Monday, July 14, 2014

Guru Updates

Just thought it would be fun to let everybody who is still paying attention to dinar events know what the gurus are saying, now that Iraq is in such dire straits.


7-7-2014   Kaperoni    Article: "Political blocs warns of blocking the formation of the government for "a long time" because of the insistence of Maliki confirms: Star is not the most likely candidate" Maliki has set the stage...stating he will not give up the right to a 3rd term which is really saying.."I am not leaving no matter what" unless toes up. The reality is everyone...nobody wants to admit it, but this is a real bad situation...not only for Iraq but for us as investors...when these types of events happen (terrorists taking over a province) or Maliki (refusing to leave)...the end result is not only an escalation in violence but the destruction of years of hard work rebuilding the infrastructure.  The [longer] this continues the more damage is done. And this is a setback. In reality, If Maliki squats, and the violence escalates we could be looking at a year or more to restore what had been accomplished prior. I wish there was better news..but this is not good news and we all need to be aware and should watch it closely as it is significant to our investment. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best!
Some of my readers get mad at me because I don't come down on Kap any more than I do, but this is a good example of why.  Although we obviously disagree on the potential of the dinar as an investment, I will at least give honour where honour is due.  Kap is one of the very few gurus willing to point out the risk and obvious negative circumstances investors face.


This guy hasn't been right about anything in the three yeas I've been blogging, but he might get this one right.  Nothing in Iraq is ever done in a timely fashion.  As for the swift movement, maybe if we send them a shipment of prune juice.

7-6-2014  wmawhite   It appears to only support Maliki has is within the SoL...the rest of the NA don't want him, the Sunnis don't want him, the Kurds don't want him...and he bought a $3 million home for his family within the last 3 weeks in Qatar...maybe he knows.

Funny how nobody wants Maliki but they can't seem to get rid of the guy.  People have been saying that Maliki is history for as long as I've known about Maliki, and he's still there.  Don't hold your breath waiting for his exit.

7-6-2014 Tlar    There is a lot of confusion going on now with some articles offering hope then other articles saying there are disputes within the coalition and even more saying they won't be ready. I feel very comfortable that this is the finest snow job I have ever been witness to. The intention of which is to keep the SOL and Maliki in the dark. IMO they are ready this time just as Allawi stated a couple of days ago. With all the confusion being spread, the SOL has no clue how to react or plan. That's exactly the way it is supposed to be IMO. Keep them guessing and then lower the "boom". Walk in and vote them into oblivion and quickly leave. We will just have to see on Tuesday whether what have been witnessing in the press is just smoke.

As I pointed out recently tlar is way out there in lala land.  As we now see the press is far more reliable than gurus like tlar.

7-6-2014 Hub   ... have three close very close people that know more than we do...real...time business currency business info and they were in on the kuwait rv and they know the talk and talk the walk...the real information is the dinar has been revalued.   two major contacts, yes. ...some of my people are all oil people in iraq, iran, kuwait, saudi, and the other mid east oil people...these people are a special contact which is a currency broker, made a killing on the revaluation of the kuwait dinar  ..... the dinar has had a value for 200 years and will retain the 1955 it was $2.55 and in 1990 it was $3.22. ...the main outlook is the dinar will has too to maintain the history...and so we are waiting for it to happen. i dont know what it will revalue at...

A common flaw in the thinking of dinar investors and gurus is that a currency has a natural value that it gravitates toward, kind of like with gasses such as helium rising above oxygen, or chlorine settling below oxygen.  But currencies don't have a "natural" value.  They have a value that is determined by the unique history, money supply, and GDP of the country that they represent.  China has a huge economy but their currency is valued at around 16 cents, yet smaller countries like Bahrain with a GDP of only about $25 billion have a currency worth about $2.50.  Nothing causes depreciation of a currency more than war, and countries like Germany, Japan, Vietnam, and Iraq have currencies that depreciated in value because of war.  Germany redenominated to bring their value back, but Japan and Vietnam left their currency valued very low and just went on with life.  If Iraq decided to bing their currency's value back to where it was over 30 years ago then they will do it just like Germany did, with a redenomination or "lop". 


7-6-2014   Chattel  -  The Kurds had announced in advance their intention to leave after being sworn in if there was no declaration of the PM nominee in advance...there is a procedural "game" being played out between the SLC and the National Alliance and the anti - Maliki forces are watching it closely. BUT, who can know what is "in play", Kurdish independence, oil sales, or does any of this have any effect upon our liquidity event? there is no "RV manual", this is all " unploughed " ground.

Unploughed [sic] ground?  I thought Kuwait RV'd?  I thought Germany RV'd?  I thought Iraq was going to create millionaires just like those two did?  LOL!!!  Chattels is right, an RV that creates millionaires has never occurred, and for one simple reason - it doesn't make sense.  Why would a country want their currency to go up substantially in value thereby making it more expensive for other countries to do business with them?

But all of this was topped off by Breitling's rambling geopolitical history lecture where he claimed that Hitler devalued the deutsche mark, that Donald Rumsfeld said that the US sold Saddam WMD, that the US put Saddam in charge as a buffer against Iran, and that Tulsa brings in more money than LA.  A few minutes with Google will reveal that Hitler died three years before the introduction if the deutsche mark, that Donald Rumsfeld never said anything remotely like "we sold WMD to Iraq", that Saddam came up through the ranks of the Baath party in Iraq and was in fact the leader of Iraq before our ally the Shah was deposed in Iran, and that LA's GDP is roughly $750 billion while Tulsa's is roughly $50 billion.  (LA's population is roughly 10 times that of Tulsa, so even going by GDP per capita the numbers don't favour Tulsa.) 

What better reminder does one need of the folly of following gurus?


  1. Kraper-pony deserves no such honors in my opinion Sam. He is a blatant filthy dinar pumping low life who only deserves jail time. His little "I'm concerned" act doesn't pass the smell test with me. However I'm sure all of his victims are completely convinced. Mark my words. He will be back to fabricating sweet sounding economic fantasies soon enough.

    1. That's exactly right in my view Dinarck. It's the possum game Kraperoni and other gurus play every so often to appear humble and deserving of kudos which clearly they are NOT. The monotony must be broken up with such behavior to viewed as genuinely honest so that the sheeple keep the parade going while the charades continue which ultimately squashes any manifesting doubt of the RV thereby propagating & perpetuating the get rich quick dream. BUY MORE DINAR!!! as the message goes.

    2. I don't think Kap deserves any slack either. He has forever misinformed the masses about the meaning of delete 3 zeros. He’s also pushing this nonsense about Iraq floating the dinar. He is a massive misinformer/misleader.
      It should also be noted that Kap was presented with the facts a number of times that showed he was misleading people and he simply refused to acknowledge those fact. He simply stays on message and keeps spouting lies and deception. He is a scammer who knows he's wrong but he doesn’t care.

    3. You have to buy IQD at 15-20% over the official exchange rate. The maximum it can possibly go up, even if really bizarre decisions are made in Iraq is 15%. So there is simply no way to make money here and plenty of ways to lose it. Anyone who is pushing the IQD as even a lottery ticket type investment, deserves no mercy in my view. All the rest of how much they make up or how truthful they are about the current agonies in Iraq etc are all secondary to that key point in my view.

    4. I'm just trying to be fair. I've awarded Kap a Douchie or two when I felt that he was out of line, but I've never lumped him together with the likes of Okie, Wolfy, Tony .... etc. for a couple of reasons. First, he doesn't set rates and dates. Second, he doesn't have a dinar dealer sponsoring him and from what I can tell doesn't have any big cash cow with his website. I could be wrong, but I think he's just a misguided guru.

    5. From what I recall Kraperoni and Steve Enorrste were the .10 rate ponies. So a douche, is a douche, is a douche.

  2. All I can say Sam is that it is now July 15 and we are more than halfway through 2014, which meeeeeaannnssss SAM!! your prediction of Maliki remaining in power is more than 50% fulfilled. LOL!!!

    Unfortunately, on a sad note I don't believe any of us wanted Iraqis to be going through any of the suffering they are going thru now especially since they've suffered for several decades already.

    1. I didn't predict that he would remain in power. I just said that the gurus have been saying for years that he was toast but he's still there and may very well remain.

  3. It used to be a lot of fun ridiculing and mocking the dinar clowns. Their prognostications and predictions were so ridiculous and absurd that I figured there was no way people would believe them for very long. Simple mathematics and endless failed predictions would expose them as pure frauds. They'd be run out of town embarrassed and humiliated. Yet here we are. Many years later and, by all accounts, many of them still have a sizable following of people that hang on every word. It is somewhat disheartening and frustrating to realize that people are so utterly foolish and gullible. In the face of complete chaos, tumult, violence and corruption in Iraq how can anybody still be convinced that the dinar is about to massively revalue? It defies all logic. Even if you have no math skills and little common sense wouldn't it still be obvious? Apparently not. It just goes to show you how powerful greed is even in otherwise intelligent people. It can suspend and suppress all critical thinking and logic. It's very unsettling to contemplate the possible consequences. Although it does help explain how we increasingly end up with completely inept, incompetent, and incapable political leaders. Clearly, they've learned that appealing to powerful emotions is far more effective to winning elections than appealing to logic.

  4. The ever creative Adam Montana has found a new way to keep the sheep paying for VIP subscriptions.

    "Sometime later this week I’ll be releasing my findings, my recommendations, and possibly even a service on getting a 2nd
    passport. We will have a brand new VIP section here dedicated to discussing the matter… I am not shy about telling you that what
    I’m going to share has taken me the better part of about 5 years of work and many trips out of the country, and I am VERY excited
    to get that launched!"

    Read more:

    1. LOL! Does Montana think he's discovered a new ploy? People have been getting second passports for decades. It certainly doesn't take 5 years of research and thousands of VIP membership dollars to figure it out. For wealthy people and dual citizens it's as common as tying your shoes. There are dozens of free resources to explain how and when to do it. Even if you believe the dinar RV is not a scam, why would you pay a VIP membership for this? Wait for the dinar to RV and pay an attorney a couple hundred bucks to walk you through the process. There is no time frame. It's not top secret. Many countries (particularly in the Caribbean and Central America) are happy to grant you citizenship if you have a few million dollars to invest or move to their country. Why pay several hundred dollars in a VIP membership just to get the information? The information is widely available and you'll still have to pay an attorney to walk you through the process! You're paying for information you can get for free and don't even need if the dinar doesn't RV.

      Five years of work. Yeah, right!

  5. I see TLAR continues to insist the RV rate will be well over $3.00, and the fanboys at DV all concur. So just to see how silly this would be in a way other than how oversubscribed Iraq's reserves would be (obviously by a factor of more than 3,000), I looked up a few things. Using 2012 data Iraq's GDP was 0.21% of the world total and their M1 value (at 11166 IQD/USD) was 0.23% of the global total. Wow, that came out closer than I had expected (there is likely at least a 10% margin of error here). So at $3 that would make Iraq's money supply (again in 2012) 913% of the global total with a GDP at 0.21% . Yea sure, that makes sense.

    I can post the little spreadsheet I used with links if anyone wants but you can't format anything here so it comes out pretty messy.

  6. On Friday's call, TNT Tony was encouraging everyone to buy as much Dinar as they can before it's too late.

    Subject: TNT Tony Says BUY more Dinar Yesterday at 10:25 am Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
    This somehow didn't make it in the notes from Tony's call yesterday. Pump on Tony, pump on. It starts at the 1:38 point in the call.

    C: I know we're close, but if we have money, should we still buy? If we're still waiting and if we have money, do you think we should still buy?

    (Tony tries to get DC to answer, but DC laughs and hands it back to Tony)

    Tony: I'll tell you guys this. Um, I'm going to buy. This is my personal opinion and I'm not telling anybody else to do anything else. I don't get paid by any dinar company or exchanger or anybody else. But it's me. As long as I have money to buy, I'm going to buy. I'm going to buy because I don't know when an opportunity like this will ever come again in my life. Well, actually I do know. But anyways, before that I would just buy like I didn't know when an opportunity like this will come thru. I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I know that I'm buying not for me, not even for my kids, because I told you guys that I surpassed that a long time ago. But I'm buying for the next 4-5 generations of my family.

    I'm buying for what I can give back right now and again what I can set up. I'm putting my money to work to do the things I want it to do. Because after this, for the most part, you guys, this is all over. I mean, they've seen what happened during this time and it was the first time. Of course, you know Kuwait, Germany, everything all this has happened it's history, but this is the first time that they did a revaluation of a country and a global currency reset with today's technology and the amount of people that could be reached and everything else. And believe me, they are doing everything in their power to make sure this doesn't happen again, that the citizens don't get involved in a governmental business or transaction.

    So I would take every opportunity that I could and as much as I could, because again you don't even know the rate. You don't know of it's 10 cents like some idiot said, or if it's 90 cents of $3, $4 or $5. So you get as much as you can, benefit from it. But the key is really how much you saved, put to work and grow after you get it. That's the real key. That's a long answer to what DC says is a short question. So it's YES, I'm going to buy until they make me stop buying. And the more they let me buy, then the rich I am.

  7. Tonay's appointment with justice is delayed again... Now his case has been postponed until September 24, 2014. The wheels of justice are not swift.

    1. I'll bet the court system would like to know Tony is buying as much dinar as he can while he has a court appointed attorney.

  8. The Wheels of Justice have a bearing seized and are in dire need of repair!

    The fact these scammers can continue to perpetuate this hoax by openly committing fraud and get away totally unscathed by the law is downright appalling!!!!!!


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