Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Three Years

My how time flies.  Three years ago this month I started this blog.  In those three years a lot has happened.  A few dinar douchebags have been arrested and convicted.  Many have been exposed as frauds.  Some have disappeared.  Others have just tweaked their presentation and kept on going.  Many people have caught on and sold their dinar.  Some have actually joined me in the cause.  And then there's Iraq.  Coalition forces left at the end of 2011.  Shabibi was removed as the governor of the CBI in October of 2012.  President Talibani was disabled by a stroke two months later.  Now in 2014 the terrorist organization ISIS has taken over about a third of Iraq, and it appears that the US is heading back into Iraq to some extent. 

Yes, a lot has happened but one thing hasn't happened.  The much heralded RV.  Oh sure, the dinar's value went from $.0008547 to $.0008576 (or 1170:1 to 1166:1) a couple of years ago but that's not the RV that the gurus were hyping and the hopeful were waiting for.  That RV will never happen.

When I started the blog a lot of people got mad at me for calling gurus "douchebags" and insisting that nobody would get rich by owning dinar.  Since then the hatred has waned as people started waking up.  Today almost all of the sites are bashing gurus to one extent or another.  In fact I hear some of what I've said being repeated in conference calls and posted in forums. 

Since September of 2011 this blog has had 850,000 hits.  By my estimate it should hit 1 million next summer if the blog is still up.  Considering how little traffic I had the first few weeks that's just amazing to me.  A lot of that is due to the word of mouth advertising done by my readers, and for that I am truly grateful. 

I have started another blog and have moved on for the most part, but this experience will always be with me.  The one thing I've proven to myself is that one person can make a difference.  You should never be afraid to respond when you see an injustice taking place.  You should never refuse to try just because the odds are against you.  When you hear yourself saying "why doesn't somebody do something about this?" stop and ask yourself if you might be that somebody.  And don't ever be intimidated into silence, thinking that you don't know enough to have a valid opinion or to voice those opinions.  I have learned more since I started the blog than I did before I started it, but I started with what I knew and proceeded from there.

I'm certainly not taking all of the credit.  John Jagerson was the voice in the wilderness two years before I came along.  Others like DaveD and Brian Simpson were debunking guru BS on various forums for years.  Marcus Curtis revamped his pro-RV blog and denounced the dinar scam two years ago.  Baghdad Invest joined in the fun for awhile, even trapping the gurus with a fake RV story which they later admitted was a hoax to see how many gurus "confirmed" their intel.  They've now returned to their true passion which is updating people on the events in Iraq.  We wish them well.

All of us have contributed to the decline in dinar sales and dinar site traffic.  All of us have been vindicated over time.  All of us have helped to curb the hype and irrational exuberance that was prevalent in the dinar world a few years ago.

As for the dinar, I'm afraid the future's not too bright.  If it survives at all the value is likely to remain below 1/10 of a penny.  I still maintain that nobody will get rich from owning the IQD or the VND.  You will probably lose money on both.  If you haven't figured that out by now I can't help you. 

Thanks again everybody, and best wishes to all!    



  1. "The one thing I've proven to myself is that one person can make a difference. You should never be afraid to respond when you see an injustice taking place. You should never refuse to try just because the odds are against you. When you hear yourself saying "why doesn't somebody do something about this?" stop and ask yourself if you might be that somebody. And don't ever be intimidated into silence, thinking that you don't know enough to have a valid opinion or to voice those opinions. I have learned more since I started the blog than I did before I started it, but I started with what I knew and proceeded from there."

    Excellent post Sam. "Why do you post here if you don't own Dinar" and "what is your REAL agenda" are probably the lamest & most desperate attempts at censorship of criticism of cult-of-personality style "RV" guru's on many "Go RV" forums. It's like saying only people who've previously been sucked into Advance Fee fraud scams are 'allowed' to call out Nigerian Prince E-mails for the total frauds they are.

    In my experience there are two types of "RV investor" - those who simply want the truth and the facts, and those who just crave a comfort blanket and surround themselves with people who consistently tell them what they want to hear. This blog has always been about the former and helping those who help themselves. The latter have long been proven (on about a dozen different sites) to shut their own critical thinking down and justify anything on the back of anything to "keep the dream alive" (usually dumb paranoid conspiracies where there is no lucid debate / argument to be had).

    If you've decided to move on, fair enough. One request though - please keep up all the old posts. As you said, this blog has made a huge difference, and there's such a gold-mine of information here that's regularly in the top 10 Google search results for "Dinar" and "scam" (something most webmasters would give their right arm to consistently be in year after year on any subject!) that it would be a shame to lose it.

    All the best,

  2. 3 Years is a whole lot of time. You have individually helped countless individuals avoid the dinar scam and for those whom already held dinar you will have helped them come to terms.

    Appreciate the mention, it was fun and interesting to do some posts on the dinar but I wasn't happy in the end because I had the feeling of regurgitating the same thing over and over when nothing changes: The Iraqi Dinar RV is a scam. TNT Tony is a fool and the one and final post I make ref. the dinar will be once he gets locked up. Saving a space for him on my blog.

    I am an avid follower of Dinar Douchebags though, Sam is a top guy and from the few times we had spoken I was able to garner much information from the previous years in which I was not around.

  3. Sam- I have used your site as a go to hundreds of times! As soon as some nutt job starts babbling on youtube or a fourm , i always direct them to your site. I have said no less than a hundred times " Please please my friend go to www. and see the REAL info! This guy shows you the truth and the trash your listening too!! I also look forward to the flow that you put your thoughts together ! I admire you as well as thank you for a job well done :)

  4. Thanks for the kind words, guys. Brian, I haven't decided just yet what I will do with this blog. I may merge it with my new blog and have everything archived there. Tprizice, I appreciate the plug but you got the URL wrong. It's I never registered the domain name. It might have been a mistake but by the time I realized the blog was becoming popular somebody already registered it and I would have had to pay extra for it. No thanks.

  5. Sam - May I proposed "" It's still available. ;-)

  6. Cute video of Tony. Thought everyone....well, almost everyone.....might enjoy!

  7. Dear Sam, i encourage you to make more posts about David Schmidt..This Douche bag has been jerking people around for over a year. Claiming that he speaks with an "Ambassador" from the dragon family who is going to fund the whole RV GCR and owns trillions of dollars worth of gold, even posted "pictures" that the ambassador has privately sent to him which have been on the internet through google search since 2009. He also claims the dragon family from China have personally chosen Dave to be their messenger for humanity. Now think about it why would a super wealthy elite family randomly choose some average joe schmo minority like Dave? They can easily create a massive TV network and spread the message throughout cable tv and the internet. the ambassador also speaks with Dave and some old man named Ron through skype but hides his face because The "Cabal wants him dead" Really? Hahaha, He is no more than one of the con artists who is on the same team staging the whole act in order to fool massive amounts of people so they can pay money to attend Dave's workshops, and don't forget the whole dong private exchange group Dave has been encouraging people to sign up and register who provided all their personal info. Dave kept repeatedly saying on his radio program, "Pack your bags and get ready to leave soon it should take place within 3 weeks". Guess what? nothing happened, and my imbecile of a cousin purchased over 10k worth of Dong. And can you imagine how many people made larger purchases? Exactly these fraudsters were pumping the dong in order to make a quick buck. So please sam or whoever owns this blog, lets really expose this scumbag by putting him in check because a lot more newbies are going to get hurt..!

    1. Kyle, I appreciate your input. I've already written about Dave several times. This one is from a year ago, this one from March of this year, and this one from April. Mr IQD also wrote about him back in March The problem isn't that nobody has written about him. The problem is people like your cousin are either too lazy or too gullible to do any due diligence. There's really no helping people who insist on being scammed. The information is easy to find.

      For the record, the only place where you will hear about this "Dragon Family" is from conspiracy nuts. There is zero documentation that they exist or that they have any sizeable holdings of gold. I've noticed a pattern going back to Shotgun Suzie a few years ago. Once a guru establishes themselves with an audience they seem to attract well-connected people who want to share their great intel with said guru. And in every case the intel has absolutely no value. As I recall Suzie's contact turned out to be a dinar dealer posing as a CBI contact or something, and since then tlar and Dave Schmidt have also had intel sources contact them. I think you can draw your own conclusions here. Unfortunately no insider can undo the laws of economics any more than they can undo the law of gravity. There is simply no way that the dinar or dong will increase in value enough to make anybody rich, and the pattern that we've seen of the dinar remaining stable and the dong slowly depreciating is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. I wish you and your cousin the best.

  8. Oh yes i couldn't agree more with you and i kept telling my close relatives that its all a Gyp..I personally do not own any dong whatsoever, ever since i purchased dinar over 5 years i ago i was making serious life decisions based on what those Guru wannabes kept posting. About 3 years ago when you first created this blog i thought you were insanely bashing good intel out of pure evil, SMH boy was i wrong. it wasn't until early 2013 when i realized you are simply exposing these con artists with their lies and deceit. I just do not understand why people keep following Okieoilman, that S.O.B been calling the Rv practically everyday for the last 5 years or more. Why can't the Govt simply put these fraudsters away and shutdown every single dinar site? And btw my main concern is who is behind the whole "Ambassador" con game His voice sounds fake and a bit distorted, anyone can use a voice changer these days..I don't know if you have heard him speak, but i would appreciate your opinion..Thanks, here's the link:

  9. Whenever i try to question Dave's or Rons integrity, they end up blocking my comments from public viewers, even "Dave Schmidt" put me on the black list from making any future comments on his videos. Here is a comment i have made on Ron's video from the link i sent you above (which was completely blocked) "Dear Ron, if the "Ambassador" is real and holds a significant amount of wealth, then why won't he help you setup a huge nationwide radio/tv network in order to spread the message for humanity by really making positive changes in this corrupt world, instead of continuously babbling the same junk over and over again on a very small unknown youtube channel through an old fellow like yourself who receives social security benefits barely making ends meet just like the rest of us???"

    I obviously shut him down, he had nothing else to say but remove my comment. "FEAR OF EXPOSURE"

  10. A little bit of funny stuff over at DV. Adam waves the warning flag, he's going to piss some people off, he's abandoning his own rules, he's going to post what he really thinks and no longer try and stay "neutral" (whatever that means). And the big bomb shell? He's against gun control, distrusts all government, thinks Obama could have nipped the whole ISIS thing in the bud if we had stayed in Iraq (against Iraq's wishes at the time I guess), and thinks everyone should protect themselves by following what he outlines in his VIP group. Wow, I'm shocked I tell you, shocked! (well not really). I guess he's following the Palin plan and looking to consolidate his followers based solely on common beliefs, "I'm a conservative republican, so are you thus believe what I tell you on this other crazy stuff and try not to actually think about anything". It worked so well for Sarah, what could go wrong?

    1. But, amazingly, he still says "great progress" has been made in Iraq. LOL! Fools that continue to pay that clown for his "VIP service" deserve to lose their money.

  11. Any second now...back screen


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