Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dinar Recaps & Dinar Guru

I've received several emails about Dinar Recaps over the past year, asking if I know who is behind it and what I think about them.  Well I think my opinion should be obvious.  I don't think much of any site that appears to be promoting a pipe dream like "The RV".  That would include Dinar Recaps.  As I posted in August, their daily revenues are estimated at $225 by Website Outlook, and that's 365 days a year.  Other web analysis sites put the figures even higher.  Not bad for a strictly rumour/intel site, huh?  It would also include Dinar Guru which was actually created two months before Dinar Recaps, although the tone there is much more guarded IMO.

Before I share my research I think it's important to note that before either one of these sites came along there was a site called Dinar Rumor, which was created and run by SFMedic from the sites Dinar Veterans and Dinar Speculator.  It was pretty popular for awhile, but after a year or so it lost its sizzle as the other forums absorbed a lot of the rumours into their sites.  Apparently Medic's strengths were on the intel/analysis side and not on the marketing side.  Thus the opportunity for new sites like Dinar Recaps and Dinar Guru that know how to employ modern internet marketing techniques.

Let's start with the more popular of the two which is Dinar Recaps.  One of the biggest complaints that I hear about them is that these idiot gurus who never get anything right and obviously are lying through their missing teeth are never challenged about the feces that they fling.  That's because it's against the rules at DR.

    -Comments must pertain to the post
    -No profanity – even if abbreviated
    -No rude comments
    -No Negativity
    (translation - No facts that disprove the RV)
    -No Fear Mongering
    (translation - No facts that prove risk)
    -No bashing of Intel providers or forums
    (translation - No facts that disprove guru BS)
    -No outside links
    (translation - No directing people to sites that do the above three)
    -No personal information
    -No Promotion of outside companies

As we have observed over the years, dinar sites that don't encourage or even allow open discussion of the dinar "investment" seem to always have an agenda.  

I've made it a policy since I started the blog to build my case about the dinar and the douchebags pumping it with links.  That way I'm only dealing with information that is already public.  I don't pay for information and I rarely repeat information given to me if I can't link to it.  Unfortunately I don't have any links identifying the owners of Dinar Recaps.  But I can provide a few very informative links.  First of all, SweetQueen tells us that the owner goes by the name of Dinarstars.  Next we find a reference to a partner named Big Bird on their About Us page.

Then there is the contact page at the Dinar Recaps site, which states the mailing address as:

Dinar Recaps
PO Box 1090
Edison, NJ  08818

Right below the address it says DRT Distribution.

If you'll go to I would assume you'll be able to find the information you're looking for.

As for Dinar Guru, the details are a tad less accessible.  The owner's name is supposedly Blanche Bonet, and she states her home town as New Orleans.  It's not surprising that I was unable to locate a person by that name living in Louisiana or anywhere else in the US.  I would assume that it's an alias, of course.  So I looked around and found this.  Here the address is listed as 4640 S. Carrollton Ave 200-199, New Orleans, LA 70119, USA.  When I did a search on that address it brought up  They provide virtual offices to "mpress your clients with a virtual address".  That's a shocker, huh?  So now where do we go?  Well, let's check the domain name in WHOIS.  Nope, the registrant is private and it's handled by a company in Jacksonville, Florida.  Hmmm .... now what?  Well, when you order a membership at Dinar Guru the name NOLA Group comes up on the Paypal page.  So I looked up "NOLA Group" in Google and found an internet marketing company in Toronto and a software developer in Garland, Texas.  (I looked around and found a "nola girl" and a "nolaspice" mentioned at Dinar Recaps.  Interesting, huh?)  So we have a name that is probably fake, with a private domain name provided by a company in Jacksonville, a virtual address in New Orleans, and a marketing company in Toronto or a software guy in the Dallas area.  My conclusion?  This person (or persons) is a pro.  They have covered their tracks well.  I could be way off here, but I think "Blanche" is a persona created by a professional internet marketer(s).  It's interesting to see that Dinar Recaps is located in the source code for Dinar Guru under "keywords", and vice versa.

(Keywords are used by search engines to determine the relevance of websites and their content in search results.  If you don't know how to find the source code for a page you just right-click on the body of the page and click "view source" or "view page source" depending on which browser you're using.)
Maybe they just did this to draw traffic when people type the other site's name into Google, but there's something else to consider.  The disclaimers on these two sites are almost identical.

And it turns out that both sites use Domain Discreet Privacy Service in Jacksonville, Fla. according to my WhoIs search.


Out of curiosity I went to the Domain Discreet website and found nothing but a parked domain page.  Interesting, huh?  Why would a company in the domain name privacy business not have a professional looking website?  Unless perhaps they aren't soliciting business.  Why wouldn't they want to solicit new business?  Well maybe they only exist for a specific purpose, like providing domain name privacy for their own websites.  Just a theory. 

If you type the Domain Discreet address of 12808 Gran Bay Pkwy W, Jacksonville, FL into Google you will find a match with a company called  Ahhh ... the plot thickens.  According to Wikipedia provides websites, website design, website hosting, internet marketing, lead generation, and eCommerce. 

It's entirely possible that and have nothing to do with the dinar, and that Dinar Recaps started up a couple of months after Dinar Guru and just copycatted the disclaimer, keyword technique, and privacy service.  But it does seem very coincidental to me. 

Blanche tells her readers about how she came up with a way to keep track of the latest guru postings.  I think what "Blanche" is doing is utilizing a tool called RSS which stand for "rich site summary".  It's a way of automating content from blogs and news sites with a script that feeds it into your site.  Your average housewife dinarian wouldn't know jack about this.  If you look through the source code at Dinar Recaps you'll see that they use RSS.  I don't see RSS at Dinar Guru, although you will see it used on their sister site DongGuru.  There are plenty of alternatives to RSS that "Blanche" might be using but again, this isn't something your average dinar guru follower is going to know about.  It looks like she edits the content to suit her site, which opens up many possibilities.

Looking through the Dinar Guru site you will see that it is well monetized.  There are ads for luxury cars, luxury SUVs, forex charts, currency conversion, web hosting .... all resolving to a location on a site ( hosted by with locations in Austin and Dubai.  Pretty sophisticated for an "Iraqi Dinar Guru expert who loves her grandchildren and family" as she states on her Twitter page

Dinar Recaps has a Twitter page as well, and it's very similar to Dinar Guru's.  They each have a Facebook page also, although Dinar Guru's seems to receive more attention. 

Also quite interesting is this thread at Dinar Vets.  It seems that both sites went down and came back up at the same time earlier this year. 

Despite the similarities there are distinct differences in the two sites.  Dinar Recaps allows comments, albeit censored comments only.  Dinar Guru has no comment feature.  Dinar Guru has a link to a dinar dealer called GID Associates.  I found no such link to a dinar dealer at Dinar Recaps.  And Dinar Recaps seems to cater to the religious crowd where "Blanche" tends to avoid that emphasis. 

My sense is that both of these sites started up shortly after Med lost interest in his Dinar Rumor site because they saw the potential for web traffic if the concept was used properly with modern search engine optimization, marketing, and automation techniques.  I can't say conclusively that the two are connected in any way, but I am very curious about the similarities.    

As we have seen time and time again, this dinar "investment" is driven more by internet marketing than it is by sound investing principles.  I'll keep looking into this.


  1. I'm happy to say I have never visited these sites. I don't need the aggravation. Quite frankly, they all seem to be pretty much the same anyway. If you've been on one site, you've been on all of them. The garbage on one site is regurgitated in one form or another on the other sites. The moderators or administrators might put there own little twist on the data but they all worship at the alter of the magical dinar. LOL!

    I wish you well on your quest, Sam. It certainly is worthy to try to expose these operators as the frauds and cons they are. I just don't have the patience or the temperment for it.

    1. recraps is a joke. they used to have that guy that calls himself okie on their pretty much exclusively as their TOP lying pumper but THC tony has now taken that spot. okie now has a back seat to him, every word that those idiots types is a blatant lie. what I don't understand is.....what they are doing is fraud and conspiracy. its obvious! And using the internet to defraud. some say you cant be arrested for lying but they aren't just lying and recraps is part of the scheme obviously. so where is the FBI when you need them?!

  2. Coincidentally, Austin and Dubai are very important locations of operations for the Knights of Malta. Consider this;

    A closer look at the art of propaganda:

    Bernard Levin, agent of the Committee of 300 wrote the following in "Time Perspective and Morale", a Club of Rome publication (an executive branch of the Committee of 300) in regards to how to break down the morale of nations, leaders and individuals.

    "One of the main techniques for breaking morale through a strategy of terror consists in exactly this tactic: keep the person hazy as to where he stands and just what he may expect. In addition, if frequent vacillations between severe disciplinary measures and promise of good treatment, together with the spreading of contradictory news, make the structure of the situation unclear, then the individual may cease to know whether a particular plan would lead toward, or away from his goal. Under these conditions, even those individuals who have definite goals and are ready to take risks, are paralyzed by the severe inner conflict in regard to what to do."

    The end result of this demoralization strategy is that the victims will follow and accept whatever is planned in their confused state.

    Saturnalia extrapolates:

    "This exact strategy has been utilized against Dinarians and many many other groups all over the world. If anyone is still being lead on by the daily imminent payout rumours, then I can only state that they are first of all victims of propaganda and secondly fools. Fools and their money are easily parted. Such individuals should thus not look toward external events for their ´salvation´, but inwardly instead."

  3. I recently went to dinar reCraps for the first time and I literally thought it was all a joke. There simply cannot be people on this earth stupid enough to believe Tony TNT for a long period and have the mental ability to walk or speak or read the comedy that Tony spews everyday.

    I think at this point its all a marketing ploy to generate hits on their sites by providing comedic entertainment. I mean someone has to provide Dinar Thug at DV some material to copy and paste so all of the believers can sneer at the horrible pumpers while the whole time believing the dinar is going to skyrocket in value overnight. They laugh and disagree with Tonys 25.81 dollar rate but believe in 1.00 or 3.00 rates. The fact is there is no "rate" nor will there ever be a "rate" other than 1166 or a few percent or fractions of a percent up or down until they redenominate.

    Dinar reCraps reads like its all staged somehow which of course it is. The rate is contacts in DC.............this thing is done.............the computer screens show...................the banks are on alert and have been notified.............they have been given the green light............99.999999% sure its today...........nothing else left to be done.......if they hold out any longer the rate will be higher.

    Then they make up total fabrication to keep the illusion alive. Whats the most recent favorite? Jack Lew is in charge of it all. LOL. They are going to give you a promise to pay note for your dinar. Yeah......OK. Scam artist always want to discuss cash out options too. Montana is best at this. The more they talk about cashing out and how it maybe done the more the confused will keep their attention away from facts while dreaming about the Ferrari they are going to buy when they "cash out".

    1. While Tony TNT is spewing obvious nonsense, its hard to say what impact it has on the dinar believers. First there is the pink elephant effect, i.e. he just puts the idea of a high rate in peoples minds. Secondly it masks the fact that an RV even to a penny is nonsense by causing folks to say "well Tony is clearly nuts but say he's off by 100 and it only RVs to 0.25, we're still rich!". This is exactly what is going on, as you point out, on DV when they laugh at the $25.00 rate.

  4. jrg, maybe it's part of Tony's exit strategy. He knows he's lying. Maybe he's getting so outrageous so he voluntarily loses his flock and he can fly on to his next scam without any sort of accountability. That's what he appeared to do on the 14DailyPlus scam he ran. All these clowns must be thinking of some sort of exit strategy. They know they are lying. They know people will eventually realize they're lying. But they don't want it to end behind bars. If they can peel them off before then by being as outrageous as they can, they never have to be accountable to anyone.

  5. This is not an investment! It's a joke played on the poor. If it was a legitimate way to invest (as we all know the US is teetering on defaulting on our debt ), then why wouldn't you cash in all your paychecks for cash (USD) and go buy the Canadian dollar or the Peso? Ha! Just saying. Currency is not a good way to protect your net worth.

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  7. I found your site from one of your comments on Youtube. This is my first post to your site. I bought into this Iraq dinar "investment" waaay back in 2004, and let me tell you I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I cannot fully comprehend why I fell into this Iraqi dinar scam, but I can say that my ignorance of currency markets/transactions kept me misinformed for two whole years, before I finally did real research. Here is a link for a good article on the Iraqi dinar scam:
    You may have read it, but let me tell you that it is a good article, and the guy gives other links with other articles, too. I do hope that you keep this blog going, and thank you for doing all the research that you do. I will definitely post on your site as often as I can.

  8. I am fully aware that everything on recaps is baloney - but the dinar is artificially devalued and has been for 23 years, due to chapter 7 sanctions. The point being that they are now out of chapter 7 and dinars are really cheap right now ( I got 1,000,000 for a little over a $1,000). I bet you have some too. If it goes up at all and you didn't have any that would truly make you a dinar douchebag

  9. Wow whoever posted that last comment is obviously getting paid or wouldn't be bashing dinar
    And the lie goes on.

  10. The whole scam is working sadly, my husband gave his son a couple hundred dollars to purchase the dinar. My step son and his mother along with several members of her church group sold his father on this get rich quick idea. Originally, it was a lesson he supposedly wanted to teach his son. After I learned of this I did the research on the soundness of this concept. I spoke with several well knowledged investment and banking professionals. They all shared much the same as most of your comments on this blog,scam!!! Unfortunately, my husband is now hopped the fence and purchased more??? Every other week or so there is a promise of cash out,money in the bank,going to nothing ever happens. I tried talking to my husband showing him articles and the Forbes blog mentioned above. How sad how the greed and tooth fairy have convinced him and so many others.

  11. I bought 250,000 for 200.00 because half the people in my office were spending thousands and buying up millions. I put them in a drawer and if it ever goes to .10 I will order extra fries and laugh about it.

    1. While I'm glad you didn't drop thousands into this I hope you realize that an increase to a dime is just as impossible as an increase to a dollar or two. The dinar will never be worth 2/10 of a penny.


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