Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Update

Well another month has come and gone without the RV, and yet for some reason dinar sales were up and dinar prices rebounded.  I'm guessing it has to do with the increased expectation of an RV brought on by Iraq's release from UNSC sanctions, but as many of us have been pointing out there was no reason to conclude that the IQD was prevented from increasing in value with the sanctions in place and there's no reason to conclude that the IQD will increase now that they're removed.  In other words all the Chapter 7 guru talk was nothing but hype.  BS.  Caca del toro.

As the excitement about the lifting of Chapter 7 and the potential of an RV grew, talk of cash in groups with the best negotiated rates increased.  Everybody seems to have negotiated the best rate.  How is that even possible?  A word to the wise here .... don't fall for any of this pre-RV stuff.  Seriously, do you listen to people tell you how to manage your newfound wealth just because you bought a lottery ticket?  Do you buy trust programs?  Do you sign up for any special investment plans or hedge funds?  Or do you just decide not deal with all of that until after you win the lottery? 

Folks, all of these people are out for themselves.  None of them are just trying to help you dinar speculators prepare for life as a millionaire.  They're just taking advantage of people who have already been duped on the RV and are presumed to be easy prey for other investment crap.  The most baffling thing to me in all of this "group" talk is that the members at Dinar Vets are calling BS on it and yet many of them are paying $17/mo for VIP which includes the promise of the best negotiated cash in rates in the sales pitch.  I can't see how Adam Montana has the moral high ground here.  What am I missing?

My recent post "Don't Listen to Gurus" did surprisingly well as it prompted a discussion of the currency reform plan and currency valuation in general.  My hits almost doubled over the past couple of weeks and I noticed that people were even talking about it in forums that won't allow a link to my blog.  To those of you who participated in the debate I would like to express my appreciation for the way you conducted yourselves.  For the most part the discussion was civil and focused on facts.  Enorrste also likes to claim the moral highground and say things like "I am presenting you with facts and you're just insulting me and calling me names", so I wanted us to deny him that option as much as possible.  To his credit Steve was at least willing to show up here and defend his views, unlike any of the others I've written about.  And he didn't delete all of his comments like he did in his appearance last year, although I had it all saved just in case.  ;-)

I think the main reason my readership is up is because people were typing the words "dinar gurus" into Google and my post "Don't Listen to Gurus" came up on the first page.  I worked very hard to get the search engine ranking that I have so I'm glad to see it paying off now.  For those of you who are new here, welcome!  You won't find any rate and date predictions, secret intel, bank stories, boots on the ground nonsense here.  Just the cold, hard, facts with documentation out the wazoo. 

One article that people were excited about in July was the one talking about bringing the dinar back to its valuation of $3.33 or so from thirty years ago.  First of all, this wasn't a policy statement.  It was merely a desire expressed by unnamed experts inside of Iraq who went on to state that $1 is more realistic.  And second, bringing the dinar back to nearly $1 has already been stated a hundred times in the currency reform plan where the IQD will be replaced in a redenomination by a new dinar worth $.86.  So I don't really see anything new here.  It's basically another lop article that gurus are trying to spin into proof of the RV.          

TonyTNT, newly dismissed from his role as chief buffoon at PTR, launched his own site and conference call platform as he told everybody that the RV was occurring at the closing bell July 24.  Listening to this douchebag in the first ten minutes or so you can hear him chuckling along with his "callers" at the obvious prevarications and fabrications being shoveled out to the gullible.


At this point I would like to remind everybody of the links I posted a couple of months ago concerning Tony and his brother Ray.










I received an email a few weeks ago that I thought I'd share.  This kind of thing happens far more often than it should, and it's part of why I started this blog.

You may be wondering what my involvement in the Dinar thing is - I'm happy to say that I have invested exactly $0.00 in it, I found out about it through word of mouth.  My ex-wife had been acting a little weird (for her) during the months of April and May, hinting around that she was about to come into a whole lot of money.  She finally mentioned to me that she was invested in a business opportunity involving Wells Fargo Bank, but that she was in a non-disclosure agreement and could tell me no more.  Then, around mid-June, she asked me if I and my parents would be willing to act as the executor of her estate in the event of something happening to her.  My first thought was "What Estate?  She owns basically nothing".  Well, I really had to start prying after that and she eventually admitted to me that a friend of hers "gave" her a sum of 1 million Dinar, and also a similar sum of Vietnamese Dong and Indian Rupees.  This was just before the Chapter 7 business flared up.  She was expecting that 1 million Dinar to, in the next few days, suddenly be worth $1 million US dollars and then she would go down to Wells Fargo, cash in, and all would be wonderful - I'm sure you've heard similar things before.  I asked her where she was getting her info and she mentioned several sites - Dinar Guru, Dinar Daddy, etc.  She also has been talking about how wonderful and accurate OkieOilMan is with all his predictions.  There for a while I was keeping a watch on the Dinar Guru site just for the entertainment value but it got stale pretty quick.
At this point, she has moved into a hotel after skipping out of the lease on her apartment, she abandoned all her furniture, she has about 2 months of unemployment support left, but any day now it's all going to turn around.  It's scary to see how much she has swallowed the Guru BS and she isn't going to listen to me or anyone else who says anything different.

Well let me just say congrats on not getting duped, and good luck with the ex.  You're not alone in this, I assure you.

And finally I would like to talk about the resurgence of violence in Iraq.  July was the deadliest month in Iraq since 2008.  Gurus are quick to point out how many murders the US has every year while insisting that things aren't so bad in Iraq, but this is a bogus comparison.  The violence in Iraq is terrorism.  It's not one-on-one inner city violence that poses no threat to stability.  It's targeted violence to increase sectarian division, weaken the government, and discourage foreign investment in Iraq.  And it's working, folks.  As the article I quoted in June pointed out, companies are pulling out of Iraq   For anybody to dismiss this as no threat to political and economic stability or the value of the currency is disingenuous at best.  And no, the RV won't end it.  That's another guru lie.

What we're witnessing is what dinar speculators signed up for.  They took a chance on the dinar, hoping that things would turn around in Iraq which would somehow lead to significant gains in the value of the IQD.  Well things are getting worse when it comes to stability.  If they don't improve soon something will have to happen.  Either Iraq gets things under control or the US sends troops back in until they do.  The alternative is civil war, and a civil war in Iraq would defeat the whole purpose behind our effort to create a thriving democratic state in the region.  It would leave a vacuum for anti-American forces to fill.  Let's all hope for the best in Iraq, regardless of our position on the dinar.  For the good of Iraq and for our own national security, this effort must succeed.



  1. Its hilarious to read the gang over at DV slam dinar re-craps and other gurus that are promoting the group rate scam. You get a lot of comments like "I wont get excited till I get a text from Adam" LOL...Like Adam will ever have to send that text (and he knows it). Another good one is "VIP is the only legitimate post RV group cash out strategy". Again Adam knows he will never have to make good on any of the VIP rip-off promises.

    The cult like mentality of the brainwashed at DV is amazing. Adam actually has them convinced that he is some economic expert and knows about "RVs". Poor souls don't even realize that RVs don't exist and Adam is nothing more than a porno promoter and con artist. Still they believe that they are "in the know" and that all of the suckers at dinar re-craps are getting scammed. Hahahaha.... its sad really. The VIP members over there seem to be brainwashed more than the rest. I don't know if they are just the most gullible and have proven that by signing up for the VIP scam or if they have been "extra" brainwashed in the VIP section. Either way they are as confused as they come.

    Recently another article has surfaced clearly stating that Iraq plans to redenominate in early 2014. Whether they do or don't is yet to be seen but I truly hope they get it together and end this dinar scam once and for all by redenominating. Keepem got slammed mercilessly by good "Christians" like Lady Graces Daddy over on DV who is so completely delusional that he repeatedly states that the RV isn't an economic event but a spiritual event and that the Bible proves that Iraq will RV up to $3.33. His words. Then you get a lot of the "its all smoke" garbage and "They could have lopped along time ago" brilliance. Its really getting to the point that something needs to give so that these people will be forced to wake up and get a job. I can at least hope.

    Thanks again Sam. All well written.

  2. Money evokes a very emotional response for most people. For every amount they've invested financially, dinarians have invested much more emotionally. Sadly, I'm not sure a redenomination would even convince them that this is a scam. They so desperately want an RV, that they can't process the idea that the dinar won't RV. It's not even a rational thought. It is despicable to watch them get (happily) fleeced and pillaged by douchebags in the dinar community. But, at some point, I quit feeling bad for them. If they can't figure it out after a few months of basic research, broken promises and empty rhetoric, then there is probably little hope that they will figure it out.

  3. Yeah. No kidding Net. I can just see it now. 6 months after the redenomination and a handful of "investors" (funny) will be waiting patiently for Iraq to "RV" the Dinar overnight to $3.30. Hahaha. 10 years later the poor suckers will still be waiting.

  4. Once again, let the truth be told...Good job.

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  6. Hey Sam, I'm curious about your opening line "Well another month has come and gone without the RV, and yet for some reason dinar sales were up and dinar prices rebounded. " Are you inferring that sales are up because prices the dealers are charging went up (which seems logical), or have you found some report of Dinar sales directly?

    (previous version deleted due to typos, my fat fingers would like to be able to edit posts here :-)

    1. No specific reports, but I think it's a safe assumption. Besides, I have sources too.

  7. Much of this is the Guru "manufactured excitement" of keeping "the flock" whipped up into an emotional frenzy and hooked on a state of perma-excitement, which is extremely unhealthy as over a period of months & years it can create an "anticipation / entitlement addiction". People can get addicted to a fake fantasy "high" of their own creation, and end up increasingly divorced from reality, like the gentleman's ex-wife you quoted in the article. I've read of several other marriage breakups, sinking into clinical depression, disrupting work/relationships, etc, due to the guru "emotional roller-coaster".

    In 2010, I heard about one guy getting fired because he spent every waking moment telling everyone at the office he'd be a millionaire "this weekend", "next Tuesday", etc, and spent every day browsing "DinarVets" and "DinarRecap" instead of doing his job. Instead of making $1m, he lost a fairly stable $40k job (and probably ended up with a very poor job reference too)...

    The "group rate" is pure BS, as most Western Dinar dealers don't even buy IQD directly from Iraq - they import it 3rd-hand via Jordan. They also don't actually sell Dinar back to Iraqi banks either - the "buy-back" notes just get recycled to newcomers to the scam. This is what the "circulated Dinars" are on Western Dinar dealer sites. When you "cash in", the dealer doesn't change sell the Dinar you've just sold with an external bank and then buy back new Dinar 3 hours later for the next customer at same external bank, they just resell the Dinar directly with no further exchange fee cost to them at all. The "exchange" is very much one-way, and there's a very good reason why all Western Dinar dealers have "we are under no obligation to buy-back your currency" clauses.

    'Adam Montana's' "preferential rate" is a total joke as you should only pay when you actually exchange, not subscribe months / years in advance (on the back of a "promise" from a man who uses a fake name). Eg, you can get a 2-4% typical "preferential rate" when sending a large sum of money abroad (+$100,000-$500,000) by using a specialist currency broker instead of a high street bank for the genuine purpose of say, buying an overseas property in a foreign currency. But most Dinar investors own just $1,000 of banknotes, and just 2 months of $17/month "VIP" subscription is enough to wipe out even the typical maximum +4% preferential rates on spreads you can get even with "collective bargaining". In fact, one year's VIP subscription ($170) will wipe out almost 1/5th of your whole $1k investment! Unbelievable how some still fall for it...

    1. Forgot to add - "Collective bargaining" preferential Forex rates also only apply to electronic transactions of group / trust investments (eg, a large corporation or Govt dept arranging a better rate with 1x large electronic transaction for 100 employees working abroad then changing it up internally). It still costs the bank / Money Exchange / Bureau de Change far more to deal with 500x separate cash transactions regardless of who "arranges" it, than 1 or 2 automated electronic ones, so there is no real "bargain arrangement".

      And even if his claim was real, and everyone sent Adam their banknotes ("great" idea, LOL) and he changed it up for them in one big group transaction, "Adam Montana" is going to find it rather hard to deal with money laundering laws when "cashing in" several suitcases of someone else's money that far exceeds $10k money laundering regulations transaction limit - especially when his real name isn't even "Adam Montana"... ;-)

    2. None of which matters of course since there never will be any sort of RV cash in, so its the con man's dream.

  8. Here is some of the garbage that Adam is using in his chats to keep his sheep hypnotized.

    12:05 PM [Saint] jwds56 how is everyone ? What is this about something called the ki cards? I'm not understanding a lot about this rv. Can you enlighten me ?
    12:07 PM [Adam Montana] jwds56 it sounds like you are a "newbie" here - You can spend hours and days reading and researching and getting confused... or you can just get my book. It's free in the VIP section, or you can get it on DinarVets in the "Announcements" section.
    12:07 PM [Adam Montana] next please!
    12:07 PM [Saint] dylham Hi Adam, theres talk that there has being an In country RV with the smart cards and we're just waiting on it to go International. Do you know anything about this.? Thanks in advance.
    12:08 PM [Adam Montana] There has been no in-country RV. I have a standing agreement with several contacts in Iraq that will let me know the minute something like that happens. I have a standing commitment to you members to pass that information along as soon as it happens. In other words... if you didn't hear it from me, it didn't happen.

    Notice how the first thing he does is pump VIP and if that doesn't work he pumps a sale of his worthless book.

    Then he talks about his imaginary contacts in Iraq that he will never have to use since he knows RVs are fantasy. He basically uses this lie to keep as many people glued to him as the MAIN SOURCE of dinar "info" as possible. "In other words... if you didn't hear it from me, it didn't happen" Spoken like a true self appointed leader of all things dinar. What a scumbag.

    12:10 PM [Saint] MK1964 Hi Adam, one question according to your theory that IQD will revalue after lifting of Ch.7 and HCL approval. What if both terms are fulfilled and still not RV. Possible? How much sure are you that RV will follow Ch.7 and HCL??? Thanks on your opinion.
    12:12 PM [Adam Montana] I'm not sure what you're asking... is it possible that they will decide not to RV? Of course it's "possible", but it seems far more likely that they will either RV or at least continue to raise the value. In my opinion, the more progress they make... the more likely they are to raise the value in a much more significant manner.
    12:12 PM [Adam Montana] Our time is coming, sooner and sooner all the time!

    Here he tells the sheep exactly what they want to hear while the whole time knowing that its all a lie. Adam knows better than anyone that progress in Iraq has no correlation between the IQD exchange rate rising. Its just all lies to keep the mindless in a VIP joining mood. He knows our time is never coming because that time never coming is exactly what keeps him in business. The longer nothing happens in Iraq the more money he can scam out of RV believers. Notice also how he covers his arse by throwing the "its possible they wont RV" line in there. Of course he quickly reassures the brain dead that its much more likely that they will RV. LOL.....really? Show us one Adam. Since its so likely that they will "RV" show us an example of one throughout history.

    1. Douchebags criticize other douchebags to maintain credibility with their subscribers. Pointing out how foolish the other clowns are keeps the attention off of their own idiocy. They all seem to do it. It's fun to watch them beat up on each other. But it's maddening that their subscribers don't see the foolishness of their own prophet.

  9. Yes there has been much slamming of Gurus at DV of late. One poster even asked why Montana's "we are close" should be viewed any differently (http:///dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/156707-guru-agenda-for-newbies/page-2), but of course no one has dared to respond at all let alone with the obvious answer that there is no difference (well Montana is actually a more skilled conman than most Gurus).

  10. Someone on DV asked today about Dinar Douchebags. Hopefully this will point some of the confused over here.

    Yesterday someone sent me to a website **************** which is hosted at blogspot. The blog has pictures and real names and other information on pumpers like Okie and the like. While I don't believe all the info released on that site I am hoping that there is some truth there. It would be nice to know the true identities of these liars. Has anyone here visited that site? I would like members takes on if the information is real.

    Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/157604-anyone-know-if-the-info-on-dinar-douchebags-is-real/#ixzz2blonPlgs

  11. LOL.....Easily(deceived)Rider just called me a coward and told me to come out and play. Hahahaha....I guess he didn't get the memo that people speaking truth are banned from DV. The only coward is Easily(deceived)Rider who is hiding as one of Adams lemmings in the censor site.

  12. Hi Dinarck

    indeed, it is the typical replies to GPCarter post on DV. Sad to say, some think coming here and being able to read facts "poisons" their mind which is the response from those who are deluded. This has gone on far too long at sites like DV and yet, they can bash 'gurus' all they want, truth is the majority is deluded, and we all know that feeling from experience. I do hope some wander over here and learn to THINK for themselves after reading plain facts, and no hype. the lies continue at DV, they gang up on guys like KeepM who is one of the few that actually speaks truth, yet he is hated by many, while others admit they have learned a lot from guys like him. More people are complaining about the ridiculous 'lopster' tank and that they should be allowed in the open forum, but that is bad for AM business so it cannot happen.

    My hope is it ends soon, I suspect the truth will hit that the RD start in 2014 and once the new ISO is out, game over. I am sorry for so many that have been goaded into spending more than could be afforded, due to lies that so far are the only thing supporting this nonsense. That email you quoted Sam, from the guy talking of his ex-wife is heart breaking, yet I am sure this has happened far too often to many over the years and never reported, we just do not hear of it. Greed is a killer, and too many have been hurt by those that lie for a living, and yet they delude themselves further by claiming "gurus are good entertainment"! That is the telltale sign of delusion when anyone is entertained by being lies to. Sometimes I am speechless to read it and frustrated so many have been mislead, on purpose yet the 'bad' guys are reported as being guys like Sam who has done wonderful work in exposing the liars, and I want to thank you Sam for all your efforts. I am saddened at how easy it is to manipulate so many people and guys like Sam and many who comment here do their best to tell the truth.

    Thank you to all who tell the truth. Blessings and have a good day folks :)

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I didn't start this blog to win any popularity contest, and I certainly didn't do it for the money. I did it because I felt morally obligated to. Too many people were being misled and exploited. Too many lives were being affected. Something had to be done.

      These forums claim that they allow rumours for the entertainment value or for the purpose of debunking them, but the truth is rumours are allowed because they show up in the search engine results and draw traffic to the sites and that generates revenues for the forum owner. I'm going to address this in an upcoming post.

    2. If Iraq does RD (and while it certainly seems likely it of course not certain) I'm guessing even that will not dissuade all of the faithful. There are plenty of posts on DV claiming that a 3x gain is the WORST that can happen, figuring that once a RD is done, the new currency will rise by 300% in short order (of course ridiculous). Even among those that see the implementation of a RD as the end, many I suspect will continue to hold that a RV was possible but just not what Iraq (or the ever present Powers That Be) decided to do (perhaps too many little people found out about it). Such "thought" processes as these are alas not limited to dinar speculators and magnify the problems our civilization faces on many fronts.

  13. But Sam.....Dinarbeliever Hahahaha says that this site is government funded to stop people "investing" in dinar.(then goes on to say the government is watching us to get our tax money from the RV). He also says that he knows that you are lying about the RV. LOL. You really got your work cut out for you Sam with such brilliant people such as Dianrbeliever calling you out.

    Well said leastofall

    1. First of all if the government wanted to keep people from investing in the dinar I think they could find a better way to do that than putting a blog on the internet that most dinar forums won't even allow links to. They could shut down the dinar forums and dealers for a start. I actually believe that they are going to indict a lot of these guys after the RD, and hopefully a few before. But this blog is nothing more than a speed bump on the road to financial ruin for most dinar investors I'm afraid. And second, I never said that there would be no RV. To the contracy I've said that they have revalued the IQD in the past and might do so again, but revaluations are just small adjustments of a few %, not 100,000% or more. The dinar community has been lied to about the rature of revaluations and redenominations to the point that they have no concept of reality in this area. And third, what I post isn't just my opinion. I provide links to prove what I'm saying. I've provided links to the IMF document that says that the CBI's policy is exchange rate stability. I've provided links to the indictment of Brad Huebner and Rudy Coenen that tells us the CBI's currency reform plan is a lop. I've provided links to expose the scammers. I've provided links to establish the definition of "delete the zeros". I've provided links to prove that Turkey had good GDP growth and low inflation (similar to where Iraq is today) when they lopped. Nobody should believe what I say just because I say it. That's why I back it all up with info from credible sources, not intel or news articles written in Arabic and translated into pigeon English and interpreted by an anonymous guru. But even if someone does decide to believe something because Sam said it, I've been calling BS on the rate and date crap for nearly two years and so far I'm batting 1000, so I'd say my credibility is about as good as anybody's.

  14. Pretty much Sam. Dinarbeliever praises Adam and the DV "community" while calling this site "toxic". I guess he enjoys being lied to and misinformed daily. So this site which provides valid links, interviews of Harvard graduated currency traders, and opinions of PHD economist is "toxic" while DV has nothing but bank rumors and delusional "investors" spreading hype while the MODs censor any truth and that site is great in his eyes. Just goes to show that dinar fever affects the area of the brain that controls logical thinking.

  15. That's because dinarbeliever is from Wisconsin. Wouldn't surprise me if it was James or even Mrs. Wolf.

    7 - Virtual Memorials
    Sep 19, 2011 - 09-20-2011 11:11 AM -- By: dinarbeliever, From: Wisconsin. My heart goes out to your family. May you keep all the great memories in your ...

  16. I'm the one who sent Sam the e-mail that he quoted in this post. First of all I want to thank Sam for including my comments, perhaps it will help someone out there to avoid getting sucked in by the Guru BS. Although, if the wealth of other good info already on this site doesn't do the trick, then I don't know what will. If one only reads the post about the true ID's of the various Dinar pumpers out there and also the "What'd I say" section, those alone are a very telling indictment of the Gurus. Sam, you are providing a very needed service by maintaining this site and I hope that people who are directed here via search engine or other means see this information and avoid getting scammed.

    My ex is still hanging on to her fantasies. At this point she is probably expecting to cash out for several million dollars as opposed to just $1 million. She's still in the hotel room, not much has changed. She apparently has a part time seasonal job offer coming up for the winter months but that doesn't start until November and I am not sure what she's going to do in the meantime. She does still have family that she can turn to if all else fails, she doesn't want to have to move back home with her mother but it beats living under a bridge. We do have two kids together but I have primary custody so my wife (who has been amazingly supportive) and I are able to provide them a safe stable home. I hate for them to see the downward spiral that their mom is on, though. She's got a long history of falling for "get-rich-quick" schemes, this is just the latest.

    It truly amazes me, the amount of success the Dinar scammers have apparently had in taking folks into their schemes. Just a little bit of common sense would be enough for most folks to see through this BS. Sure, there may be a chance for someone to make a small amount of money if the Dinar ever does RV, maybe a few hundred bucks depending on how much one has invested, but nothing significant. Here's hoping for the Dinar redenomination to come along sooner rather than later and put an end to this scheme, although I am sure they will start pumping something else soon.

  17. More classic Montana bold lies. From todays chat (8/21) on DV http:///dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/158618-adams-wed-chat-8-21-2013/

    "[Adam Montana] I just realized this morning that it's been a while since I did a broader overview of Iraq and the situation there, and more specifically... how we got to where we are today
    [Adam Montana] We spend a lot of time looking at the articles and the news, but sometimes it is helpful to step back and look at the big picture
    [Adam Montana] first, way back when Saddam was in power... Iraq had a very strong currency. Some say it was artifically inflated, but SO WHAT - they were getting over $3 for it, so the "why" or "how" it was over $3 is irrelevant.
    [Adam Montana] Then Saddam was taken out for crimes against humanity - I don't think anyone will argue that point, he was a horrible man - and the country fell into chaos, the value of the dinar plunged to a dismal rate, and the Iraqi people LOST a great amount of wealth basically overnight."

    Of course the IQD was in the range of 3000 IQD to 1 USD in the mid 90s and we invaded in late 2003.

    [Adam Montana] I'll sidetrack here for a second... if it is possible for that value to be LOST in the blink of an eye, based on the world's lost faith in Iraq... then I contend it is reasonable that the same wealth could be REGAINED in a blink of an eye as well, based on a renewed faith in Iraq.

    Not only was the fall form 1 IQD to 3+ USD not remotely in the blink of an eye (20 years?) but the value of the money supply was not lost, just spread over vastly more notes. That doesn't mean individuals didn't get screwed, its a tough life to get your weekly pay and have to run to the store to by consumables that you can barter in the future. It also had nothing to do with "the worlds lost faith in Iraq" but if Saddam printing trillions of dinar. Obvious Mr Montana does not feel the need to be constrained by the mere facts of history.

    "[Adam Montana] now fast forward to the present day. The value of the Iraqi dinar has climbed to double the rate it fell to, which is awesome. I believe the trend is continuing upwards, but "how fast" depends on several things... Chapter 7, HCL, GOI, etc. I'll get to those in a minute, just hang with me for a few more key points."

    Ok, literally that is correct, WOW!!. But the clear view expressed here is wrong. The currency jumped by 2x within about 3 months of the Bremmers being issued in 11/2003 to 2/2004, perhaps as until then they didn't really know how much was out. It has improved some more moving maybe 10% over a few months once, but has been very stable since 2007 and flat as a pancake since 2010. Check out any currency site with historical data like oanda.com or the CBI's history page.

    "[Adam Montana] let's do the questions. Fire away
    [Saint] Dinar Buddy How is currency valued? Gold reserves? Is this the reason why we have not seen the IQD change?
    [Adam Montana] Hi DB, thanks for the question The Iraqi currency is set by the CBI - basically, whatever the CBI says the value is - that's what it is.
    [Adam Montana] I know that might sound overly simple, but it literally IS that simple. If the CBI says they will pay .10 for the Dinar, then it's worth .10. If they say they will pay $2 for it - the rate is $2."

    Wow, they don't actually have to pay it, they just have to SAY IT! Now I get it!! What a load. I'm sure BMW will gladly take this "saying" in lieu of Euros for their cars! In contrast to most dinar believers I suspect who will want cash for their dinars.


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