Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Update

Not much to report this month other than a couple of articles and a really stupid guru comment.

The article that seemed to generate the most interest was this one.

"A few days ago announced a committee of economy and investment in the Iraqi parliament, that the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency will be working by next year (2015).

It is noteworthy that the subject of the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency is not new, it was the Iraqi government project about deleting three zeros from the Iraqi dinar, to reduce inflation suffered by the Iraqi currency, but it has been postponed. He was scheduled to testify in 2011 to delete the three zeros from denominations of Iraqi currency, so that it becomes the new dinar, equal to 1000 Old dinars.
What does that mean?

First, it is necessary to clarify the fact that the abolition of zeros any currency in the world, does not mean in any way an improvement in the exchange rate, and this in turn leads to another conclusion is that the deletion of zeros does not mean as well as any improvement in the Iraqi citizen's income, it does not mean to address the many
economic problems suffered by the Iraqi economy. If that is the case, for all the world's governments scrapped zeros from their currencies. The deletion will not address inflation and will not contribute to the aggravation, and will enhance the economic reform, that if there is any economic reform originally.

The only goal is to facilitate the buying and selling processes, and the mitigation of carrying large quantities of banknotes, and perhaps give a positive psychological boost for Iraqis, so that they feel, even if only from the door of the feeling, that the purchasing power of the dinar, has become the best. In any case, we must clarify here is the fact that the Central Bank of Iraq, the authority is independent of the government is not entitled to state intervention work."

The article clearly states that:

  1. The new dinar will be equal to 1000 old dinars. That means that it will be valued at $.86. That would be a lop, folks.
  2. The deletion of the zeros doesn't mean in any way an improvement in the exchange rate or in the Iraqi citizen's income. That would be a lop too, folks.
  3. This isn't being done to fix their economic problems. If they could fix their economic problems by removing zeros then every country would do it. While that sounds sooo obvious it's amazing how many dinarians can't seem to comprehend the fact that you can't revalue your way into prosperity.
  4. The only goal is to facilitate buying and selling. "Facilitate" means it will be easier, which is what a redenomination (lop) does. It makes cash transactions and accounting easier. They go on to say that they hope that this will provide a psychological boost to use a currency with a higher value, even if there's no true increase in purchasing power.
The article concludes with a reference to the dinar returning to its glorious past (how many times have we heard gurus talking about the dinar returning to its glorious past through a revaluation?), but that this is "false joy, nothing else". In other words, the redenomination will give the people a good feeling, but it's only a feeling. There's no true increase.

Read the article here.

A November Douchie is awarded to Frank Villa (Frank26) who stated his opinion that the algorithm has been released and is making its way around the world. Folks, this line is almost three years old. Take a look at this post I did in December of 2011. There's no algorithm, no activation, and no RV. The IQD is stuck at 1166 to the dollar and will probably remain there until it is replaced by the new dinar. The only thing in the system that's making its way around the world is pumper BS.

Another article getting a lot of attention was this one that says the initiative to revalue and delete zeros from the Iraqi Dinar will be delayed for five years because of the political and security situation in Iraq. Of course there are some who will point to the word "revalue" and insist that it's not a redenomination or "lop" that they're talking about but an increase in purchasing power from a revaluation. But as many of us can attest, you have to go by the description of the process and not the particular verbage resulting from the translation of Arabic into English. The process they've been talking about for at least four years is a typical redenomination that you can read about in any financial or investment dictionary. You don't delete zeros, issue new currency, and remove the old currency from circulation in a revaluation. Even if they botch the translation the description tells you very clearly what they intend to do.

Removing Three Zeros - Brad, Charlie, and
Michael Teadt do the perp walk (Sept. 2012)
But the good news from October in my opinion was the sentencing of Brad Huebner and Charlie Emmenecker from the BH Group. Brad got seven years and Charlie got three for dinar fraud and related charges. It seems there is at least some justice in this world. Apparently Brad is still in denial, stating that "one day in the near future the Iraqi government would revalue its currency and everyone’s investment would pay off". Unbelievable! Their partner in crime Rudy Coenen received a five year sentence back in September for his role in the ruse. Now if we can just get the justice department to follow up with a dozen or so more indictments.


  1. Great news about Brad Huebner, Coenen, etc. As for the rest, I think we can all agree some people see only what they want to see out of pure desperation! This whole thing has long been transformed to an almost cult-like psychosis than the simple naivety it started out as.

  2. Sam, I have a funny feeling your monthly updates are going to start to look remarkably similar. A bunch of clowns made breathless predictions that Iraq has made great progress and the RV is "closer than ever." But, as usual, no RV will occur. LOL!

    1. I do my best to provide new information and analysis but you're right .... basically nothing ever changes and I could do the same post every month.

  3. I hang onto my dinar and am a Platinum member, although I had to let my Seychelles Corp go into remission. I plan to revitalize it when the RV happens, and then I will also arrange at that time to meet others in Belize to set this thing in motion. I bought all of my dinar and paid for my Platinum membership with the last of my (last/only) stock sales, which in turn, I purchased with the last of my money from the sale of my home, just before I moved in with my daughter. By the time all of that was done, I barely had enough money to get some very needed dental work done, although I am still paying the dentist regularly. lol

    With a close "read" of the above, anyone can see that things have been going downhill for me financially for some time, I'd say for at least the past 6-7 years. But I never failed to trust the dinar and Adam's advice/suggestions/comments, plus some others here who have been incredibly helpful to me for a very long time now. I recall when Adam would hardly say anything, although he always sort of exuded hope, just not always much. So it really becomes exciting when I see Adam being so different these days, making intriguing comments and literally saying that huge possibilities are just around the corner. And once again, I believe what Adam says as Gospel Truth. That may be because he has never said anything I didn't want to believe, including no iffy promises--therefore, I
    believe him, I do.

    For whatever it's worth, I feel like the worm is about to turn, that lightening is about to strike, and that the payoff is coming for the "hope that springs eternal within the human breast," to quote the poet. As I look back over my life, I have many regrets, but being connected to Adam and owning dinar is not among them.

    I literally cannot wait to be wealthy, and I can feel it coming any time now!! LOL Exciting days are ahead--that's for sure. Many people might not call me wealthy (or even close to it) after I cash in my dinar, but I will be so much wealthier than I've ever been that I will feel absolutely RICH!! lol

    Read more:

    All I can say is...WOW!

    1. Assuming that "Francie" isn't an alias for Wolfy, she's had 2.5 years to read up on "Adam" and his history. If she still believes in the guy I have no sympathy for her.

  4. Here's the reality of this scam. From a member on dv.

    Just wanted to say thanks, i am not sure how long i can hold on. I have lost everything within a week.
    Family gone, savings gone, house gone, and the list goes on. Yes it was my mistakes that have done
    this to me, Just looking for a light anywhere in the tunnel. I am not a bad person, just not very smart much of the time.
    If you have it in your hearts please send a prayer towards me. I am in a very dark place right now.
    That is why i wanted to say thanks to Adam. Honest, straight forward, no games.

    god bless and hope this works out for all of you

    Read more:

    1. Agreed, it's very sad. I don't know that the dinar was his downfall as he didn't elaborate. As for "Adam" being honest .... the truth is just a Google search away and has been for two and a half years. No excuse there.


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