Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dinar Movie - "The Bond"

The Bond

Somebody sent me the link to this movie the other day, and I think it's great.  It really reveals the human drama beyond the dinar "investment".  Does the Money Maven remind you of anybody?


  1. Interesting, but I guess I'ma a harsher reviewer as I didn't think too much of it. With regard to the Dinar (which I'm not sure if it was used just as a plot element or was supposed to be what the movie was about), a couple of things are wrong. First the financial advisor seems to know about Dinar, but only says its "very risky", not that there is no possibility of an upside which is the key part of the scam in my view. Secondly the MoneyMaven pays half of what Dalton actually could have gotten for it even from the dealers so that isn't very realistic either. But still, it might help to get the word out.

  2. Oops, I menat Nolan not Dalton. Gee I guess 2 minutes is beyond my memory limit! :-).

  3. I thought it certainly captured the sentiment of the scam well. How many people have wasted hours and hours of their life listening to those ridiculous calls instead of trying to make a better life for themselves? How many hours and days did people sit around waiting in breathless anticipation of the "imminent" RV? How many people went out and made purchases they couldn't afford because they were certain the RV was going to occur? Aside from the pricing rip-off, that is the real tragedy of this scam.

  4. Meanwhile in Iraq....

    U.N.: Iraq Violence Killed 799 People In May

    SINAN SALAHEDDINAP06/01/14 08:25 AM ET

    BAGHDAD (AP) — Violence has claimed the lives of 799 Iraqis in May, the highest monthly death toll so far this year, the United Nations said on Sunday, underlining the daunting challenges the government faces as it struggles to contain a surge in sectarian violence.

    The figures issued by the U.N. mission to Iraq, known as UNAMI, put last month's civilian death toll at 603, with 196 security forces killed. UNAMI added that 1,409 Iraqis, including 1,108 civilians, were wounded. The previous month's death toll stood at 750, making April the second deadliest month of the year.The worst-hit city was the capital Baghdad, with 315 people killed. The northern province of Ninevah came in second with 113, followed by nearby Salahuddin province with 94.

    The figures exclude deaths in embattled Anbar province, where militants have controlled parts of the provincial capital Ramadi and nearby Fallujah since December.

    The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a powerful Al-Qaida spin-off group that also operates in neighboring Syria, has intensified its attacks across Iraq as political rivals work to form a new government following parliamentary elections on April 30.

    Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's bloc emerged as the biggest winner, securing 92 seats in the 328-member parliament, but it failed to gain the majority needed to govern alone.

    "I strongly deplore the sustained level of violence and terrorist acts that continues rocking the country," The U.N. Special Representative in Iraq, Nickolay Mladenov, said in the statement.

    "I urge the political leaders to work swiftly for the formation of an inclusive government within the constitutionally mandated time frame and focus on a substantive solution to the situation in Anbar," he added.

    Last year the death toll climbed to its highest levels since the worst of the sectarian strife in 2006 and 2007, when the country was on the brink of civil war. The U.N. says 8,868 people were killed in 2013.

    The 2011 withdrawal of U.S. forces, which had for eight years often acted as a buffer between Shiites and Sunnis, is thought to have contributed to the rise in violence, in addition to the use of deadly force by the Shiite-led security forces against Sunni protesters.

    1. Of course the dinar idgits invariably respond to news such as this by saying that "Iraq must RV soon if they want to quell the violence"! These idiots actually think that if Iraq would just 'RV" then the Iraqi's would stop fighting and settle down to enjoy their new-found wealth, this type of thinking truly is pathetic.

  5. Just when you think the believers on DV just could not get any more silly....

    Here they are congratulating themselves on their expertise for seeing how nonsensical the Wikipedia is on Iraq, clearly the numbers do not add up!
    "So I was looking up on Wikipedia, about Iraq. Oil makes up about 97% of GDP.
    GDP in 2013 is listed as $229 billion and change.
    Problem is, oil is around a hundred dollars a barrel now, and it's been consistently high for several years.
    Do the math and it works out that Iraq must be pumping out about 6 million barrels of oil per day, to reach those numbers.
    So who is lying? Wikipedia? Or the people putting out the numbers that say Iraq is only putting out about 2.5 million barrels per day?"

    The idea that no one is lying and these guys just don't understand that GDP does not equal oil exports just could not be possible, I mean those guys are (in their own words) the experts! Of course in reality Iraq exported only $91B in 2013 and only 84% of that was crude which comes out to a little bit over 2mbpd. Those export dollars drive multiple transaction inside Iraq which are accumulated into GDP. If Iraq produced more of their own equipment and services, hired more of their own people, and sold gasoline and plastics instead of crude the multiplier would be higher then the 3 to 1 they are getting now.

  6. Just another day in Iraq:

    Iraq prime minister calls for state of emergency

    BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq's prime minister has asked parliament to declare a state of emergency over a militant attack in Mosul.

    Nouri al-Maliki made the call in a televised news conference Tuesday.
    Militants effectively seized of Iraq's second-largest city of Mosul on Tuesday.

    Iraqi security forces abandoned their posts and militants overran the provincial government headquarters and other key buildings, dealing a serious blow to Baghdad's attempts to tame a widening insurgency in the country.

    The gunmen torched several of the city's police stations, freeing detainees held in lockups.

    The fighters are believed to be affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an al-Qaida splinter group that is behind the bulk of the bloody attacks in Iraq and is among the most ruthless rebel forces in Syria.

    1. An interview with a retreating member of the security forces said that the insurgents were better trained than they were in urban warfare and al-Maliki is offering weapons to civilians who will fight, presumable with no training at all. Yea that's going to turn out well.

  7. Meanwhile back here at home it looks as if ol' Adam Montany over at DV is trying to cover his arse again! I guess the recent convictions have given him a bit of reason to worry, he now has openly admitted that he believes that Iraq will issue a new currency and he "guesses" they will allow about a six month exchange period. That's the first bit of truth and common sense I have ever seen coming from that scamming dufus but I bet it won't be the last, Lol!

    Down in the tank the village idiots Dontlop and Caz are smothering down and attempting damage control but as usual they merely made themselves look as dumb as everyone already knows they are but even the mods have now suddenly forbid anyone to even mention "Adam's" name in the tank, wow what's up with that? It has never been a problem before but it would seem the only way they could quell the discussion of "Adam's admission" was to suddenly remember it's against the rules to mention "Adam" in the tank, since when?????? This was apparently necessary because everyone was being relatively polite and no rules were being broken, except for Caz and Dontop of course and we know they are not going to call them down so all of a sudden it's now Verboten to mention his Royal Highness "Adam" down in the tank! LMAO!!!!!!

  8. So which guru will be the first to jump on the "we were moments away from the RV, then Mosul happened and now it will be years more" bandwagon? Seems like an easy out for them.

  9. Mosul Seized: Jihadis Loot $429m from City's Central Bank to Make Isis World's Richest Terror Force

    If this doesn't make the dinar idiots wake up then I don't know what will. It's laughable how many are writing this off as nothing.

  10. NINEWA / An armed group stole the salaries of an oil company’s employees in western Mosul , a police source said on Monday. “Unknown gunmen stole salaries totaling $1.1 million from employees of the Northern Oil Products Company near the company’s building in al-Mosul al-Jadida region in western Mosul ,” the source told “The gunmen attacked the company’s security elements and seized their weapons,” he added. “Police investigations are still under way,” he noted, without giving further details. Mosul , the capital of Ninewa, lies 405km north of Baghdad . SH (P)/SR 1

  11. Adam thinks this could be a good thing lol

    2. 2nd largest city in Iraq Mosul has been taken over by Al Quaida, Maliki calls for State of Emergency. This could be good, because it would give him executive authority to make some MAJOR moves. His goal should be to quash opposition, angle towards a resolution of HCL with the Kurds in order to prevent them from acting individually and cutting Baghdad off from future oil profits, and he should be taking swift action to regain control of Mosul. We will see how this pans out in the next week or so.

    3. Regardless of the Mosul situation, Oil Minister declares oil exports will not be affected. This is KEY for any potential raise in the value of the currency, so I am VERY happy to see this article!

    Read more:


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