Monday, March 3, 2014

March Update

February was an interesting month for the dinar world.  TNT Tony's idiotic Twitter campaign yielded a BBC article and radio report which revealed that over half of Tony's Twitter followers are fake.  They also stated that they consulted economists at Harvard and the London School of Economics who dismissed the dinar as a scam.  Not exactly the results Tony was hoping for.  I'm hearing that the BBC isn't done with this story.  They learned about it from their "Trending" division and apparently now their business division is looking into it.  Stay tuned for more on that.

While browsing through YouTube dinar videos I found this from one of Tony's followers.  This gives you a glimpse into the mindset of somebody who is under his spell.

In watching several of his videos I noticed that he said he just wants to be self-sufficient.  Well Dorsey, if you're reading this let me assure you that nobody is keeping you from being self-sufficient.  There are no elites out there plotting to keep you in your security guard job.  The only person holding you back is you.  Quit spending money on these worthless seminars and Illuminati books.  Quit listening to these "cabal" con artists who are getting rich by selling you conspiracy crap.  Quit waiting around for the RV or the GCR or whatever else and take charge of your life.  Get a degree or learn a trade.  Start looking for ways to succeed instead of searching for explanations for why you haven't succeeded.  And for God's sake, quit following criminals like Tony Renfrow.  
In Iraq, BBC also reported that Al Queda is issuing banknotes in the regions of Iraq that they control.  Whether this currency ever gets any traction or not it's yet another indication of how badly things are going inside of Iraq.  

Also in February there was a buzz about this video from Greg McCoach of a gold and precious metals company called Amerigold..

At first viewing my reaction was that he's a gold guy. "He's just talking about the future of the gold industry in Iraq, and the fact that Iraq is redenominating their currency is a good indication that things are stabilizing which would be good for investors. Unfortunately he used the word 'revalue' when he meant 'redenominate' as many others have mistakenly done over the years, but he meant RD." But his name sounded familiar, so I did some searching and found that he has indeed spoken up on the dinar in the past.

In August of 2011 he wrote his theory on how the US would receive a windfall of trillions. You can read his article here. Unfortunately Mr. McCoach based his views on pumper lies. Bush didn't say that the war would pay for itself. The US Treasury doesn't have trillions of dinar. And the dinar didn't collapse as a result of the US invasion in 2003. All of these have been thoroughly debunked over the past couple of years.

Something that we have seen repeatedly over the years is people seizing upon the dinar's popularity to promote their own products and/or agenda. Obviously he's got a product to sell as the president of Amerigold and owner of Wealth Daily. The exposure he is receiving in the dinar community certainly won't hurt him in that respect. I don't know if Mr. McCoach believes what he said in 2011 or not, but regardless of his reasons for talking about the RV the numbers don't work and it's not going to happen. You'd stand a much better chance of profiting with one of the products that he sells, not that I'm recommending that.

And finally, over the past few months a crisis in Ukraine has unfolded as protesters took to the streets in reaction to President Viktor Yanukovych's closer ties with Russia. After Yanukovych was removed from power Russian president Vladimir Putin's military response sent the Russian stock market into a 10% plunge and the Russian ruble is at its lowest value in years.

I said that to say this. Before these numbskull gurus start pumping the Russian ruble for their favourite currency dealer let's all just look at the chart. The ruble is down about 20% in value over the last two years. If you buy rubles thinking they're going to bounce back and make you huge profits you should consider that even if the ruble gains that 20% back the dealer fees will probably negate any gains.

Investing in paper currency is just a bad idea in general, especially if you pay a dealer's spread. When a currency dips or spikes 10% or more that's huge. This is just further evidence that expecting the dinar to increase in value 100,000% is pure fantasy.



  1. Great article Sam. Tony Turds zombies are finally waking up and asking questions that turd don't want to answer. On his call today he said he was going to kick 50 people out of his chat room because of their NEGATIVE feedback, the twitter campaign will be his Waterloo because of his ego. That's what is bringing him down, thinking he can expose his zombies to people like me that is spending 100s of hours just to bring the truth to them and put a knife in his heart. PEACE

    1. Tony is an imbecile like 99 percent of his followers. I actually do not feel sorry anymore for those people. When you are smacked with the truth in the fact, or ignore the fact your guy has called it about 300 times in the past year and you still don't get it, well, you are just plain stupid.

  2. They just banned fib on DV today for nothing. It's official, DV has banned everyone in the lopster tank. Now they are just like every other dinar site. Complete censorship of the truth. Adam knows his free ride is coming to an end.

    1. A little trivia for ya, CFO. Who said "As long as I have something to do with the management of this forum, free speech will be the norm - not bans. INFORMATION is necessary to all of us in order to make wise decisions..."?

    2. Adam James Wolf Montana said it.

      I guess he will always have the totally confused to count on like LadyGracesDaddy and easyrider. Those two are so mindless they will always be easily deceived. Most with even half a brain have woken up though and deserted DV in large numbers. Even the VIP brainwashed are seeing the light.

      GO RD!!!!!!! :)

    3. Fib appears to have been stealth banned. His user still shows "lopster" not "banned", but the user icon is no longer an active link which indicates the user has been removed or deactivated in some fashion. I guess they think that is less noticeable? Which of course also means they are worried about how it looks to the believers if more people show up with "banned".

    4. Agree jrg, can't Adams sheep see that if the RV was real then there would be no need to ban anyone? If the RV was real then why would dealers sell billions of dinar? The remaining members on DV are all a bunch of nut jobs and think they know how the world operates. It's sad because they think they have the answers. Here's a rundown of the members on DV....god is great, Obama is the devil, the GRC and the NWO are real things only a select few know about and everything in the news is a conspiracy.

  3. In Iraq many people don't understand American obsession with currency which Iraquies deem as worthless.

  4. Add that to the recent bannings at PTR for people speaking the truth or asking difficult to answer questions and you get a pretty good indication that these dinar hucksters don't really much like people who speak the truth or ask questions - almost always the first indication of a scam.

  5. So I was helping someone yesterday sell back dinar to Sterling Currency and the sell back rate has yet dropped again to $820 per million of course minus the $20 shipping fee. Therefore in less than 1yr the dinar sell back rate to the dealers has dropped $100 per million. If anyone does not believe that the chance of you some day not being able to sell you currency back may want to open up your eyes. Ask yourself why is the buy back price of dinar continues to drop when the actual IQD to USD exchange rate has not changed.

  6. YAWN.............................TLAR Commentary ~ this article is the best article in quite a while. It confirms many things for our investment. The first is it confirms no lop, it confirms it will happen this year 2014, it confirms, they will change the exchange rate itself, it confirms a dinar is a dinar (every note will be good and every denomination will be good), it confirms both currencies will be in use until all the old notes are collected, it confirms this will be an RV and not a float by this statement (the process of deletion of zeros will be provided by the new currency) meaning the currency will be issued at the same time they delete the zeros. This is a great article. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (referring to the 3 Articles on 3/5/14 Daily Dinar BLOG)

    1. Its so pathetic. He admits that there will be two currencies ("... both currencies ...") but claims there will only be one exchange rate. I hope they do pull the RD trigger in 2014 as that will at least end this fantasy for a lot of folks (though not all of course).

  7. Kap is really on a roll. He just can't stand being called out on his "theories"

    Here is a response from Kap when another perceptive reader calls him out on his self importance:

    "I don't speculate and I don't proclaim anything. All I do is find factual information and present it to all that want to learn. You can read it, leave it, or learn from it. Your choice."

    Sounds so good doesn't it? Down to earth. Facts guy. Yes? Well it would if he didn't say "...present it to all that want to learn." As if everything he says is the only authority on whatever subject he is speaking of.

    Then of course there is this response to yet another perceptive reader a few weeks back, again calling Kap on his high and mighty attitude. This is actually one of many times:

    " currency detective, I agree. Its a great thing to put the currency on the world market (forex).

    jazzy, when you have spent as much time as I have actually researching this investment, learning the truth, sorting facts from BS guru nonsense, then you will have a voice."

    So the message here was, to jazzy, because you spend so much of your time "researching" (for free of course) everything YOU'VE learned is fact and whatever anyone else has learned, especially if they didn't learn it from you, is NOT fact and shouldn't even have a voice to share their knowledge.

    Hypocrit. In fact, have you, Kap, ever heard of  narcissistic personality disorder? In order to be diagnosed with it, one has to show at least 5 of the following 9 symptoms:

    An exaggerated sense of one's own abilities and achievements.

    A constant need for attention, affirmation and praise.

    A belief that he or she is unique or "special" and should only associate with other people of the same status.

    Persistent fantasies about attaining success and power.

    Exploiting other people for personal gain.

    A sense of entitlement and expectation of special treatment.

    A preoccupation with power or success.

    Feeling envious of others, or believing that others are envious of him or her.

    A lack of empathy for others.

    I'm not qualifed to diagnose mental illnesses, but Kap, you may want to see someone.

    Still waiting for those "docs"!

  8. Guys I think we may have won a huge battle here and shut DV down. It maybe wishful thinking but it appears to be gone. Hopefully Adam could no longer continue to pay his site fees. Its either that or they are down for maintenance. If down for maintenance I guarantee it will return with a sign in before viewing setup like sheeplesdinar did. That way they can keep the "negative" people out.

    I bet LadyGracesDaddy is going nuts right now. LOL

  9. It looks as if his royal Highness "Adam Montana" may have absconded with all those VIP dues without even saying goodbye!

    Unfortunately it's probably just a server problem but yesterday they were down all day except for just a few minutes yesterday afternoon and they are still still down as of now with a different web page than yesterday, "Server not found" being the web page the URL will take a visitor to. Let's hope this is true and maybe that will finally wake up some of the more delusional folks, while it's probably just wishful thinking the site has been down for two days now!

  10. It must be that disorder, Whisp. For the life of me, I have NO idea what value ANY of his ramblings have. I would imagine he's not making a ton of money with this. He is a mod at Dinar Detectives, and has banned me. As you may remember, I was in London during an economic summit where Iraq was making a presence. Kap found out, and asked if I could attend. I did, knowing full well nothing would be about the elusive R/V. Afterwards, I e-mailed Kap and it was clear that he really didn't care....that he would move on to the "next thing". On the surface, he comes across to the rabbid Dinarian as a voice of reason, but the reality is...he's got nothing.

  11. I just checked his other sites Dinar Speculation and RV Intel and they're both up, although it looks like they haven't been updated in about a year. DV has gone down before so I'm not jumping to conclusions, but it is curious that there are no updates on the other site or emails that I know of. I'll update as any info comes my way.

    1. The one thing that , IMO anyway, looks even more like it would just be a server problem is that they did come back on-line for a short time yesterday and even mentioned the problem but I ran this past a buddy of mine (who is a computer/internet guru) and he says that was probably a ruse to keep down backlash from the members rather than just suddenly disappearing without explanation. Of course he is just guessing and has no way of knowing but it makes sense, probably not the case but in any event they are still down as of now and let's just hope the scum is down for the count!!!!!

  12. I will first start with saying people need to stop using the word Guru. Second, this hiccup in the downtime of DV is easily explained.
    Try and pull it up. You can see it is look for a cloud storage facility. This suggests that the old site where it was hosted is moving the content to the cloud (which will save them money to maintain the servers). The way it was hosted previously was most likely a single location with a bank of servers load balanced to equal out requests and maximize speed). The way most places do it now is to let someone else take responsibility of up time. Hence the introduction of the cloud. Of course this means sites that do this no longer control and can delete content. Just saying it's always stored off site. IMHO, what has happened is that whomever runs/admins this site doesn't know how to redirect the DNS name to the cloud. Don't worry folks who need there false hopes it will back up and feeding you the tripe you wake daily to consume. Ha!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on the DV site situation, Chuckles. Good to have a pro's assessment. By the way, I only call them gurus in sarcasm. It's a term of derision with me, and I usually apply an appropriate adjective like "idiot" when I do so.

    2. "Of course this means sites that do this no longer control and can delete content."

      This is a not a true statement. Anyone who renders their business operation to the cloud still has complete control of content. Unless you are careless and stupid enough to do so. In terms of application ownership your statement would hold more water but not content.


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