member feels sufficiently damaged to pursue a civil case against him. If it happens, I'm all for it. Despite his blatant lies and deception, I fear his victims may be too embarrassed or feel insufficiently damaged to front the costs and expenses associated with bringing a complaint. And, quite frankly, I really don't have much sympathy for the fools that fell for it. However, I would like to see the scam die and a criminal or civil complaint would certainly be one of the more effective ways to kill it. Rolling up one scam artist for deceptive and misleading marketing and outright lies would likely send most of the others scurrying to their dark corners. But, then again, knowing the mentality of many of the knuckleheads caught in this scam, they would simply view it as another "sign" of the impending RV and get excited. LOL!

    4. Just for the record, my research shows that "Adam" never even graduated from high school, let alone an Ivy League institution like Harvard, but I have no way of knowing whether or not he ever passed the series 65 exam. We can only assume based on previous fabrications.

    5. Well Sam Im going to make an educated guess that the closest anything Wolf has come to 65 is the speed limit. Im sure he never took the exam.

  2. Lol all you have to read is the first sentence in his disclaimer

    Disclaimer: The information and content provided above is the opinion of Adam Montana, and is being provided for entertainment purposes only.

    And yet the morons in DV still treat him like a god and buy into his nonsense. There's no helping people like easyrider or ladygracesdaddy because they live in another universe where everything is a conspiracy. Love reading their arrogance. They don't realize how little they actually know or understand.

  3. I was bored out of my mind so I ventured over to dinarreCRAPS when I came across this WTF??!!! moment. LMAO... "The Ambassador" more Dave ScHmIdT (ironically how when you capitalize every other letter of Dave's last name starting with the S it spells S H I T)

    Dave Schmidt: Tonight an "Interview with the Ambassador of the Dragon Family"

  4. LadyGracesDaddy still thinks there is such thing as "RVs". Hahahaha

    "People I've been saying for some time, there are forces at work here none of us

    will ever understand. Maliki isn't going anywhere, and the Kurds aren't going to

    create a Kurdish state. ISIS will vanish overnight, and indeed already seems to be. 

    Then SUDDENLY everything will miraculously be done and under the chaotic fog

    of so much B.S. the RV. And that prediction you can take to the bank."

    Read more:

    How sad.

    At the same time Dontlop is on a pointless post rampage. The guy simply will not shut up. Pointless ignorance non stop. His agenda is obvious to everyone other than Adams brainwashed minions.

    1. Laxative is a bitch when you it results in a bad case of collective diarrhea of the mouth.

  5. I was just our looking at a few dinar sites just to see what was going on and found on Mr. IQD's site that he is claiming proof of a Kuwait RV. He claims that is it from an article in the New York Times published March 25, 1991. Here is what he claims proves the RV: All other old dinars can be exchanged for new ones on a one-to-one rate until May 7, when the old dinars become invalid. The new official exchange rate is 3.47 American dollars for one new Kuwaiti dinar. Here is what he says: Now you can know with CERTAINTY that Kuwait did in fact “RV” their Currency for 3.47 KWD to $1.00 USD – and friends I’ve been searching for this fact based article for years, and poof, out of the blue, “MyDigitalDr” on LJ’s Board found it and posted it. I think he is confused and wanted to throw it out here for review

    1. IMO Mr IQD is a good guy. He's been debunking dinar gurus almost as long as I have. Obviously we disagree on the potential for owning dinar, but I'm not going to criticize him.

    2. He seems a little confused. Kuwait didn't "RV" at all:-

      Annual KWD vs USD value (in fils, ie, "Kuwaiti cents"):-

      1986 - 290.53
      1987 - 278.86
      1988 - 278.94
      1989 - 293.74
      1990 - 291.24 <- Iraq invaded Kuwait. S3 KWD "replaced" with IQD
      1991 - 289.19 <- Kuwait liberated. S3 KWD replaced with S4 KWD
      1992 - 293.30
      1993 - 301.32
      1994 - 297.62 <- S5 KWD introduced
      1995 - 298.46 <- S4 KWD demonetized
      1996 - 299.42
      1997 - 303.36
      1998 - 304.79
      1999 - 304.38
      2000 - 306.79
      2001 - 306.54
      2002 - 303.97
      2003 - 298.07
      2004 - 294.07
      2005 - 292.00
      2006 - 290.20
      2007 - 284.28
      2008 - 268.54
      2009 - 287.72
      2010 - 286.64
      2011 - 276.01
      2012 - 279.91

      1000 divided by 291 (in 1990) = 3.43. 1000 divided by 289 (1991) = 3.46. The tiny difference between them is due to normal currency fluctuations vs the USD as seen above, and that 1% difference is the only change vs the USD that took place.

      The "new" rate may have been $3.47 per KWD but the "old" rate wasn't the inverse ($0.288) or $1.00, it was $3.43. "Exchanged one for one" means you hand in one old KWD and got 1x new KWD of same value, not you hand in $1 worth of KWD and get 1 KWD worth $3.47. LOL.

      All Kuwait did was demonetize old Series 3 design Kuwaiti notes and reintroduce new Series 4 designs 1:1 (just like the Saddam -> IQD changeover in 2003-2004). It's not even a redenomination, just a simple face-note design replacement. Kuwait did exactly the same thing in 1994 with Series 5 vs Series 4 which also wasn't an "RV" and the value went fluctuation vs the USD went from $3.36 to the same $3.35...

  6. I was not asking you to criticize him, I was asking because now I have people telling me who believe in the dinar that it is true and I really don't know how to answer them. I thought that I could at least get an idea of what to tell them

    1. Fair enough. Just use what Brian posted. He's as good as they come at this.

  7. Rob....
    Ask Mr IQD or anyone for that matter...
    How many Kuwait dinar did Kuwait RV? How many dinar did the Central Bank of Kuwait, or any Kuwait bank, how many dinar did they issue at a rate less than the $3.40 something rate?
    The answer to that question is ZERO. They started with a certain amount of dinar at $3.40, Saddam invaded. The Cental Bank and all banks shut down operations during that time. Saddam was quickly kicked out and the banks reopened and Kuwait had the same exact amount of dinar with the same exact exchange rate. I don't see any RV in that.
    Then remind them that Iraq has issued 80 Trillion dinar at a rate of $.00086 or worse over the last 30 years.
    How those two situation are looked as even remotely similar is befuddling.

    What they are claiming is a RV is Kuwait is nothing more than if all banks in the US shut down for a month or so, and you got scared a decided to sell me all your dollars in you pocket for a lesser rate, then the banks re-open and I get the full rate again.

  8. Thank you very much Brian, and DavdD. What both of you has said has helped me very much. Also Thanks again Sam for everything that you helped me with as well

  9. I don't know why Mr. IQD would post that out there without researching it a bit further. To me that is a "guru-like" move. But let's get it clear when I say "guru-like". I'm not saying he's a guru but I do expect better from him because he knows very well that this "Kuwait RV" topic has been beaten to death and debunked many times over. He might as well go back to the "$3.22 pre-war rate" argument which has been debunked an umpf number of times. It appears to me that desperation is beginning to rear it's ugly head these days by those who are on the fence. Hopefully they all will wake up sometime soon.

  10. Well... one thing Mr. IQD seems to have in common with the gurus. He doesn't like comments that disagree with him. I wrote a reply to his Kuwait RV post 3 or 4 days ago and it is still awaiting moderation.


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